Friday, January 30, 2009

Cancer and DNA in ..

human body can be reversed.

1. The code written in our DNA keeps the vast storehouse of unconscious emotional information and patterning going, which is constantly creating new cells but not necessarily new patterns.

2. It takes 6 weeks for your body to make new liver cells, 3 to 4 weeks to get new skin cells, 4 days to get new stomach cells, and only 2 days to regenerate cells in your eyes. Wonderful and fearfully is the human body designed and created, not by nature accidentally but by an Intelligent Creator intentionally.

3. In fact, our human body replaces an average of 2.5 million cells every minute through cellular regeneration, yet the patterns in our human body often don't change. And we don't ever care or aware of this awesome ongoing process until we are suffering of pain or dying. Taking your body for granted is the cause of abuse and mistreatment of yourself.

For instance, even though our liver cells rejuvenate every 6 weeks, some one diagnosed with liver cancer in July may still have liver cancer in December. Six (6) months later, why? That puzzled doctors and researchers until they discovered and learned that the DNA holds the codes to cancer. Although new cells are being created all the time, our cells will replicate with a flaw (due to the information encoded)if we have a degenerative pattern in our DNA. Patterns depends on information, informations depends on vibration. Vibration depends on frequency. Frequency depends on spoken word. Spoken word depends on intention. Intention depends on the spirit of the speaker. Why cry in pain, just speak for healing. Read "I COMMAND ..(MY DNA)..NOW!"
3.The patterns won't change until the inner programming changes. Another word, no repentance, no changes. To restore wholeness, we first have to find the story/source that has created the defect pattern.
If a pattern goes back many generations , however, there is no one alive to help us trace the defect patterns back to its source.

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