Friday, July 24, 2009

Why still counting?


What your body actually does is make fat. Whether you like it or not, fat and cellulite are saving your life. These fat cells and cellulite are packing up the acids and taking it (as far away as possible) from your vital organs. The more acidic somebody gets the wider they get, because the acid has to be moved away from the organs. So the more acidic you get, the heavier you are going to get.

The longer you stay acidic, the longer you keep these fat cells and the colder they become. What do I mean by cold? They are lacking the life force because they are not alkaline and because they lack oxygen. They are acidic and anything that is acidic is lacking in oxygen. That is why fat is cold. As soon as you can start to remove the acid from your body you will see that the fat cells will leave and not come back.

Try to starve your body into health if you want to, but the only thing that you are going to cause is a drawing of the acid closer to those vital organs and then you are going to end up in trouble.

We know that acid gets stored in fat cells. That is scientifically proven. When all is said and done, any really good health practitioner, or person who knows about health, is going to turn to this philosophy because this is the philosophy of truth and this is what is going to lead us out of sickness as a nation. I would like to finish the overweight issue with an article that I read recently in a newspaper.

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