Saturday, July 4, 2009

What People Should Know About NS

My Son Transforms into The NS MAN

Hope you take some time to appreciate what my son the National Service Man is doing for this nation, what it means for us as Singaporeans, and through this post, what it is we stand for in Total Defence - Citizens for Soldiers and Soldiers for Citizens.

Thank you for your time and support.

With 7 core values my son is transformed and duty bound to willing lay down his life in defence for his NATION and his beloved beings.

1.LOYALTY TO COUNTRY expresses his commitment to defend the sovereignty of our nation and to protect all that he loves : our families and loved ones, way of life, homeland, and national interests.

2.LEADERSHIP requires his highest character, confidence and authenticity from all National Service Men at all levels. Leading by example, inspiring, motivating and developing people are the foundation of his strength and security.
Every soldier, or sailor, or airman like my son is expected to be ready and willing to take the initiative to influence and motivate his fellowmen to carry out their mission confidently and to the best of their abilities. As leaders in their respective service, my son need to be flexible and adaptive, to survive, and willing to take responsibility for his actions and decisions.

3.DISCIPLINE ENSURES THE RESPONSIBLE OBEDIENCE OF ORDERS and the readiness to respond to emerging threats. My son the discipline National Service man requires a respect for and appreciation of the military system and the role the military plays in defence of the nation. My son the discipline NS Man is built through tough training and self control; reinforced by mental stamina, inner strength, physical endurance, and a constant concern for safety.

demands the highest standards of excellence and competence from my son and every fellow soldier, sailor & airman of the Singapore Armed Forces. This means projecting a respectable image, knowing his roles and responsibilities, giving his best in all that he does, and learning and improving continuously through creativity and the sharing of ideas to sustain operational readiness.

5.FIGHTING SPIRIT WITHIN THE SINGAPORE ARMED FORCES drives them to boldly execute their mission with courage , tenacity and resilience. As a dedicated member of a formidable armed force, together, they engage their hearts, minds and bodies with conviction, no matter what the risk. Whether facing fear and uncertainty or everyday ordinary task, they motivate one another to press on and never give up, neither surrender.

6.ETHICS within the Forces conveys the personal and professional integrity of my son the NS Man and his buddies soldiers, sailors and airmen. This ethics allow my son to know what is right and wrong, and unites honesty, trustworthiness and a clear conscience with the moral courage to choose to do what is right in peacetime and in war. We are proud of our many citizen-soldier-National Service Men. WE salute them with respect daily for keeping our beloved nation safe and sound for our family daily lives.

7.His CARE FOR FELLOW-SOLDIERS embodies genuine care and concern, but never panic, for the well-being of fellow comrades, their families and those they pledge to protect. His Care goes beyond ensuring safety, adequate feeding and rest, proper equipping and tough training, to support the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness and health of his comrades.

"This is my Life, this is my war, this is my fight, this is my total defence for my fellow comrades, my family, my neighbours, my nation. I am fighting a good fight, so help me, God."
- My Son, the NS Man (What my parents should know about NS)

DETERRENCE:I train hard to deter potential aggressor(s),
DIPLOMACY: I maintain open heart for diplomatic-friendship if possible,
DEFENCE: I lay down my life willing so that my fellow country citizens may live another day in peace and safety.

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Its ME said...

Channel NewsAsia - Saturday, July 4

SINGAPORE: Full—time National Serviceman Second Lieutenant (2LT) Nicholas Chan Wei Kit died in hospital on Friday after a Land Rover he was inspecting rolled backwards and hit him, pinning him under the vehicle.

A statement from the Ministry of Defence says 2LT Chan, a Motor Transport Officer, was taking delivery of the SAF Land Rover in Seletar Camp at about 11.30am when the incident happened.

A recovery vehicle was activated half an hour later and managed to lift the Land Rover.

A medical team from the Seletar Medical Centre attempted to resuscitate 2LT Chan immediately. He was sent to Changi General Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 1.07pm.

Mindef and the SAF extend their deepest condolences to the family of the late 2LT Chan.

Mindef says it will assist the family in their time of grief. It is also investigating the incident.