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Choice Is a Limitation

zero limits 12 : Choice Is a Limitation

We can appeal to Divinity who knows our personal
blueprint, for healing of all thoughts and memories 
that are holding us back at this time.
—Morrnah Simeona

Dr. Hew Len flew to Austin,Texas, to spend a few 
days with me in October 2006. When I picked him 
up at the airport, we instantly began talking about 
life, God, programs, cleaning, and more. He asked 
what I was up to these days. I told him how excited 
I am.

“There’s a movie where a character says, ‘Some 
people are awake, and they live in a constant state 
of amazement.’ I am pretty close to that state,” I 
said.“I have magic and miracles and feel 
exhilarated by life.”

“Tell me more,” he urged.

I told him about my new car, which I adore. It’s a 
2005 Panoz Esperante GTLM luxury exotic sports 
car. They are made by the Panoz family. Each is 
assembled by hand, each is signed by the people
who make it, and each is given a name. My car is 
named Francine. I knew Dr. Hew Len would 
appreciate the love put into the car, and the fact 
that it is treated like a living person. For him, 
everything is alive.

I told him about going on the Larry King Live 
television show as a result of my being in the 
movie The Secret. He wanted to know what 
Larry King was like. I told him. King is direct, 
friendly, street-smart. I liked him.

I went on and told Dr. Hew Len about the success 
of my books, such as The Attractor Factor 
and Life’s Missing Instruction Manual. After a
few minutes he could see that I was just bubbling 
over with energy.

“What do you think is different now from you 
taking the first ho’oponopono training?”

I thought for a moment and said, “I quit 
controlling it all. I let go.All I do is clean, erase, 
and have the intention to get to zero.”

He patted my shoulder and smiled, in a way 
anchoring the moment by acknowledging what he 
felt was right for me.

We started walking to my car, and after a few feet 
he stopped and stared at me.

“You have a bounce in your step,” he said, almost 
in awe. “You walk with springs.”

“Well, I am happy to see you,” I said.

We went to dinner and I told him I was 
disappointed that my book on P. T. Barnum, 
There’s a Customer Born Every Minute, wasn’t
doing well.

“Joseph, you have to love it.”

I wanted my book to sell, so I didn’t understand 
what love had to do with it.

“Joseph, if you had three children and one of 
them was slow in school, would you tell it that 
you were disappointed in it?”

“No,” I replied.And suddenly an insight hit me 
hard. My book is a child of me, and I was saying 
it wasn’t as good as my other children. I felt this 
to such a real degree that I almost began to cry in 
the restaurant.

“You got it, Joseph,” Dr. Hew Len said.“You must love all your

I began to feel terrible that I had alienated my “child” for not
performing well in the school of life. I felt genuinely sorry. I began to
say “I love you,”“I’m sorry,”“Please forgive me,” and “Thank you” inmy mind to the Divine, while holding a sense of my book in my
heart. Later, when I got home and saw my book, I picked it up and
held it to my heart, hugging it, loving it, asking for forgiveness for
not appreciating it just for being.

Later, driving Dr. Hew Len to my home area in Wimberley,Texas, he
said he saw an elf in me.

“A what?”

“An elf,” he repeated.

I’m used to him seeing things that I don’t see. He wouldn’t call it
psychic ability but just an unfolding in each moment.

“The elf has big eyes and big ears. He wants to stay inside and
not go out in public.”

“That’s the part of me that wants to stay at home and work on
my computer and not interact with people.”

“There’s another part of you that likes the limelight, though.”

“Two-thirds of me wants to be on Larry King and Oprah and get
the attention,” I confessed, “but another part wants to stay indoors
and be reclusive.”

“Your elf will keep you sane,” Dr. Hew Len explained. “People
who want nothing but stardom will drive themselves crazy. People
who want nothing but living in a cave keep their light under a
bushel basket.You have balance.”

Later that day, I told Nerissa, my love, about my elf.

“What is the part of you called that likes to be onstage?”she asked.

“I don’t know.”

She reflected for a moment and said,“I think it’s called Sprite.”


“Yes, Sprite. It seems to fit.”

I laughed and had to agree.The next day, when I told Dr. Hew
Len that Nerissa named my extrovert part Sprite, he laughed out
loud and loved it.

“Sprite likes the light,” he sang.

The day after Dr. Hew Len arrived to my area, I drove over to meet
with him. I found him sitting at a table with two retired Mexican
women who seemed to be hanging on his every word. He motioned
for me to come over. I got some coffee and started to sit in the chair
beside him. He stopped me and asked me to sit in the next chair, one
more chair away from him, but across from the two ladies.

