Friday, July 17, 2009

There is hope for people with heart attacks:water cures:drugs kill.

The AMA, FDA, and NIH will have to stop being a party to the drug industry's rape of nations. Their business-as-usual approach to health care world wide can no longer be acceptable to the people who fund their existence.

Massive Heart Attacks; Extensive heart Muscle Damage:

I am compelled to write to you to express my gratitude for who you are and how you have dramatically altered my life. The information contained in your seminal publication Your Body's Many Cries for Water has saved my life and allowed me to rebuild and repair heart muscle damage that was pronounced irreparable. With proper hydration, I have fully recuperated and once again lead a full and active life. Please share my story with others so they too might know that full recovery is not just a dream, it is a real possibility!

My name is Oleg Yasko, i am a doctor of naturopathy and a certified nutritional consultant. I am 49 years of age and currently reside with my family in Brooklyn, NY. I own and operate a clinic dedicated to the practice of Holistic Integrative Health.

I was born and raised in Kiev, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and received a master's degree in biochemistry from University of Kiev, 1972. My family immigrated to the United States in 1979.

In 1985, at the young age of 33, I suffered a massive heart attack in Albany, NY. At that instant I knew there would be no denying my lineage. My father had suffered a series of heart attacks, with the third one fatal at the age of 61. My brother had a heart attack at the age 36, and at age 43 the second occurrence also proved fatal. I was now brought face to face with my fate.

I consulted with all the traditional medical sources, and they could only point to the immediate causation, occluded arteries. They offered neither remedy nor adequate explanation of the genesis of this occlusion. I was a young man who had been a champion wrestler and was in the active military for many years. I considered myself in excellent physical condition. I discounted the explanation of genetic causation,and began my own search for answers.

The search seemed to arrive at a dead end when in March of 1997, I suffered yet another massive coronary. At this juncture I was informed that over 44% of my heart muscle was compromised, and the prognosis for any sort of complete recovery was termed negligible.

As I convalesced, more uncertain than ever about ever finding a resolution to my dilemma, a friend passed me a copy of a book Your Body's Many Cries for Water . This book would save my life !!!

This book stated the hypothesis that prolonged severe dehydration had caused the major coronary arteries to become brittle. the resultant cholesterol buildup in the arterial lining was the human body's natural attempt to protect the artery from further damage. Unfortunately this buildup also restricted the blood flow sufficiently to cause myocardial infarction -- twice.

Immediate testing determined that I was indeed severely dehydrated. My search now took a more focused path, to resolve my state of constant dehydration that had contributed to these attacks and to somehow rebuild my damaged heart muscles.

It was these efforts to resolve this chronic dehydrated condition that led me to understand the vital role that proper hydration played in our bio-system. A role that slowly but certainly allowed my heart muscles to recuperate fully even after two major heart attacks and the considered prognosis from the physicians I consulted with that my heart was irreparably damaged.

I am pleased to report that I am alive, healthy, hydrated and practicing my profession as a healer with renewed enthusiasm and vigour.

Thank you Dr.Batmanghelidj for your courage and persistence in disseminating your message worldwide that dehydration is indeed the primary foundational cause, as well as re hydration a foundational remedy, for many health problems of the human body.

Dr. Oleg Yasko

Note: I met Dr. Yasko at a conference in Arizona. I did not know he had suffered two massive heart attacks until he told me his story. When I met him, he was active, vibrant, and full of joyful enthusiasm for his newly discovered natural remedy for many of our prevalent health problems. Indeed, he was so enthusiastic that he had initiated the conference -- hence my invitation to speak.

The way I see it, the future of medicine in advanced societies will become transformed when healers like Dr.Yasko take over from the allopathic doctors who are mostly brainwashed by their system of university education and seem to be mentally programmed to serve the drug industry without hesitation. They just blurt out "double blind" and continue to dispense drugs that are known to be very toxic, to the point of making millions of people sicker -- and even killing more than a hundred thousand trusting people every year.

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