Thursday, January 29, 2009

Secret to preventing Senility ... to stay well until the end of life on earth.

Fortunate are those people who actually enjoy old age.

Dear beloved and respected healthy visitor, by now, you are aware that we have not offered you the elixir of perpetual youth. We have described a new way of maintaining good health and wealth that will help most people fortunate enough not to have been hit by serious accidents or degenerative diseases such as cancer.

The secret to preventing senility is to stay well until the end of life here. Staying at a high level of wellness through good nutrition and food analysis and proper water hydration for the body. We have focused particular attention on techniques for the aging population.

Perhaps by now we have convinced you that health while aging is not something or rather some'life' that can be done for you. It is a way of life that only you are able to adopt and follow diligently. All the answers is within you.

We have not offered a pill prescription or medicines that require no effort on your part, except to remember to swallow them. Rather, you have been provided with our views and how we arrived at them. But you must begin this new way of life while you are still able to do so, for once senility begins, you may no longer have control over your own thinking. The longer you have been in a presenile state, the less apt you are to respond to the findings shared to prevent senility discussed and posted here.

Our life program is a combination of no-junk nutrition, natural fresh vitamins and minerals in optimum quantities when needed, and combined with exercise for optimal physical fitness and flexibility at any age. It requires dedication and daily effort, but it is simple daily regimen that will reward you if you make it part of your routine each day.

Happy Healthy Wealth Day, daily.

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