Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Karen saved her canine

Pet Miracles posted Dec 3, 2001

Two little Pomeranians came into my life. They were eight and ten years old. I noticed that their eyes were runny and red and their fur was dry. The male had a terrible cough that would take his front legs right down to the floor. The female's physical condition was not very good.

After spending a good amount of money at the vet's, Rusty still had an awful cough. The vet diagnosed him as having asthma! Asthma! No, I will not drug him, I told the vet. I started giving him sea salt in his water and noticed that in just a few days, he was much better. The watercure is not just for people. Man's best friend needs water and salt, too.

Karen Simone, Greentown, PA

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