Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When we change our beliefs, . . .

.. our attitudes also change and we are then able to deal with anything more effectively.

It is near insanity to expect a different result when we continue to do the same thing with same belief.

Discovery: Awareness alone, about one's beliefs were at the core of one's difficulties/problems , is not enough to change a pattern. Why do we repeat a pattern even when we do not want to?

One part of the puzzle - is hidden deep in our DNA.

We found that we inherit the emotions and beliefs of our ancestors. programmed into our very cells, these deeply embedded patterns influence our health, wealth, and relationships.

Thus, the reason we don't change is, first, because the pattern itself is programmed into our cells. Second, the program come not just from this life but from our forefathers & fore mothers, generations past. Like long-lost family secrets, our ancestral stories - hidden deep in the memory of our DNA - influence us in ways we are not even aware of. These inner programs are like tapes messages that keep on playing 'auto' mode, telling us what to do and what not to do.

1. I realize that only if and when we could find a way to access that 'subconscious' - generations patterning within the DNA, we could change the programming playing on the tapes. We could regenerate and rejuvenate our lives.

2. Say, for example, you decide you would like to be wealthy and you put up notes, with fancy fonts, all over your house, office, toilet, car (if you have any), inside your wallet, etc, to remind your conscious and your subconscious mind that that "wealth" is what you want. This may well help you stay in a positive mood. That's just awareness.

3.If your DNA program is set, however to the subconscious belief (from your ancestors' pattern) that says, "You don't deserve to be rich," then no matter how much your conscious mind focuses on "I'm rich," you won't attain that goal of yours. Why? You will keep on repeating your old pattern (inherited from your ancestors, unaware of) until you find and remove the subconscious pattern that is sabotaging your new goals; your new theme story.

4. The same is true also with positive affirmations. Ultimately, they will only work for you, if your conscious desires are in 100 % percent alignment with your subconscious beliefs. Your DNA holds multi layers of beliefs, ancestral one until your present ones. As soon as we found where the sabotaging or abusive pattern originally came from and then removed it energetically from your DNA, you are able to break the pattern of abuse, for the first time in your life. You are now in a healthy wealthy relationship.

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