Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I COMMAND .....(my DNA ) ...NOW!

Using simple, direct, concise statements of intent, you can help to bring healing, peace and results/resolutions into your own life:

1. I COMMAND resolution to my issue of loneliness NOW !

2. I COMMAND resolution to my relationship with _________, NOW !

3. I COMMAND financial abundance be manifest in my physical reality, NOW !

4. I COMMAND a healing on (my nose, my leg, my liver, my arm, my kidneys, my bladder, my lungs, etc.) , NOW!

5. I COMMAND the perfect Divine Blueprint be manifested in my physicality, NOW !

6.I COMMAND all my spiritual gifts be brought forth, with ease, into my conscious awareness, bringing with them wisdom and understanding, NOW !

7. I COMMAND all my issues related to my feelings of victimization be released, NOW !

8. I COMMAND total and complete connection with unconditional love and immortality, NOW !

9. I COMMAND the genes causing my dis-ease of (allergies, psoriasis, chemical imbalance, etc.) be identified and replaced with genes providing me with perfect health, NOW !

10. I COMMAND my body be returned to its perfect shape and weight, NOW!

11. I COMMAND any and all entities and attachments be released to GOD"S LIGHT, NOW!

12. I COMMAND wisdom and knowledge be brought into my conscious awareness regarding resolution to my issues of despair, NOW!

13. I COMMAND my feelings of mistrust in others be transmuted into total trust of my self, NOW !

14. I COMMAND total release of all issues that are not mine, NOW !

15. I COMMAND my creativity to bring forth new ideas to resolve my issue of boredom, NOW!

16. I COMMAND the ray of Divine Wisdom enter my heart, NOW!

17. I COMMAND my connections with angels, bringing forth a clear understanding of my connection with Source, NOW!

18. I COMMAND my anger be resolved and released, NOW !

19. I COMMAND clearer focus, enabling quicker resolve with my issue of organization, NOW!

20. Regarding cancer cells : Talk to them with total love.
Try the following:

I COMMAND the cancer cells to communicate with healthy cells, NOW!

I COMMAND the cancer cells transform into healthy cells, NOW!

I COMMAND the cancer cells STOP PRODUCING telomerase, NOW !
(Telomerase is a recent discovered enzyme that has unique anti-aging properties. Telomerase is manufactured in the cell and is directly responsible for the stability and stregth of telomere, a structural protein that is found at the ends of DNA strands (more specifically, tha caps of the chromosomes).

I COMMAND the cancer cells STOP PRODUCING telomere, NOW!

I COMMAND any debris be release from my body gently and with ease, NOW!

As you work with this method of commanding your own DNA, you will realize its depths. This accelerates and enhances anything else you do. The activations keep working to resolve your issues even if you are not aware of them, daily.
Work with it, use it every day. You will be amazed with the results.

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