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another happier pet owner

Date: July 9, 2009
From: G.
Subject: How can I thank you?
To: Robert Butts

Hi Bob,

I have the 8 lb. Pom with a herniated disc and several other medical problems. I began the regiment of salt water using the Celtic Sea Salt in the water and on her food as you directed. She chose the bowl with the lowest amt. of salt (1/4 tsp.) and I have sprinkled a bit of the salt on her food (2/day.) Because of the herniated disc, both of her front feet would 'buckle' intermittently while walking and at times, she even fell forward onto her face. She had quit lying across my lap, as it seemed to be very uncomfortable for her to lay on her side.

The results are nothing short of a miracle! We began early Monday and by midnight (her last outdoor chore), she was dancing in circles and even attempted to jump on a 12" padded stool. She failed to jump but it was something she had not tried for months. Today, Thursday, she made the jump! She is walking without the front legs bending under and has even run a couple of yards - things she has not done since the beginning of this year. Her legs are still a bit weak but she IS walking with all four flat on the ground

There are no words to thank you enough for your invaluable information. She was not eligible for surgery because of a collapsing trachea, and would have eventually been unable to walk at all. I would also like to thank 'Ron' who gave additional information regarding the chlorophyll and omega 3, both of which I will introduce into her diet. She has always eaten raw beef/veggies and some fruit and I will continue with that diet.

I will certainly direct my friends to your site and will also share with the vets in my area. I was thinking an ad in our local paper would be a good idea too. My husband and I have some aches and pains and after seeing what it did for Tiki - we're on board too!

My heartfelt thanks to you again. I know my 8 1/2 yr. old Pom now has a chance to live a longer and healthier life - a huge relief for us!

God Bless you and all the others who made this product known.

Gay & Dave B.C. Canada (^_^)

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