Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Present Mainstream Science: Fallacy?

Fallacy of present science theory : that the genes alone were responsible for everything that takes place in the human body.

Here is the fallacy : Scientists theorized that every function of the human body is controlled by a gene. If they could list all the genes (mapping of the genes) and what function each gene controlled, they believed they would have a map to help them figure out (bearing in mind, these scientists are only theorizing their work in the labs) how to change the human body - to prevent or heal cancer or diabetes , for instance.

In order for this theory to be true and real, there would have to be a gene for each of the hundreds of thousands of functions the whole human body performs every moment. When scientists found only around 33,000 genes instead of hundreds of thousands of genes, they were dumbfounded.

They were lost in the human genome 'forest' in reality. They have mistaken the woods for the forest. Will you, dear healthy visitor, be lost in the woods?

The scientists had to revise their 'theory' again that genes alone were responsible for everything that taking place in a living human body.

DNA of three(3) kinds.
How many have they investigate?
Body, mind and spirit, with its respective realm of life genes and functions.

At the body realm, DNA = DeoxyriboNucleic Acid;
at the mind realm, DNA = Decision/Decoding Neutralization Affirmation;
at the spirit realm, DNA = Divine Nature Assembly.

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