“Tell these ladies what you do,” he said to me.

I told them about my books, my movie appearance, and how I
try to help people find happiness.

“Tell them how you handle problems,” he said.

“In the past I used to try to solve problems, whether my own or
someone else’s.Today I let them be, but I clean the memories that
caused them. As I do, they get resolved and I’m okay as they get

“Joseph, can you give them an example?”

“My sister frustrates me,” I confessed. “She’s been on welfare,
had her home broken into, had her identity stolen, and more. She’s
not happy and it frustrates me. I’ve tried to help by sending her
money, books, movies, and even the DVD player to play the movies.
She doesn’t make any effort to change. But now I don’t try to
change her.”

“What do you do?” one of the ladies asked.

“I work on me,” I said.“Now I understand that the life she has
isn’t anything she is doing. It’s a program, or memory, that is being
played and she’s got in its web. It’s like she caught a virus. It isn’t her
fault at all.And because I sense it, because I feel her pain, it means I
share the same program. I have to clean.As I clean, the program will
come off her, too.”

“What do you do to clean?”

“All I do is say ‘I love you,’ ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘Please forgive me,’ and
‘Thank you’ over and over again.”

Dr. Hew Len explained that in the simple phrase “I love you” are
three elements that can transform anything. He said they are gratitude, reverence, and transmutation. I went on to explain what I
thought was happening.

“The phrases I say are like the magic words that open the com-
bination lock to the universe.When I recite the phrases, which come
out like a poem, I am opening myself to the Divine cleaning me and
erasing all the programs preventing me from being here now.”

Dr. Hew Len said he liked how I described the ho’oponopono
method of clearing.

“Saying someone caught a virus is accurate,” he said.“It’s a pro-
gram that is in the world and we catch it.When someone has it and
you notice it, then you have it, too.The idea is to take 100 percent
responsibility.When you clean yourself, you clean the program from
everyone.” He paused and added, “But there are a lot of programs.
They are like weeds on zero. To get at zero limits, we have more
cleaning to do than you could ever imagine.”

The ladies seemed to understand, which surprised me.We were
talking about mind-bending concepts, yet they seemed to relate to
them. I couldn’t help but wonder if they were simply tuning in to
Dr. Hew Len’s vibe, much like a tuning fork sets a tone for every-
thing around it that can feel its note.

Dr. Hew Len and I went for a walk. It was a half-mile stroll in the
cool morning air on a dusty gravel road.Along the way deer walked
around us. At one point we came across a group of dogs barking
their heads off at us, but we kept talking and walking. Suddenly Dr.
Hew Len waved his hand at them, as if to bless them, and said,“We
love you.”

The dogs stopped barking.

“All any of us want is to be loved,” he said. “You, me, even the

One small dog behind the others gave out a slight yip. I couldn’t
stop thinking he was saying,“Right on” or maybe “Thank you.”

Or even,“I love you, too.”
Our conversations were always stimulating. At one point Dr. Hew
Len blew my head off by explaining that the only choice in life is to
clean or not.

“You’re coming from either memory or inspiration,”he explained.
“That’s it.”

I replied, “I’ve always told people that they have the choice to
come from inspiration or not. That’s free will. The Divine sends a
message and you can act on it or not. If you do, all is well. If you
don’t, you may have problems.”

“Your choice is to clean or not,” he said. “If you are clear, then
when inspiration comes, you just act.You don’t think about it. If you
think about it, then you are comparing the inspiration to something,
and what you are comparing it to is a memory. Clean the memory
and you don’t have choice.You just have inspiration and you act on it
without thinking. It just is.”

Whew! That insight truly shook me. I felt bad that I’ve been
writing and speaking about choice being free will and now I learn
that free will means you are still stuck in memory.When you are at
the zero state and there are zero limits, you don’t do anything but
what is there for you to do.That’s it.

“It’s like we are in a grand symphony,” Dr. Hew Len explained.
“Each of us has an instrument to play. I have one, too.Your readers
have theirs. None are the same. In order for the concert to play and
everyone to enjoy it, they need to play their part and not another’s. We get into trouble when we don’t pick up our instrument or we
think someone has a better one.That’s memory.”

I began to see that a concert has stagehands, promoters, and
cleaning crew. Everyone has a role.

I also reflected on the different people I knew who seemed
clueless to their own method of success.There’s James Caan, the fa-
mous actor from The Godfather and the TV series Las Vegas. I’ve met
him several times. His stardom is as much a mystery to him as it is to you or me. He’s a brilliant actor, even legendary. But all he’s doing is being himself. He’s playing his part in the universe’s script.

