Friday, July 24, 2009

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Prevent and avoid the preservatives found in some supplements products.


Acidosis is a silent time bomb. It is like an hourglass – only a few grains fall through at a time but before you know it, time has run out. Do you know how many people have come to me who had never felt sick but who woke up one day to their doctor finding a tumor or chronic disease in their body?

There are two different types of people.
1. People who are symptomatic; every time they do something off track, they feel it. 2. Then there is the person who feels very little. It is like your body tries to adapt to its environment - for example the alcoholic who never gets a hangover anymore. This body has adapted to its environment for better or for worse.

All I can say is that it is all about prevention. You have to look at where you came from, in other words - the earth. We must return to her for balance. Nutrition is the foundation of health. If nutrients are not found in our food any more how long will it take before the foundation of health crumbles?

If you are the type of person who does not experience symptoms (unlike those who do) from lack of proper nutrition, then there is a very good chance you could have a heart attack or a stroke – without warning. People give the old line, “I was feeling great, I never felt a thing and bingo, I was hit with the big one.” It is just a matter of time. Acid is the silent killer.

The only true life insurance plan is proper supplementation that will reach the cellular level and do the job that many nutritional products claim they can do but never succeed in doing.

We need a super antioxidant hydrogen product along with a product that will cluster and pH balance our water (like Hunza water) along with a spirulina product that is easy to assimilate and deliver the nutrients to the cellular level. Let us not forget about a great two-week bowel cleansing regime to reclaim our inner terrain. Studies have shown that the quality of drinking water has a direct effect on the quality and the quantity of life. One example of this is the Hunzas, who were shown to live longer because of the water they drank. Deliver the cellular nutrition your body needs. Logic tells us that if we want something to last, we need to invest in it. Your body is your temple, which is home to your spirit. What are you worth?

I operate a clinic in the foothills of Singapore and my telephone rings constantly. Why? Because if you have the right philosophy and you have the correct products then you are going to get results. That is what we, at The ***** Clinic, are doing and we are proving it. We are proving that with even the most chronic disorders you can use this philosophy.
Once you start taking diseases and putting them into a hundred different slots is when all of the confusion begins. There is only one disease – acidosis.

If we do not get the message out there we are going to be in big trouble.

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