Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yes, I'm Singaporean!

On day 30th, month of December, year 2008, local time 11:00am, inside the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) building I took my oath in front the Commissioner of Oath that I will abide the law and give my allegiance to this nation and defend the sovereignty of Republic of Singapore from hence forth.

Yes, I am now officially one of Singapore's SINGAPOREAN.

I am proud to be part of our present uniquely and intricately woven society in this 'growing'island. Not only we are growing as One United People, but even our own island is physically growing larger since independence through the mega engineering feat of land reclamations around the coastline.

From a slump of given up hope to survive since separation from the Malaya , our forefathers determined and persevere through much storm and drought of hardship to continue to transform this proverbial ugly duckling to be a magnificent elegant white swan floating on the lake of South East Asia.

Since my first official step on this island on April 1st 1982, I had witnessed and experienced first hand the uniquely transformation and growth in quantum terms in the people's various aspects of society life development in body, mental and spirit.

Truly a Unique Singapore Spirit and mystically blended formula for survival through crisis after crisis, but getting stronger and stronger after each one.

I am proud to be enable to contribute to her further growth in years ahead and I am humbly proud to one of her beloved sons and daughters. Now I am no longer a foreigner, but I AM SINGAPOREAN!

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Its ME said...

"If I am ever bothered by those criticisms, I would have lost myself and my personal life. Becoming a Singapore citizen is my personal choice; there is no need for any explanations to the public," she said.

Last November, media disclosed that Gong has collected her Singapore's pink identification card and is officially a Singaporean. As soon as news broke out, Chinese netizens bombarded forums with criticisms. With her switch in nationality, she was also excluded as a delegate of the China Film Association. Though she has attended several public events after becoming a Singaporean, she has declined all questions targeted at this issue. That was the first time she publicly addressed the issue.

She said that though she is a public figure, she is never bounded by her status. "If I do not have my own life, I would have lost freedom." She added that she never brings an assistant on shopping trips. "My life will be meaningless to still have so many people surrounding me when I'm off work."

Though an internationally renowned Chinese superstar, Gong expressed regrets in her poor performance for movie "Flirting Scholar" which she worked on with comedian Stephen Chow. "I regretted it immediately after we finished filming. At that time, I didn't understand why the movie has to be filmed in a comedic way. I refused to get into my role. I should have just gone ahead and have fun; if I had tried to be less serious and have fun with the rest of the cast, I believe the movie would have been much better," she said.

Gong revealed that her next film will be a comedy partnering Hollywood actor Jim Carrey. She also promised to work extra hard this time round, but hopes that the film will be one with dark humor instead of corny jokes.

However, she expressed no wish in winning an Oscar for her Hollywood performance. She also said she will not even venture into screenplay, directing or film production. "I have limited energy. I only wish to do well in acting in this life time. My work is to be a humble actress," she said.

Gong Ling

Its ME said...

For the first time in public, acclaimed Chinese actress Gong Li addressed the controversy about her switch in citizenship. She said on a popular China talk show, that she sees no need to explain and appease the public on why she switched citizenship, despite fuming criticisms from Chinese netizens.

Gong Li

Its ME said...

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