Friday, July 24, 2009

Know the fact of breast cancer


Let's get back to breast cancer. When we look at something like breast cancer, we see that acid is stored in the fat cells. The female breast is comprised mainly of fatty tissue. You may not realize this but that is where the acid goes. When the acid goes to the breasts it gets locked into the fat tissue. The one thing you will always see before a woman has breast cancer is calcium deposits in her breasts.

The other thing, which you may not realize, is that there has never been an association between calcium deposits in the body and high alkaline pH. It has always been calcium robbed from the body (not nutritional calcium) that has been found in the breast.

What does this tell you? We know that Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize for proving that a lack of oxygen causes cancer. Further studies with Dr. Reich proved that it was actually low pH, or acidosis, due to depleted hydrogen pools, which causes lack of oxygen.

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