Saturday, July 4, 2009

Let Water be your Mirror

Water, Water Everywhere
Who is the healthiest body of all?

If you want to be well and vital, you just have to drink water. Period.

This means water as water, not water in tea, not water in coffee, not water in cordial and definitely not water in soft/hard drinks.

Why? Every cell of your body is bathed in water. In fact, your body is about 65 per cent water. For average adult. So a 70 kilogram person will contain about 45 litres of water.

Water is in every single cell and surrounds every cell. Your inner body is actually a water-world. Being so common and normal, you can imagine how much water is necessary for many of the human body's functions; even your imagination need water to work with.

Water is required for the transport of nutrients to cells and for the transport of waste away from body tissues. Water is needed for new energy generation within the cells.

Blood is largely water and your body's internal transport system is entirely dependent on water. Body temperature is also controlled and managed by water. As water (perspiration) evaporates from the surface of your skin, it requires heat to vaporise. This heat comes from your body, thus keeping core temperature normal. Water is also necessary to maintain nutrients in a fluid so the chemical reactions of life can take place.

Despite its importance , water is continually being lost from your body, and if there is a deficiency of just 5 per cent of body-weight in water, distorted perception and ultimately delirium can result. Vertigo and depression are two examples of lifestyle overtime water deficiency at cellular level that set in the chronic dehydration.

Although water requirements are influenced by many factors such as environment since birth, lifestyle and diet, you (average weight adult)should drink 2 -3 litres of plain clean water daily. NO drink can be used as substitute for water and function as water; water is water.

Here is a simple vitality diet guidelines:
1.Eat seven to nine serves of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

2.Drink 2 litres of water daily,(for adult) (Or use water cure protocol formula, 31.42 ml multiply with your present body weight(kg) to find your daily water quota. Drink 10 % of the daily quota every 90 minute).

3.Eat wholegrain and legumes.

4.Limit consumption of animal fats.

5.Have fish one or twice a week.

6.Avoid refined sugar and table salt, but use sea-salt instead.(Use 1/4 teaspoon of sea-salt for every 1250 ml water intake daily in your diet).

7.Do not overeat.

8.Sleep 9 to 10 hours every night. Stomach ulcer is due to neglected sleep hours. Lack of sleep may therefore result in lack of stomach repair and the development of ulcers.

While sleep is healing your mind, sleep is also healing your body in tangible ways. There is a protein, TFF2, which aids in stomach lining repair and it mostly acts during the night when we sleep. ((Source: F.May et al., Gut,48,2001,pp.648-55)

The stomach lining is continually being damaged by food or substances such as alcohol, so it needs repair all of the time. We know that levels of TFF2 are low during the day and rise sharply during inactivity and sleep.

During sleep chemicals are secreted that lift the body immune system. Hormonal secretion is tied in to sleep. Just 17 hours without sleep impairs your co-ordination to the same degree as a 0.05 blood alcohol limit. People who regularly sleep less and drink more alcohol are just courting early premature death sentence themselves.

There is no doubt that to be positive about life, a vitalized life, you really do need to EMBRACE a need for sleep. Always drink a glass or two of plain water prior hitting your bed, every night.

Sleep deprivation play a role in the burgeoning epidemic of adult onset diabetes.

While there are notable reported exceptions to the rule, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, many people who try to justify a minimal sleep hours pattern are simply arguing for a life choice that is really doing them harm.

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