Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Water Cured M.R. of

Vertigo; Cramps; Gum Separation; Improved Autism:

I was so pleased that you found my letter useful for your new edition, which I found very impressive. Thank you!

As you know I mentioned that by following your water routine I immediately noticed an improvement in my vertigo problem. here is an update. besides sleeping with one pillow instead of four, I can shampoo is a washbowl without getting dizzy. I can lie on a slant board, which elevates my feet 18 inches. i don't have to worry about turning my head quickly when driving. While vertigo was not a constant problem it had been with me from time to time for at least 40 years; but that is history now.

Some other benefits -- i seldom have leg cramps now which bothered me almost nightly, and more good news, most of upper teeth are capped and over the years had developed unsightly gaps which were now gone and the gums looked as good as originally. What a haapy surprise! That cetainly emphasizes how the body tissues can dry out and shrink. For an 84-year-old, I am in very good health and in some ways better than 10 years ago.

Charles (who is deaf & autistic) is doing well. he has gained weight which he needed and looks healthier and behaves better than at any time since he was a toddler. i don't know whether I'm imagining it or not, but it seems to me he is responding to some sounds lately. I tell other people about drinking water whenver I can.

Thank you for your contribution to humanity and you courage and persistence in working for the acceptance of this information. I have see references to your book (Your Body many Cries for Water) in several health publications.

In appreciation,

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