Friday, July 24, 2009

Be sober about Calcium


Many people worry about taking too much calcium supplementation with the belief that it may lead to calcium deposits. Let us set the record straight. All calcium deposits within the body have been found to be calcium that has been leached from the body and not from nutritional calcium, as we have been led to believe.

The true cause of calcium deposits is lack of hydrogen, alkaline minerals, and proper cleansing which causes the body to go into a crisis state pulling calcium from body tissues and bones due to acidosis. Body calcium makes a poor substitute for nutritional calcium, as it cannot be used effectively. So the calcium pulled from the body will deposit in the weaker joints, tissues, or organs of the body creating all kinds of complications.



The scientific data is in. All that we have to do is use logic. When calcium deposits are found in the breasts, this is your first warning sign that you must saturate your system with a high pH level to pull that acid out as soon as possible in order to prevent breast cancer. The calcium was pulled from the body and drawn to the breast to help put out the fire created by the acid. This can occur anywhere in the body.

Logically we should replace what the body is missing. What is missing is your hydrogen pools, alkaline minerals, and a high pH. When you are talking about cancer of the breast, prostate, ovaries, or liver, or cancer anywhere in the body, these are the areas suffering from severe acidosis.


One of the first signs of disease is feeling continually tired. It does not matter what disease you are talking about. You have got to get your pH turned around. Eat fresh fruits and fresh vegetables --raw, non-heat treatment:non-cooking.

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