Friday, July 24, 2009

NDP tidbits to bite.

Tidbits to bite - not bite bits tid.

1.Seems to me like the government today is not listening to the voice of the people, even though they were elected to do just that. Notwithstanding the many dialogues sessions held, the people find the government is too concern about its office rather than its duties. I suggest that perhaps a blog poll might enlighten the government present Cabinet Ministers as to the thoughts and desire of the people. We must keep remembering that the people is the Master while the elected Ministers/members of Parliament are to be servants of the the people and they are to represent "the Voice of the People," not just a few parliamentarians at best.

2.Mice age of 600 days , which is equivalent to 60-year-old humans.

3.People visiting polyclinics to get treatment for acute upper respiratory infections -- which include flu, in the last week of June, 2009 = 10,749 cases; in the first week of July, 2009 = 15,817. They must use water-cure protocol formula now, to beat the possibilities of the falling sick/victim easily. Most of the people are working adults in their 20s and 30s. Let us help our community develop 'herd immunity' against any virus , by spreading this water-cure protocol formula :-

4. website for Singapore national day parade:

5.Republic of Singapore is celebrating 44th Birthday this 9 August 2009. Join in the national day celebration come together; your heart reaching out, your hands reaching up to one and all citizens at home and abroad with love and sensibilities, water cures: drugs kill.

National Day Parade (NDP) Roadshow

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