Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Popular Culture

Popular culture is often guilty of this - to get a laugh, we use stereotypical imagery. But when we normalise it, those who are younger and those still learning, who don't know better, internalise it.

Unfortunately, today, health care hospitals-companies driven by merely profitability at all cost complicate things depending on the product lines they are promoting and representing.

The doctors first job is to prevent disease and the second task is the curing of the disease.

The basic principles of this wisdom, whereby matters should be considered before they arise. One must take measures against that which is not yet there. One must bring to order that which is not yet confused.

Ask any doctor if you have the chance, what is the simplicity to preserve one's youthfulness, our body's anti-aging system needs to function optimally at 3 interdependent levels -

If your doctor don't know these 3 basic principles, it is time to change your doctor(s) for a more updated and wiser one to help you keep your healthy wealth in long term basis.

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