Friday, July 24, 2009

Life Blood ,flood death?


We have to look at it this way. Do the mosquitoes create the swamp, or does the swamp create the mosquitoes? We need to look at things logically, from the global level to the cellular level. Everything revolves around the theory of an alkaline system. If you can understand that theory, then you know that germs are nothing and the environment inside your body is everything.

Life and death are in the blood. How are your inner streams? The most important thing is to "Reclaim Your Inner Terrain". We talk about ecology, the air, the water and the land. There are no specific diseases, only specific disease conditions, and there is only one disease. That one disease is acidosis. When we think acid, we think of something that is corrosive and something that eats anything in its way. Think about ammonia or any other corrosive chemical. It can take the wax right off your floor. When you start building up acid in your body it will literally eat your body away.

Modern habits contribute to acidosis in the body – consumption of acidic food and drink, exercising improperly, drinking water that does not hydrate or cleanse thoroughly, inhalation of polluted air, mold, stressful situations. Proper periodic body cleansing is the key.

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