Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Let's stay Healthy :Planning the Family's Health

THE KNOWLEDGE OF nutrition is of little value unless it is applied to your life and to the lives of those around you. The purpose of nutrition is to learn how to build the highest degree of health possible. Only through the constant application of nutritional findings can this be attained. This blogger wish you and your family all the best by using this knowledge to your advantage and spread the Healthy Wealth blog to others , for you just wouldn't know you have help someone in turn.

After some time, some form of deficiency disease showed. Water deficiency also show and cause many disease symptoms & signs. Addition of the missing /deficit element to the daily food usually effected a cure.

To produce a deficiency disease deliberately in humans requires dedicated volunteers, but it has been done from time to time and has added immeasurably to our knowledge of human body nutrition. The difficulty of applying this knowledge is perhaps the most disheartening part of this type of work. It is a surprising fact that we are seldom ready to take advantage of all the latest research that has been done in the field of medicine and nutrition if it requires a little effort on our part. And for this little negligent we pay dearly from our saving (if not yet depleted) and worst with our health.

For instance, everyone knows that smoking may cause cancer and pollute the atmosphere, but thinks it will happen to other people. Year after year more money is spent/wasted on research t prove the danger and hazards of smoking. At the same time more money is spent on increasing tobacco production and in advertising cigarettes. It is totally illogical. Nonsmokers may chide their smoking friends/family members and point to the mistake they are making, but exactly the same thing is happening in the field of nutrition.

We know which foods are good and needful for us, which ones are not so good, and which are bad, some are dangerous, but we do not follow the advice if it doesn't suit us.

Everyday we can do one of two things: 1. we can build up our health, which generate more wealth in return, - 2.or we can undermine it.
If you watch people eating in restaurants, cafeterias, or eatery shops you can see those who choose carefully in order to build their health-wealth and those who are eating their way to illness, overweight, and a shortened life span.

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