The same could be said for me. Some people who meet me act
like I’m some sort of guru. If they’ve seen me in the movie The Secret
or read any of my books, especially The Attractor Factor, they think I’m
plugged into God’s hotline.The truth is, I’m just playing my instru-
ment in the concert of life.

When you play your role and I play my role, the world works. It’s
when you try to be me or I try to be you that problems arise.

“Who set up all these roles?” I asked Dr. Hew Len.

“Divinity,” he said.“Zero.”

“When was it set up?”

“Long before you and I ever showed up as even an amoeba.”

“Does that mean there is no free will at all? That we’re just stuck in our roles?”

“You have total free will,” he said. “You’re creating as you are breathing, but to live from zero you must let go of all memories to be there. "

I have to admit I didn’t fully understand all of this. But the part I
did get was that it’s my job to play my instrument. If I play mine,
then I am a piece of the puzzle of life that found its slot. But if I try
to fit myself into another area of the board, I won’t fit, and the entire
picture will be off.

your command.”Tell the Divine or God what you want, and it will
be delivered. But by Neville’s later years, after 1959, he had awakened
to a greater power: that of letting go and letting the Divine operate
through you.
The thing is, he couldn’t recall his earlier books like a car manu-
facturer might recall a defective car. I have no idea if they upset him
or not. I’m guessing not. He left them in the world because he felt
“the law” was useful to help people get through the bumps in life. But
I wanted to recall my books. I felt they were misleading people. I told
Dr. Hew Len that I felt like I was doing a disservice to the world.
“Your books are like stepping-stones,” Dr. Hew Len explained.

“People are at various steps along the path.Your books speak to them
where they are.As they use that book to grow, they become ready for
the next book.You don’t need to recall any books at all.They are all

As I thought of my books, of Neville, of Dr. Hew Len, and of all
the readers past, present, and to come, all I could say was,“I’m sorry,
please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

Clean. Clean.”

