Friday, January 16, 2009

We were intelligent,

well-educated women who wanted the best for our children and we agreed to the tests because we never even thought that a doctor would put us at risk.", said Kathleen Morrison in an interview in the Guardian.

I watched Deadly Experiments, a television documentary on experiments into the effects of radiation which were carried out on people in the 1960s, both in England and in United States of America. It left me feeling shell-shocked, angry and despairing for days afterwards. This was a military research, but carried out by doctors, whose duty it is to preserve lives, not destroy them!

Most of the people involved were not apparently told enough for any meaningful consent to have been given, but one group of women in Scotland were aware that the substances injected into them during pregnancy were radioactive.

Fast forward to our present 2009, do our women aware of the substances injected into our children during the immunisation process? I doubt so. In fact, many autism were the result of immunisation jabs. Beware ! BEWARE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


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Biting the Hand that Help Us?: Dealing with the Doctors.

I had 4 cervical smears during that year but they doctors didn't pick up anything. By the November last year I was in pain and constantly bleeding, but my gynaecologist who found a stage 3 carcinoma which is a very large tumour. He told me and my parents that I was going to die. - Lesley

Its ME said...

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