Saturday, July 4, 2009

KIV review list

1. For a list of illnesses and diseases for which medical science has affirmed ancient cures based upon observation about the laws of nature, go to

2. Singapore Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) chief, David Conner's wife, Selina, died of cancer last week (28 June, 2009).

3. Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Health Minister of Singapore, on Friday, 26 June 2009, said the community hospital will represent "slow medicine" for non-acute patients, while KTPH (Khoo Teck Puat Hospital ) in Yishun, would provide ' fast medicine' to care for the critically ill. The Villa Francis nursing home across the road would provide "slower medicine", for patients at the end-stages of a disease.

The questions we ask the Mr Khaw B W :
1. What is "slow medicine"?
2.What is "fast medicine"?
3.What is "slower medicine"?
4. How, when, who determines a patient is at the "end-stages of a disease"?

The challenge to all Singapore hospitals, established or recent ones, mini or mega, and doctors on payroll is not cutting patients' waiting time, as said by Mr Liak Teng Lit, Alexander Hospital chief executive. Think: what is the real purpose of 6 in 10 patients now leave Alexander Hospital within an hour, and Mr Lim is aiming for 90 per cent in a "couple of years". That is silliness and a wrong parameter to improve any health service for public health care. The real issue on hand is to use the most effective and safe treatment in order to remedy the long-queue (and increasing cases, daily) of repeated visits by patients. It is obvious that the present adopted methods and treatments are not effective, hence the queue is growing day by day. It is not how fast you process the patients through your hospitals systems, but how effective and accurate are your diagnosis and cure/healing rate.

I have tried water-cure protocol formula ( )and my patients are not returning to my clinic but I am happier, because now they are not my patients anymore but become my family friends. I rather have more friends than more patients, though my earning as a doctor is affected indirectly. (with permission )

4.Michael Jackson, 50, (1958-2009), June 25 , Thursday pronounced dead at 2.56 pm, Los Angeles.
What/who killed him?

4-1. Mr Brian Oxman, jackson's family spokeman and attorney, told CNN of concerns about Jackson's use of drugs, saying : members of the star's entourage were "enablers." This is not something that has been unexpected ... because of the medications which Michael was under. The people who have been enabling him... I don't know the extent of the medications that he was taking but the reports we have been receiving in the family is that they were extensive."

4-2.Michael Jackson's former producer, Mr Tarak Ben Ammar, denounced the singer's medical entourage. "It's clear that the criminals in this affair are the doctors who treated him throughout his entertaiment career, who destroyed his face, who gave him him medicine to ease his pain. "He was a hypochondriac and one never really knew if he was sick because he had become surrounded by charlatan doctors who were billing him thousands and thousands of dollars worth of drugs, vitamins, ....

4-3. Michael Jackson's close friend Uri Geller said it might have been the stress of the concert comeback in London, in July (the final curtain) that killed the singer.

4-4. Broadcaster Paul Gambaccim told BBC : " I always doubted that he would have bben able to go through that schedule, those concerts. it seems to be too much of a demand on the unhealthy body of a 50-year-old."

5. Journalists strive to be objective, while opinion writers try to give their two-cents worth side of the story without being too biased.

6. The only 'swine' now are the bankers! Comment in jest; yet there's as much truth to it as there is hyperbole. Stingy financiers. For all the hysteria/hype about swine flu, the biggest threat to global industries is stingy financiers. Liquidity trap anyone? That's the imminent threat to growth right now.

7. We have been aggresive, but we haven't been silly about it.
We thrive in recessions: No-frills beat the rest.
The global credit system is malfunctioning, because many financiers are dishonest.
The real issue is devising a new financial system that makes sense. Drop US dollar, and use EuroUnits as the world benchmark for global currency trading and exchange.

8.This is dedicated to all human survival modes. Robust health is essential if we want to meet our goals in this life. It is never too late to be wise. It is never too early to revise.

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