Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For all dogs owners

Just have to share this wonderful news. Our yellow lab Jesse was having arthritis problems to the extent that the vet said she would have to get cortisen shots and whateve and was limping rather badly. At I learned of a simple , inexpensive almost 100% cure for dog arthritis using celtic sea salt and is called the watecure. I put 1/4 tsp of celtic sea salt in both of her daily feedings and a pinch in her drinking water. Tried it and now she is running up and down the stairs like a pup, she is coming up on 9 years old. If your pet is suffering from this or other ailments, please check out Bob Butts website. A most generous man who profits nothing from his efforts other than the good will he receives from those he helped, myself included. All he asked of me is to spread the good news. In fact at the chain of auto supply stores he owns, he gives the sea salt away to his customers he so dedicated to this healing method. I know this is way off the topic of this forum, but having seen pics of dogs in crisis on this forum, thought I'd chance making this post in hopes that others would benefit from it as my dog has.

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