Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sea salt cure pets

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Who lifts your spirits at least a coupe times a day?

How many endearing sories can you tell about your beloved pet?

Can you resist when you loo into those beautiful eyes?

How may friends have you made through you pet?

Kids become frinds via e-mail, with other kids around the world who love pets.

Our pets are worthy of the very best care we can give them.

When they are ill we look for ways we can ease their suffering and help them get well quickly.

Dramatic Pet Recoveries from Athma and Cancer!

My dog, Pete, hada malignant tumorover his eye. His vet gave him one month to live. I put sea salt in his food and within three days the tumor shrunk 50%. I have Chron's Disease so I followed the watercure and within a few days most symptoms were gone. I no longer on medication. (P.J.Marcelleti, N.D., Optimum Health,Tannerville ,PA.)

My Pomeranian dog, Rusty, had asthma. Instead of giving him drugs as my vet suggested, I gave him sea salt and in just a few days he was cured. (Karen Simone, Greentown, PA)

Millions of innocentanimals are euthanized each year because of ill health. If people put sea salt in their animal water and food, many of these precious animal pets could be with their owners longer.

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