“Your conscious mind will try to understand it all,” Dr. Hew Len
clarified.“But your conscious mind is aware of only 15 bits of infor-
mation while there are 15 million bits happening all the time.Your
conscious mind doesn’t have a clue what’s really happening.”
That wasn’t very comforting.
At least not to my conscious mind.
As I mentioned earlier, I taught a seminar one day called “The Secret
of Money.” I told everyone that they will have money if they are clear. If they are broke, they aren’t clear. I told Dr. Hew Len about it
and he agreed.
“Memories can keep money away,” he said. “If you are clear
about money, you’ll have it.The universe gives it if you will accept it.
It is memories playing that keep it from you or you from seeing it.”
“How do you get clear?”
“Keep saying ‘I love you.’”
“Do you say it to money?”
“You can love money but it’s better to just say it to the Divine.
When you are at zero, you have zero limits and even money can
come to you. But when you are in memory, you will prevent it.
There are many memories around money. As you clean them, they
get cleaned for everyone.”
We went into a deli and ordered coffee.The place was quiet as
we sat there, but slowly people streamed in and the place got busier
and louder.The energy in the place grew.
“You notice that?” he asked.
“There’s a buzz to the place,” I said.“People seem happier.”
“We came in and we brought our cleaner selves and the place is
feeling it,” he said.
He told me about going into restaurants in Europe.Their busi-
ness would be slow but after he visited, business increased. He tried
this in a few different places to see if the same thing happened. It
did. He then went to a restaurant owner and said, “If we come in
and your business improves, will you give us a free meal?” The
owner agreed. Dr. Hew Len would often get free meals from just
I noticed that he gave money freely.We went into a little shop. He
bought a few stained glass items for friends. He then slapped a $20
bill on the counter and said,“And this is for you!”The clerk looked
surprised and naturally so. He added,“It’s only money!”
Later, at a restaurant, I gave a large tip to the waitress. She stared,openmouthed. “I couldn’t accept this,” she said. “Yes, you can,” I
Still, later, I got an idea for a product that I knew would make me
a large amount of money. Dr. Hew Len pointed out, “The universe
rewarded you for your generosity.You gave so it gave back. It gave you
that inspiration. Had you not given, it would not have given.”
Ah, and there was the real secret to money.
“We Americans forget that it says right on our money, ‘In God
We Trust,’” said Dr. Hew Len.“We print it but we don’t believe it.”
At one point Dr. Hew Len asked me about the nutritional company
I had founded with a physician and a nutritionist. We created it to
market a cholesterol-lowering natural formula we call Cardio Secret.
(See Dr. Hew Len had consulted with me
a while back about the product name as well as the name of the
company. He was curious to see where we went with it.
“It’s on hold right now,” I said.“I hired a Food and Drug Admin-
istration (FDA) attorney to review our web site and our packaging,
and we’re waiting on him. But as a result of working on this product,
I got an idea for an even more exciting product, something I call Fit-
I went on to explain that Fit-A-Rita is a natural margarita mix.
(See I received the idea for it while out drinking
with friends. I was in yet another bodybuilding fitness contest at the
time, so having a margarita was a rare and special thing for me.While
drinking one, I said,“What we need is a Bodybuilder’s Margarita.”As
soon as I said it, I knew it was a good idea.
“Good for you, Joseph,” Dr. Hew Len said. “You weren’t at-
tached to the first product and wanting things to go your way, so the
Divine gave you a new moneymaking idea. Too many people lock
onto an idea and try to force it to fit their expectations, and what
they’re doing is blocking the very wealth they want to receive. Good
for you, Joseph, good for you.”
He’s right, of course.As long as I stay open to ideas from the Di-
vine, they keep coming. Besides the Fit-A-Rita product, I also re-
ceived an idea for “clearing mats.”These are mats you place your food
on to clean it and you before you dine. (See
But I didn’t stop there. Dr. Hew Len received an idea, too.
“I’ve never seen a web site that cleans people while they sit and
look at it,” he told me. “Let’s make our web site for our book just
that.When people go there, they are being cleaned by what we in-
fuse in the site.”
We did just that, too. See it at
There’s no end to the amount of ideas and money you can re-
ceive once you let go of your need and allow it all to come to you.
The key, as always, is to just keep cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
“What should therapists do when they see clients?” I asked, wanting
to probe for specific methods in helping people to heal.
“Just love them,” Dr. Hew Len replied.
“But what if someone comes to you because they were trauma-
tized at some point and they aren’t over it?” I asked, wanting to back
Dr. Hew Len into a corner and force him to squeeze out some
method I could use.
“All everyone wants is to be loved,” he said.“Isn’t that what you
want? It doesn’t matter what you say or do as long as you love the
“So I could be a Jungian or a Freudian or a Reichian or any-
thing else?”
“It doesn’t matter,” he stressed. “What matters is that you love
the person because they are a part of you, and your loving them will
help erase and clean and clear the program activated in their life.”
I wasn’t settling for that answer, though I could see his point.
“But what if someone is certifiably crazy?”
“I had a woman come to me who was considered schizophrenic,”
he began.“I asked her to tell me her story.You have to understand that whatever she or anyone tells me isn’t the real issue.Their story is their
conscious interpretation of events. What’s really happening is out of
their awareness. But hearing the story is the starting place.”
“What did she say?”
“She told me her story and I listened. I just kept repeating ‘I love
you’ in my mind, to the Divine, trusting whatever needed to be
cleaned would be cleaned. At one point she told me her full name,
which was one of those hyphenated names.”
“Like Vitale-Oden or some such?”
“Exactly. I knew that was part of the problem. When someone
has a split name, it creates a split personality. She needed to own her
birth name.”
“Did you ask her to legally change her name?”
“She didn’t have to go that far,” he explained. “By telling herself
that her name was one word, she began to relax and feel whole again.”
