Thursday, January 29, 2009

Code of Perfection:Our DNA

1. You can always intentionally change your DNA stories for the better by learning to remove flawed patterns and "sabotaging-influences" from your genes-chapters that have eclipsed your original, divine blue-print. Once the disruptive patterns are removed, your body will return to its, inherent, healthy patterning.

2.Every person has two kinds of essence; namely feminine essence and masculine essence. Male and female both have their own masculine & feminine essences .

3.Twenty-two (22) chapters of your DNA story book contain stories that have been handed down through your mother's lineage. These stories contain your feminine essence and your masculine essence from your mother's side. Every event, emotion (energy in motion) , and action that happened to the ancestors in your mother's lineage, good and bad, sad and joyful, are recorded here, including all the losses, betrayals, and abandonment.

In addition within these 22 chapters are codes about how to nurture yourself, how to nurture others, and how to awaken your creative life force.

4. Another 22 chapters of your DNA-storybook come from your father's lineage. These chapters, containing your masculine essence and feminine essence from your father's side, record all the events and emotion(energy in motion) having to do with power, control, responsibility, perfection, and taking your work out into the world;like blogging on Internet.

Every event and emotion, including every war, famine, plague, drought, inquisition, marginalization, holocaust, and injustice that happened to the ancestors in your father's lineage are recorded here.

5. Together, these 44 (22 + 22 = 44) chapters tell the stories of the balance between your masculine essence and feminine essence. Energetically, whether we are man(male) or woman(female), we have both a masculine essence and a feminine essence. They are meant to blend and cooperate together within us as a whole and as a support team.

In our genetic lineage however, the masculine and feminine energies are sometimes off balance, creating stories of pain, fear, and loss within us. Who I am, I know now.

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