Friday, January 30, 2009

The God-Code found ... the "God gene"

1. In addition to the 44 chapters, 50 per cent from your father's and mother's lineage respectively, two(2) additional chapters in your DNA-storybook concern your connection with and your separation from God, or the Creator of the universal life force. Until one grow to understand this fact, one is really a lost soul on earth, wandering daily with many unanswered questions and wonders about the existence of the nature and self.

2. The code recorded in these two(2) chapters - called the God-Code - connects you to the center of your being human ( body, mind & spirit = living soul ) where you are one with God and one with the spirit that dwells in all beings.

3. Our original blueprint contains a deep connection with our Source. Our God-Code is not always turned "on", however. The experiences and beliefs of separateness and duality that have been handed down through our lineage can cause a defect or 'block' that turns "off' this God-Code. Hence, we feel 'lost' in space.

4. When we are trapped in old, inherited stories of scarcity, competition, and separateness, it is hard to access the information stored deep in our God-Code.

5. With our God-Code turned off, we feel disconnected. We see heaven as spirit and the earth as material. We forget that spirit is all around us and that One Spirit unites us all.

6. One belief that has been handed down to many of us is that we need to look outside ourselves for answers. We are taught to see God (if real) as detached from us. To think that we are separate in any way from God (if real) or from each other is only an illusion of the belief systems we have inherited from our society and our culture.

7. The cultural belief system of the society that surrounds us can prevent and hinder us from connecting with the highest part of ourselves locked in our DNA. Some cultural beliefs are based not on our God-Code but on materialism, duality, greed, and scarcity - what the "system" say is right or wrong, good or bad. The Society Matrix.

8. Yet, we are so much more than this. We are not the person that our parents or siblings (if any) told us we were the person that did not listen, the person that was not respectful, the person that talked too much, the person that was not smart enough, or good enough, or the person that could never live up to someone else's expectations.

9. We are much more than the results on our self- or school-examinations report cards or the amount $$$dollars$$$ in our bank accounts.

10. We are bright,shining 'stars' who are deeply connected to universal knowledge. We are intelligent, healthy, wealthy and loving.

11. When we go deep into our DNA and energetically erase the stories of separation, we can once again unite with our code of perfection. Yes, we can be perfected.

12. The evidence of God-Code in human gene, a genetic link to spirituality. Molecular biologist, Dean Hamer found that a variation of the gene called VMAT2 was share more often by those people who scored high on self-transcendence test. The genes (two chapters) responsible in some way for human feeling spiritual. The test characteristics such as a feeling of oneness with everything else in the universe, an openness to that which cannot be proved, and a trust in one's feelings or 'gut-feeling'.

13. DNA works like our subconscious mind ; DNA holds stories, emotions(energy in motion), and beliefs that we do not recall in our conscious mind. In order to restore a gene to its healthy state, we have to access the underlying emotions (energies in motion) and belief systems that originally created the defect in the gene.

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