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My dear Mama died on Saturday

Saturday, August 28, 2010
My Dear Mama
Dr Lee Wei Ling shares her heart: I know life can be unkind, but I find it difficult to accept my mother's suffering.

Difficult to accept a loved one's suffering. Feeling compassion with a detachment is wise, but tough when it comes to Mama.

But the one who has been hurting the most , and is yet carrying on stoically, is my father.

It is easy when thinking in the abstract, to conclude that being born, growing old, falling sick and eventually dying is what happens to all of us. I accept these facts with no resentment that life is unkind. I have had more than my fair share of bad luck, but I never resented it, for I think suffering built up my resilience.

But I find it difficult to accept my mother's suffering. The Buddhist principle of feeling compassion but with detachment is wise, but it is not an attitude that I find humanly possible to adopt when it comes to Mama. I cannot see her suffering with detachment.

But there is nothing I can do to get her back to where she was before she suffered a massive stroke on May 12, 2008. She has been suffering since then, and so has my father. But that is life, and we all plod on, fulfilling our duties as best we can. Indeed by focusing my mind on my duties, I manage to temporarily block Mama's suffering from my consciousness.

Dr Lee Wei Ling is director of the National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore.

This is why so many heart attacks strike suddenly, unexpectedly, and with no warning. But then again, there were many signs of body dehydration which manifested and wrongly treated with drugs, hence heart attack or stroke was a kind of build-up by our health-care ignorance in reality. If only all of us were told the real underlying cause of inflammation. Read this doctor's experience with rescue a potential stroke victim( ).
The artery don't have to be totally clogged with plaque - all you need in one fragile plaque that burst at the wrong time.

Once doctors and scientists recognized that dehydration leading to inflammation was such a major player in artery disease, they could start looking for markers of inflammation, a chemical indicator that signals the presence of inflammation.

causes stroke. Stroke is one of the many survival mechanism/modes of the human body to cannibalize/recycle it own self due to unintentional-prolonged-dehydration. The percentage of water loss in the blood cells is the least among all other cells in the body and hence blood test/analysis is near impossible. Once stroke happened the limbs cells will be sacrificed , their water-content wise, to be recycled and sent to service the more important organs such as the Brain. The present approach to use invasive and surgeries to remove blood clot in the brain is only temporary, because mainstream medical societies still hold to the old "solid" paradigm in their troubleshooting procedures.
NEWS: on front page, The Straits Times, Wednesday,June25,2008. Reporter Goh Chin Lian.
1.Mrs.Lee Kuan Yew, 87 years old, (Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew's wife) suffered another stroke (3rd one) while in hospital on 24th June, 2008. It was a massive haemorrhage.

2.She suffered a stroke (2nd one) on May 12,2008 and was taken to National Neuroscience Institute for an urgent brain scan, which revealed bleeding in the right side of the brain.

3.She suffered a stroke (1st one) in 2003 while in London, on a European tour. The bleeding was also in the right side of the brain.

4.She died on Saturday, 2 October 2010. I was beside her when she passed away at home.

5. My father was admitted at Singapore General Hospital for lung infection.

NOTE: A diet poor in vitamin A will affect the hair and skin as well as the eyesight since the vitamin is essential for the growth and maintenance of the epithelial layers of the skin. This includes the lining of the gut and respiratory tract, the formation of the enamel layer on teeth, and the growth of hair and nails. When vitamin A is scarce or lacking in the diet the skin tends to become dry and flaky. Oil glands become plugged with keratin and the lining of the respiratory tract loses its layer of fine hair and mucus which protect the lungs from infection. Most of these conditions are reversible if the right foods are introduced into the diet.

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