Friday, January 16, 2009

Understanding The Dynamic of Healing is ...

To understand Energetic DNA Healing.

1. First of all, the nucleus of every cell in the human body has 46 chromosomes linked together to form 23 pairs.

2. The chromosome has two long, tightly coiled chains, resembling a spiral ladder, called DNA (deoxyribonuclei acid).

3. DNA is a long multi unit molecule containing nature's digital code a.k.a. "message" a.k.a. "information" a.k.a. "vibration, for life manifestations on earth.

4. DNA has been referred to as the blueprint of life, as our chemical code and as a language.

5. The design of the organism and its molecular components emerge from the information (language) stored in the DNA.

6. The four(4) main coding elements , or base units, on the DNA ladder are T (thymine), C (cytosine), A (adenine), and G (guanine).

7. When these four coding elements are combined with phosphates and deoxoribose sugar into groups of three(3), they are now called codons.

8. There are 64 possible codon combinations; 61 codons are used to encode the 20 amino acids, and three(3) "stop" codons are used to indicate the end of a protein sequence.

8:1 In the genetic code, combinations of the four(4) subunits A,T,C,and G make up the protein alphabet. The human body needs the fresh raw and organic version of amino acids to encode according to the genes found in the DNA, and the only sources that are naturally suitable, are raw fruits and raw herbs. The protein found from animals are encoded with different version of protein alphabet which the human body has to recycle and make do with the inferior 'restructured' amino acids for energy transformation, or metabolism. Much waste and uric acids are produced via this process.

8:2 The 3 stop-codons mark the beginning and end of a protein sequence.

9. When a code becomes altered, it can seriously reduce the function and integrity of the protein. Sickness or disease etiology originate from mutations of genetic code.

10. Our human codons have surprised scientists. Codons are like computer chips; in reality, more superior and perplexing than the latest version computer chips in used, that hold programs of possibilities.

11. While there are 64 codons combinations available to us, scientists found that we are only accessing 20 of them.

12. Questions: 12:1 What happened to the other 44 possible programs?
12:2 Did they just disappear?
12:3 Are they sleeping within us, waiting to be awakened or turn 'on' ?

13. Conclusion : The fact that we are only using 20 codon combinations but have access to 44 more opens the door to many more possibilities for life, and abundance life, that we have not yet seen. The best of life is yet to be.

Find out what turns genes "on" and "off", we have the eureka to 100 percent abundance life, healthy wealthy and relationships with one another.

It is our thoughts, emotions, and belief systems, also known as faith of reality, that turn our genetic programs "on" and "off". "Just believe whatever you ask , you will receive ," gives us the clue to this fact of Energetic DNA Healing.

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