Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Doctor thanking Bob

From: Dr. Gary Weissberger, D.C.
Date: Dec 2, 2001

To: Bob and Connie


Our friend, Dr. Gary Weissberger, knew about the watercure for years but was too skeptical to try the “full” recipe, which includes the sea salt. He said he doesn’t like salt. When he began experiencing pain in his foot for weeks, he decided he should either go to the emergency room, or try the salt and the water.

Well, he tried the full recipe. Within the time it took for him to take a shower, the pain, there for weeks, had mysteriously disappeared! Still a skeptic, he began talking to others about his experience. Dr. Marcelletti, of Optimum Health with in Tannersville and Taylor was one of them.

Dr. M. has a pit bull, which was experiencing tearing eyes and has a tumor on his head. Dr. Marcelletti started putting the sea salt on his dogs food and in his water. The dog improved so quickly, he tried it for his own health challenges. Since trying it himself, he has seen improvements in his Crohn’s Disease and no longer has blood in his stools and is down to 2 eliminations a day.

He is sharing the watercure and sea salt (in small packets) with his patients. Everyone in his office is on the watercure and they are having great results. We will keep you posted about further improvements.


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