Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Your DNA is ...

a giant storybook.

Our biography becomes our biology.
Our bodies contain our histories - every chapter, every line, and every verse of every event and relationship in our lives. Every thought you have had had traveled through your biological system and activated a physiological response.

We know, for instance, the effect of intense fear or intense rage - our heart rate increases, we clench our teeth(if they are still inside the mouth), and our blood pressure rises.
Among the experiences that carry emotional energy into our human body's system are past and present relationships, profound or traumatic memories and experiences, and belief patterns and attitudes. The emotions from these past experiences become encoded in our biological systems, contributing to the formation of our cell tissues and becoming stored in our cellular memory.

Hence, that is the reason why any cancer patient who do not change the diet and lifestyle after any treatment will bound to suffer 'relapse' of cancer again overtime.
The underlying pattern in the DNA had caused the manifestation of cancerous growth.

Let's describe our DNA as a giant storybook.
Of the 46 chapters(scientifically referred to as chromosomes) in our personal book of life, 22 chapters were handed down through our mother's linage and 22 chapters were handed down through our father's lineage. Two(2) additional chapters tells us about our connection with God, or the universal life source. Here I am not going to argue with any atheist or free-thinker, or agnostic, for I had been to that stage before.

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