Thursday, October 28, 2010

Liver-Bile Duct Cancer Cured

an interesting case study: Liver-Bile Duct Cancer --- Herbs Kept Him in Excellent Health.

According to medical literature, median survival of liver cancer patients without medical treatment is 1 to 4 months. Prognosis worsens without increased tumour size. Patients with tumours larger than 6 cm have a mean survival of 3.5 weeks. Generally patients who come to us are often told that they only have 6 months to live.

In this case, Henry survived for 2 years without any medical treatment. He only took herbs. He continues to lead a quality life – without any pain, able to eat, sleep and move around like any healthy person. What more can such patient ask for?

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Judloved said...

Liver cancer is a type of cancer that is curable only inits initial phase but is incurable go a little can be done only treatments to relieve their symptoms and to stop developing as taking drugs like Vicodin that is easy to acquire since you can buy online without a prescription.

Nicolas Oakman said...

I i decided to share this because i am so glad today and happy that i am alive to see another new day and not just that but also to share the goodnews of how i survived a deadly stage 4 cholangiocarsinoma (bile duct cancer). I was told by my oncologist that i had just 6 months left to live and i was so scared to lose my wife. I was lucky to contact Dr Mrs Aleta who i told all about it and she is the nicest person i have spoken to. She recommended a herbal medicine for her which she took that cured her in less than a month. Well for more info about the medicine and cancer treatment simply reach her on she can help you too. Contact her for any form of cancer too.

Its ME said...

Hi Judloved, thanks for your comment here.

Its ME said...

Thank you Nicolas Oakman for dropping by and your sharing here. if you can give more details, we can post it here for all readers to educate themselves too. Thanks so much,

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