Thursday, January 22, 2009

Filling up Your Leaky Bucket.

Be who you are, live life the best you can and remember :
Life is a leaky bucket.
We keep the loving waters flowing to keep the bucket full. Let the rate of filling be faster than the leaking rate. When the water level runs 'dry', we kick the bucket(die).

Everyone says, "Don't get caught in the rat race",
"Live life to the fullest", "Take time to smell the roses" and a host of other clinches.

But do we listen and hear what is being said? Before long it will be too late for you to do what you want to or need to do. My favourite phase is ,"seize the day". What's your favourite phase? Leave your phase at the comment section, thanks. It says it all. One never really grasped the true meaning of these phases before one was forced to face one's own mortality.

A Matter of Living, Loving and Dying.

No one is perfect. I know I am far from perfect. The aim in life is to aspire to perfection, because we can only leave this world and move on after we have attained that perfection. A simple fact remain, none of us create our own 'self'. No matter what the situation, we have to remember that God only deals us what It knows we can handle. Never more, never less. God sends people and challenges that act as catalysts and learning experiences for others who may perhaps not have been able to handle such a challenge.
1. Maintain a cheerful demeanour,
2. a nonchalant attitude in dealing with a life threatening situation crisis,
3. Reach a crossroad,
4. nothing mattered any more.
5. Nothing to lose,
6. simple logic questioned, would it help if I moped around? Not at all.
7. No point in worrying, because it would make no difference.
8. Simply have to deal with it, face it .
9. Become proactive in the management of my present condition.
10.Take one day at a time, literally,
11.unwilling to allow anyone to dictate how should I live this life,
12.if being foolish, it seems 'silly' to others, so be it.
13.Have no fear of death.
14.Willing to take risk,
15.only way to maintain a quality of life.

Life is about quality not quantity. Have taken measures to ensure quality. Will survive. The "right brain" does not know right and wrong. It only accepts. The "left brain" never wants to be left behind, too. Consciously try to use the right brain to tell oneself there is nothing wrong with oneself, and it works. Regardless of people's ignorant remarks or opinions, be alive and kicking, living life to the fullest and loving every moment of it. You deserve to be yourself now.

Don't worry about dying! So many people, or ignoramuses, spend human lives worrying and speculate about dying or how to die. They are silly. Death is inevitable, so make sure you live in life. Three things never wait for anyone: death, family members and opportunities to live.

Don't end up being lonely, looking to be needed. It is a sad state to be in. To be needed is wonderful, but to seek out situations so that one is needed means one is feeling alone. The only way one will never be alone is if one can connect with one own self and understand how profound one is. We are all connected. There is no need to be lonely.

Have a high threshold for pain. It is a conditioned reflex. I do not reach for a tablet of "painkiller" to cure my pain. For the drugs does not kill the pain in reality, but only kill the real me in my body. I believe any form of medication is unnecessary. When my pain levels are very high, and I get there very often, I meditate. I divorce myself from the pain. I dream or imagine of beds of daffodils. And I 'see' myself walking through them. It is not mind over matter; but mind become matter. As a man think, so is he; as a woman thinks so is she. Intention + Unconditional Love + Imagination = Manifestation.

Why did God give us imaginations?
Because they help unfold His Kingdom.
Imagination unveils the Great Imaginer. In the beginning, God created. God imagined the universe world into being. Every flower, tree, fruit, herb, animal, mountain and rainbow is a product of God's creative imagination. God is good and God imagined good creations and hence good manifestations exists. Intent good with unconditional love via good imagination will only bring forth good manifestation.

I am not a secular person. I do not believe in conventional allopathic medicine or factorized drugs because any chemical ingested in any quantity is unacceptable to the human body original DNA. It is ultimately detrimental. 'Quality drugs' is just jargon misnomer, an oxymoron , to me. For centuries, people across continents and cultures have experimented with the restoring properties of "nature's bouquet." And we, too, can enhance the flavour and vitality of our everyday meals with the health benefits found in such herbs and spices as thyme, basil, parsley, cinnamon, dill, and many others. It is written, 'The LORD, our God, causes the grass to spring up for the cattle, fruits and vegetables for man to cultivate, that he may derive sustenance from the land, wine to elate the spirit of man, oil to brighten his facial appearance, and bread to improve a man's health'

I was a legal chemical junkie for 14 years, so I know what I am talking about. And yet, I also understand I will not reach all the people I want to reach out through this blogging platform. It is easier to depend on your doctor. It is easier to be legally dependent on chemicals. The insurance companies are happy. They have you in their grip. You pay the insurance policy premium and are grateful for the token service that it provided.

I have no answer to people who go with the flow dictated by greed. I can only say I have no insurance policy. I refuse to have one. be logical and realistic. What good is a policy that pays you for being dead?

Understand pain, there are other ways to deal with pain. Popping a pill, "painkiller" is not an option, it is a cop-out.

How do I explain this without repeating myself? I am not taking painkiller medication for the pain, I am trying to control the pain, I have been in severe pain, I also have a prescription for painkillers, but I try my best to control the pain situation by regular water drinking protocol, walking, maintaining a steady body mass index and eating right and going to bed by 10:00 p.m.

Does that help? Yes, in the long run, my lifestyle is what will save me, at least, from the pain. Deal with issues, deal with problems and do not make excuses. Why spend present time dwelling on the assumed problems of life and death? Either one live or died. Simple. These are merely facts of life (not death) and the only sensible answer to them is simply to live.

If you are living in fear of Alzheimer's disease, you are not alone. Take good courage. This is your reality. This is my reality. This is our humans reality. I have no one to talk about this with. Any doctor would separate one from the other, they are so well-trained to toe the line. Doctors are interested in your well-being but most of the time they are just doing their jobs. Few are doing their calling in life. Statement like "they are just doing their job"are sweeping generalisations. i can honestly say that doctors are bound by the professional vows they take upon graduation. Even if courageous doctors, though very few in numbers today, wanted to ask you to do something more for yourself, they cannot. These doctors are bound to prescribe within the limits set by the industry. 'Health care' industry or 'sick care' industry, one has to experience first hand to realise this industry's spirit.

Open to new discoveries and reality : the time has arrived where nutritionist would play a more important role in human survival and health care maintenance and sickness prevention industry. Unleash the inner healing power of foods.

Take aim at Alzheimer's disease. Pray it never occur in your brain.

What is Alzheimer's disease?
It's a common, but unnatural, form of dementia, or severe loss of mental ability, that interferes with everyday life. Alzheimer's affects the part of the human brain that controls memory, speech, and thinking. It develops gradually and is irreversible.
Who gets Alzheimer's disease?
One in 10 people over age 65 and nearly half over age 85 develop Alzheimer's. Dark skin, smokers, people with a history of high blood pressure, those who have had a head injury, especially a serious one, are at greatest risk.
What are the symptoms?
Gradual loss of memory, confusion, difficulty in making decision, inability to learn new information, language difficulties, anxiety, depression, and personality changes.

Walnuts, almonds, and other nuts, non-roasted, raw, salmon, tuna, and mackerel gives omega-3 fatty acids, unsaturated fat helps improve your brain's performance and your memory. Almond, ounce for ounce, provide nearly as much protein as red meat.

We can fill up our own leaky bucket and prevent 'brain-drain power' and enjoy long precious memories till the sun sets on us.

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