“But was it the name change or your saying ‘I love you’ that
made the difference for her?”
“Who knows?”
“But I want to know,” I said.“I started a Miracles Coaching pro-
gram at I want to be sure my coaches
say and do the right thing so they truly help people.”
He went on to explain that therapists think they are here to help
people or save people. But in reality their job is to heal themselves of
the program they see in their patients. As those memories get can-
celed in the therapist, they get canceled in the patient.
“It doesn’t matter what you or your coaches say or do as long as
they keep loving the person they are with,” he explained again.
“Remember, the person you see is the mirror of you.What they ex-
perience is shared by you. Clean the shared program and you’ll both
get well.”
“But how?”
“I love you,” he said.
I’m beginning to sense a theme here.
I’ve been trying to figure out how the world works since I was old
enough to read children’s books and then comic books.“Superman”
and “The Flash” were pretty easy to understand.Today I have to deal
with science, religion, psychology, and philosophy as well as my own
mental wanderings.
Just when I think I have a handle on things, along comes another
book to disturb my view of the world.This time I was reading Con-
sciousness Speaks by Balsekar when I started to get a headache.
If I had to sum up its message in words from a man confused by
reading the book, I’d say that nothing we do comes from free will. It’s
all being prompted through us.We think we are the conscious actors.
We’re wrong.That’s our egos talking. In some respect, we’re puppets
with the Divine as the energy in us pulling our strings.
Now imagine this:
I’m the guy who wrote The Attractor Factor, a book that explains a
five-step process for having, doing, or being anything you want. I and
others have used the method to attract everything from wealth to
cars to spouses to health to jobs to, well, you name it. It’s all about de-
claring your intention and then acting on what comes your way or
bubbles up from within to make it manifest. In short, you’re the pup-
peteer and the world is your puppet.
So how do I fit these two apparently conflicting philosophies in
my head without going bonkers?
I think it works like this:
First, we are living in a belief-driven world. Whatever you be-
lieve, that belief will work. It’ll get you through the day, at any rate. It
will frame your experiences into perceptions that make sense to you.
And when something comes your way that doesn’t seem to match
your worldview/belief system, you’ll find a way to rationalize it and
force it to fit. Or you’ll take valium.
Second, I can’t help but wonder if both philosophies are right:
We’re the puppet and the puppeteer. But that only works when we
get out of our own way. It’s our minds that drive us to overdrink,  overeat, frolic, steal, lie, and even spend too much time worrying
about how the world works. Our minds get in the way of the natural
flow of things. Our minds know they are doomed and they can’t
stand the thought of it, so they construct feel-good addictions to
help them survive. In reality (whatever that is), your mind is the in-
terference to experiencing the bliss of this moment.
If this is so, then all the techniques to get clear—which I talk
about as step three in The Attractor Factor—are there to help you take
the interference out of the Divine plan.
For example, when you use a method like the Emotional Free-
dom Technique (EFT)—the tapping your troubles away approach to
life—you dissolve the issues troubling you.
But then what happens?
Then you take a positive action.
Well, weren’t you going to take that positive action anyway?
Isn’t that why you knew there was a problem to begin with?
In other words, the nudge to take action was sent to you from
the Divine, and your anxiety over it was the interference.Take away
the interference and you’re back to being one with the Divine,
which means you’re puppet and puppeteer again.
So let me try to sum up what at least makes sense to me today:
You came into this world with a gift within yourself.You may
know it right away or not.You may not even know it right now. At
some point you’ll sense it within you. Now, your mind is going to
judge it. If your mind judges it as bad, you’ll seek therapy or methods
or drugs or addictions to handle it, hide it, resolve it, release it, or ac-
cept it. But once you have removed that interference preventing you
from acting on your gift, you’ll act on that gift. In short, you’ll be the
puppet of the Divine but you’ll be the puppeteer of your life.
Your choice is to go with the flow or not.
That’s free will. Some call it “free won’t” because your real deci-
sion is to act on the impulse or not.
Even the great showman and marketer P. T. Barnum, whom I wrote about in my book There’s a Customer Born Every Minute, knew
this. He took action. He did things on a grand scale. But he was al-
ways obeying some higher order. His gravestone marker reads,“Not
my will but thine be done.”
He acted on his ideas without interference from his mind, and he
allowed the results to be what they were, trusting that it was all part of
the universe’s bigger picture. He was able to let go while taking action.
And that’s step five in my book, The Attractor Factor.
Tonight I have the world figured out. (I think.)
Tomorrow I’m not so sure.
I long for comic books again.
“Everyone has a gift,” Dr. Hew Len told me on one of our walks.
“What about Tiger Woods?” I asked, knowing the answer but
wanting to lead to a deeper question.
“He’s playing his role in the Divine play.”
“But what about when he starts to teach others how to play golf?”
“He’ll never succeed,” Dr. Hew Len said.“His role is playing golf,
not teaching golf.That’s someone else’s role.We each have our part.”
“Even a janitor?”
“Yes! There are janitors and garbage collectors who love their
work,” he said.“You don’t think so because you are imagining play-
ing their roles. But they can’t play your role, either.”
I suddenly remembered a line from an old self-improvement
course:“If God told you what to do, you’d do it and be happy.Well,
what you are doing is what God wants you to do.”
The point is not to resist your role. I might long to be a song-
writer like Michelle Malone, or an actor like James Caan, or a body-
builder like Frank Zane, or a writer like Jack London. I might even
get pretty good at writing songs, or acting, or working out, or writ-
ing novels. But my role is inspirator. I write books to awaken people,
or to be exact, to awaken me.
As I awaken me, I awaken you.

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