Friday, July 24, 2009

This is a-b-normal (reads abnormal)


It is tricky out there and it is going to get trickier. We live in the most toxic time that this planet has ever seen. Right now, we have hit a critical mass whether anyone wants to believe that or not.

If someone had cancer twenty years ago, people would be leery about getting too close. When you heard about someone with cancer, it scared you. Now it seems that we always know someone who is battling this disease.

How many people do you know who are in good health? What is good health? Let us be honest, it is normal to be sick, so what is normal to us is actually abnormal. For example, when you go for a physical and they tell you that you are healthy for a 40-year old, they are comparing you to the average 40-year-old person. It means that your stomach is hanging over your belt; you are falling asleep at nine-o-clock at night; you can hardly get yourself out of bed; your sex-drive is gone; your teeth are falling out; your bowel movements smell terrible; you have to use deodorant because you are rotting inside and that is normal because everybody uses deodorant.

What we think of as normal is actually abnormal but because the majority of the population is sick, we are all well.

We do not even know what 'well' is any more. Got a headache? Take an aspirin. Are you constipated? Take Ex-Lax. Do you have cancer? Have chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. So I guess logically speaking, lack of aspirin causes a headache, lack of Ex-Lax causes constipation and lack of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery causes cancer. Use water-cure protocol daily for good health.

Therefore, the train of thought for the average person is, “If I take a little of these therapies everyday I will be healthy forever.”

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