Friday, July 24, 2009

No Inner Environment Change means

no permanent change.


Let's take a look at the garbage can. We have one garbage can that is full of garbage and another one that is clean. We are going to put a lid on both garbage cans. Now open up the full garbage can and reach on in. You are going to find worms, mold, bad bacteria, and decay. What is all of this? It is not fermentation. It is putrefaction. The terrain in the garbage can has gone into a state of acidosis.

Should we kill the bugs or change the environment? If we kill the bugs without changing the environment they will be back the next day. Open the second garbage can that was clean. It is still clean - no bugs, no mold, no disease. If you can have an environment that is in proper pH, or in other words is alkaline, you will not have these invaders.

We cannot go out and successfully attack mold, bacteria, and viruses with vaccinations and antibiotics because this does not kill them permanently. It makes them stronger and they learn to adapt just like a cockroach. These molds and bad bacteria were friendly at one time. However, we created the environment that became unfriendly and our unfriendly environment sent out invitations to join the parasite party that is going on inside you. What you have to do is change your inner terrain.

Take another look at the garbage can that is clean. It has no parasites, no bad bacteria, no mold, and no virus. They are unable able to exist in it. Now look at the garbage can that has these bug-like invaders in it and your first instinct is to use chemical sprays to kill those bugs and walk away. But guess what? Tomorrow morning, as soon as you get up, those bugs are going to be back. You did not change the environment and that is the whole issue - no environment change means no permanent change.

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