Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We can heal : We want

to reset our genetic code.

Our present and past emotions and beliefs , and those we have inherited, affect our DNA. Our genes respond to emotions - for better or for worse.

2. Geneticists, anyone who study, research and explore the genes of organism , have known that environmental "stresses " - positive "stresses" vibration en stress , while negative "stresses" vibration distress - can affect genes and cause mutations.

Cancer cells are mutations of the DNA to overcome the negative "stresses" in order to survive naturally. Until the present doctors discover this paradigm shift, we only looking at the shallow surface of human DNA manifestations of being.

3. Genes can change their position on a chromosome in response to stress.

4. "Shocks" to genetic material, - i.e.:anything from accidents* within the cell to viral infections to altered surroundings - "forced the genome to restructure itself" in order overcome the threat. [* 'accidents' can be a planned or unplanned intention]

A genome is the total genetic material of an organism. The genome - a highly sensitive organ of the cell that is capable of sensing the unusual and unexpected events/intention, and responding to them.

For instance your computer is emitting a frequency way above your brain frequency, and overtime exposure to this environment will "force" you genes to mutate. Keep your computer time to the necessary minimum.

The sensing devices and the signals that initiate these adjustments, to heal, cure, and survive are beyond our present mainstream ability or adopted paradigm to fathom.

5.These genes in the cell has knowledge of itself, and it utilizes this self-knowledge in a 'thoughtful' manner when challenged.

6.Our genetic code is not static but is affected by stresses in its environment - vibration. Genes moving around on chromosomes in response to stresses - could very well caused human body to 'evolute' by creating new mutations.

7.As it turns out, latest study & research is proving that stresses in our internal and external environments do indeed alter our DNA. Major life distresses can actually damage the telomere (the sections of DNA at the tips of chromosomes) inside the human body's immune cells, decreasing the cells lives. The remedy is to make changes to the environments, both internal and external environments ,through natural raw diets and natural lifestyle orientation, respectively. Present drug approach in solid paradigm which the mainstream medical field adopting is only fast-forwarding the vibrational level of the cells, thus the "killing effects" on the original cells DNA.

This study(the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in December 2004) compared a group of women caring for children suffering from serious chronic conditions to a group of women with healthy children. An interesting feature of this study is that the results were strongly related to the perception of emotional stress. Women in both groups who felt they were undergoing the highest stress/distress levels had telomeres comparable to someone ten years older than they were.

Human body need to be regulated on 24 hours basis: time to rest,to regenerate, to detox, to digest, to excrete waste,to rejuvenate, all in 24 hours basis. Compromising on any of these areas will only build up stress/distress over time, and compromise the vibrational level and manifest the sign and symptoms of imbalance/disharmony resonance inside the body, unsound mind and unsound cells, hence sickness.

8.New study showed that mind and body are not separated, that the very molecules in our bodies are responsive to our psychological environment. This study does point to a direct relationship not just between chronic stress and our general health but between stress (or emotional turmoil) and our genes.

Scientific breakthroughs also show the link between our emotions and our DNA.

HeartMath Research Institute have shown that focused, loving feelings and specific intentions altered samples of DNA in solution and produced biological effects in and out of the body.

9.People are able to cause the DNA to wind or unwind, matching their specific intention.

The windings of the DNA helix is associated with DNA repair and the unwinding precedes cell division. This ability to affect the condition (wind/unwind) of the DNA is possible when the sample was half(1/2) a mile away. As manifested by religious prayers group experiments praying for distanced subjects.

10.Through conscious heart-focused intention to influence our cell-level processes and even to change the primary structure of DNA - our genetic code -, we can heal.

11.Our DNA is not a fixed code but a flexible code. We can replace flawed patterns with new positive patterns. In effect, negative thoughts and emotions are like the environmental "stress/distress"; they affect our "highly sensitive" genetic material, hence the common phase people use,"please don't be over sensitive with my remarks recently"(rude/cruel, only the victim will feel it)but the remarks stirred up certain emotions inside the victim and encode the message into the genetic-code anyway, which is capable of "sensing the unusual and unexpected events, and responding to them." In short, our genes respond to emotions for better or for worse.

12. The opposite is also true: Our DNA affects our emotions, attitudes, and behaviours. Our genes pass on us much more than just physical traits of our ancestors.

13.In year 2001, scientists in Barcelona discovered that a genetic mutation of chromosome 15 makes people more susceptible to panic attacks and anxiety disorders. This tells us that rather than being, an imaginary illness or a psychological defect, a phobia can result from a mutation in our genes. We can heal the condition by neutralising the flawed patterns in the genes and recode our new story of courage and overcoming patterns message into the genes.

14. Faith is deeply rooted in human DNA - that we inherit a predisposition to be spiritual. A variation of the gene called VMAT2, dubbed "the God gene", plays a small but key role in the spiritual tendencies that are hardwired into our genes.

15. If phobias can stem from our genes, what other attitudes are a result of a genetic predisposition ?
If spirituality ca be inherited, what other feelings and behaviours are passed on through our DNA? Divine Nature Assembly .....spirituality is living in reality while religiosity is just feelings which may be real or imagined.

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