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Water Cured J.O.F of

Heart Attack; chest pain; Difficulty Sleeping; memory Loss; Bladder retention; Vision problems:

It was in the spring of 1991 when I first learned from a member of the Foundation for the Simple in Medicine the value of water as a form of medication. Six months before, I had suffered two heart attacks and had undergone angioplasty surgery. After the operation, I was prescribed heavy dosage of calcium and beta-blockers, baby aspirin, nitroglycerine (for pain), and cholesterol-reducing medicine for recovery. The angiogram before the angioplasty had shown one of the arteries of my heart was 97 percent blocked by cholesterol deposits. I was told my heart had been damaged.

After six months of strict attention to my prescribed "recuperation" program, I noticed that my condition was rapidly deteriorating to the extent that I had difficulty sleeping because of pain in my left arm, back and chest, and also felt these same pains when I took my daily walks. i visualized myself going for bypass surgery at the scheduled time for reevaluation of my condition. By this time, I also suffered from serious side effects caused by the medications, such as : my prostrate created retention and blocking problems, i had also developed problems with my vision and memory recall.

I first began my rehabilitation through diet by a regular intake of six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day for three days. I was told to drink water a half-hour before eating my daily meals. I cut off my anti-cholesterol pills, aspirin and nitroglycerine pills. Judging by the effect of the water, it seemed I did not need them. I also started taking orange juice and started using salt in my diet again. ( I had been on a sodium-free diet.) After the first three days, I was feeling more comfortable about all of that added water. After three weeks of gradually reducing the calcium and beta-blockers, I noticed some very favorable changes. Whenever I felt pain, I would drink water and get instant relief. My diet remained the same ... fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish, orange juice and carrot juice. To get more tryptophan, I was asked to add cottage cheese and lentil soup to my diet.

Dr.Batmanghelidj requested that I take two one-hour walk (25 -minute mile) a day. After the second month. I noticed no more pain, even walking up steep hills. After the fifth month I changed my walks to 1/2 hour and increased my pace to a 15-minute mile. No constrictions were noticed during my walks and my energy had increased two-fold. Much of my power to recall had been re-established, and my vision returned to normal.

In October 1991, I had a series of chemical and physical tests, including x-rays, sonogram, echocardiogram and electro-cardiogram, to determine the state of my heart. The tests showed that my heart had restored to its normal state and I did not need any form of medication to cope with my daily routine. My doctor could not believe how simply all this change had taken place.
Thank you,

Note: J.O.F. s recovery has been so dramatic that he asked me to publish this letter in my book with his name, address, and telephone number for people to contact him for guidance, should they wish to use the water cure program and avoid the knife-happy system.he was inundated with telephone calls. he coached many people to follow the program and achieve better health. People would call him at all hours without any consideration for his inconvenience. This continued until he had to change his telephone number. Eventually he must have moved from the address on his letter to achieve peace. he was well and symptom-free for the duration that you could contact him.
J.O.F's experience is the reason the name, address, and telephone number of people whose letters are included in this book ( WATER CURES : DRUGS KILL , How water Cured Incurable Disease) have been edited out, even when their authors wanted to be contacted.

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