Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The water cure gave me another year to love and enjoy the pets

Date: Feb. 11, 2009
From: Mae Kamin
Subject: water, salt and pets...

Mae Kamin wrote:

I have had animals almost my entire life. Mostly dogs but then when my daughter was small she brought home an adorable kitten and we could not say no. Since then cats, as well as dogs, have taken up a very special place in my home, wherever that was across the country.

Your children grow up and leave home, but sometimes your pets stay even longer than your children. That was the case with sweet little Sassie cat and adorable Oscar dog. They were there after the nest was empty of children and the noise and activity and commotion that comes with them.

These sweet little animals wiggle their way into your heart and you are never the same. Sometimes it is difficult to discern the pets from the kids, they hold such a special place in your heart.

When Oscar was 13 he became sick. He lost his energy and developed arthritis in his hips and could barely walk. I had to carry him out to the yard and hold up his rear end so he could go to the bathroom. He could no longer jump on the couch and snuggle with me unless I picked him up and put him there. Sassie, our cat, was 18 and developed a liver problem as well as arthritis and had to be carried around and picked up and put in her litter box. The vet put them both on medications and said if Sassie wasn’t showing some signs of improvement in two days, I should consider putting her down. She gave Oscar a couple of weeks.

It was then that I heard about the water cure. I was skeptical because it seemed that if a vet couldn’t get the animals better, what chance did putting salt in their water and food have? I decided to try it and was overwhelmed by the results. In two days Sassie was walking on her own, coming into the kitchen. The third day she started eating on her own and in one week was coming upstairs again by herself.

Oscar had similar results. In four days he was standing on his own and in six days he was able to go down the steps to the yard to go to the bathroom without me holding him up. In one week, as with Sassie, he was jumping up on the couch by himself.

Both animals improved greatly to the point where I would say they were normal animals, living a life with quality. They both lived over another year in pretty good health. Sassie was 19 ½ when she passed away and Oscar was 14 ½. The water cure gave me another year to love and enjoy the pets who had touched my heart so deeply and brought me so much joy.

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