Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thanks again , from Jean

Date: Sunday, May 16, 2004

From: Jeannie []

To: Bob Butts []

I just had to write to let you know about one of my dogs, Harry. Harry had many lumps all over his body. The vet had only listed these lumps in his file as “masses to be watched.” A couple of these masses were as large as golf balls. Three days after starting the dogs on the sea salt, all of these masses were completely gone. He had had them for years, and it was unlikely that they would just disappear on their own. I credit the disappearance to the sea salt.

I am so glad that I happened to be listening to the Barry Farber show that Sunday about a month ago. I cannot thank you enough for the sea salt recipe.

My husband and I both continue to notice small, outside changes in our health. I am actually looking forward to my doctor’s visit in three months. I am hoping there will also be some internal improvements to my cholesterol and blood pressure. I also have an eye appointment next Monday. I will let you know if some of my floaters are getting smaller.

Thanks again,

Jean Mallaber

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