Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Grateful pet owner Mae Kamin

Date: Dec 2, 2001

From: Mae Kamin
15 Cayuga Place

Forty Fort, PA 18704

To: Bob Butts

Elderly Cat & Dog Greatly Improved With Sea Salt

I have a cat who for the past few years has been extremely inactive due to bladder problems and a tumor on her leg. In addition to these problems, she is 18 years old and I felt because of her age she just couldn't get around much anymore. She would find a spot and stay there all day without moving except to go to her litter box.

She always slept on the bed but for the past two years or more she could not even make the steps. Several weeks ago I started putting sea salt in her drinking water. I made no other changes in her diet. Two days after I started this I came out of my bedroom and found her lying in the hallway (second floor).

She has been there every day ever since. A week ago when my great granddaughter slept over, I was next to her in bed reading a story when the cat jumped up on the bed next to us. she has not been able to do that either for at least 2 years. Fantastic improvement in this 18 year old pet.

I also have a dog who seemed to have lost control of his back legs. He is 14 years old. He couldn't jump up on the coach like he used to and had great difficulty going up steps. It seemed he didn't have any strength in his back legs.

I began putting salt in his drinking water also. After a few days I noticed he was moving around a little better. It took a few weeks but he was then able to go up the steps again. For two months I had been giving him glucosomine and a vitamin pill which seemed to help a little but much more improvement was seen after the sea salt was added to his water.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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