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zero limits 8 : the evidence (3)

The drive to Austin felt like a vacation after 
months on the road with the show. Leaving 
Houston behind was more than a 24-hour break
from the all-encompassing universe of a 
production on tour. It was the juncture of a night 
of reckoning that would reorder my reality even
before the dinner presentation that Dr. Joe Vitale 
was hosting began.

It had been months since I’d last listened to one 
of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len’s Ho’oponopono 
presentations—a year and a half to be exact. Even 
though I’d never met Joe Vitale before, I felt 
grateful for the fact he had brought Ihaleakala to 
location within driving distance and I could be 
part of the event in Austin.

As changing scenery and little Texas towns 
skimmed by the car window en route to Austin, 
thoughts of other Ho’oponopono presentations 
surfaced and things I’d forgotten came back to 
mind. I flashed back to the first of many times 
I’d heard Ihaleakala speak and had gotten chills 
down my spine when he read the Opening Prayer 
in Hawaiian. I remembered how I’d landed a book 
contract two weeks aftertaking my first 
Ho’oponopono training, virtually by just showing 
up at a publishers convention, talking and leaving 
my card.Two days later a publisher called and 
asked me to submit ideas for a book they were
doing. I had the contract by the end of the month.

As the distance to Austin grew shorter, I also 
reflected on a time just six months earlier when a 
veterinarian in Montreal conveyed the sad news 
that my dear cat Maya had intestinal lymphoma. 
It was questionable whether she would live long 
enough for me to take her from the clinic.When 
Maya was released, the vet thought that with 
luck, I’d have a few weeks to “tell her good-bye.
” I contacted Ihaleakala for help with a special 
cleaning, something to clean whatever this 
precious little creature had taken on of mine. It is 
now a year and three months since Maya’s 
diagnosis. Little could I have imagined at the 
moment I was prepared for her imminent 
departure that months and miles later she would 
still be with me on tour.

Seeing Ihaleakala again in Austin was like 
breaking through the surface after being 
underwater—one of those “back in the world” 
kind of experiences.Yet it was also immediate 
immersion into the most profound life-altering 
practice I have experienced in 25 years of delving 
into everything from Buddhism, Celtic spiritual 
traditions, traditional psychotherapy, dream 
analysis (and I was good at that), energy work, 
and even Wicca.

And there I was in Austin, face to face with 
Ho’oponopono again, a philosophy, a tradition, 
that virtually wipes the slate clean of the 
practices, procedures, and endless analytical 
activities I’d so diligently studied for so long 
before it—all in an effort to understand, fix 
myself, and live the life I came here to live. I 
have to admit, there was a part of me that 
was ready to jump right in among those 
who’d never encountered Ho’oponopono before 
and let them know “I already do that,” but I 
started cleaning and the nonsense (memories) dispersed.

Before Dr.Vitale had even introduced Ihaleakala 
that evening, a revelation hit me like a bolt of 
lightning, causing me to jump up from the table 
where I was sitting and run to the ladies’ room, 
choking back tears. In that moment in Austin, in 
a room that looked out on the downtown skyline, 
Ho’oponopono enveloped my being and I had a
moment of clarity when I knew I no longer 
wanted to be on tour, no matter what. Six weeks 
later, Maya the cat and I were heading west en
route to Los Angeles, bound for a new home in 
Topanga Canyon that surfaced just in time for our 
arrival when the person who was going to take it 
suddenly decided not to rent it.

Another seven months have passed and just 
last week as I wavered on the edge of yet another 
significant change, I read a phrase that Ihaleakala 
wrote:“Zero is home base.” I cleaned and stepped 
off the edge of another existence as I’d known it 
and now can say that I didn’t fall.

Thank you for this opportunity to share the 
changes, revelations, and reflections about 
Ho’oponopono that surfaced from my trip to
Austin in February.

POI(Peace Of I)

Elizabeth Kaye McCall


Before learning about and applying the method, I 
was experiencing struggle in many areas of 
my life: a husband who didn’t believe in me 
and my ability to build a thriving practice, a 
practice that was far from successful, and a 
feeling that I was all alone in pursuit of 
bigger dreams and goals.

During the weekend with Joe when I learned the 

method, I met a young woman who had 
similar interests and goals and we 
agreed to do a business venture together.
That venture was extremely successful 
and took my practice from limping to 
thriving in just two months.We are 
working on our next project. I feel as 
if we’ve been close friends for years 
and not months.The best and most 
significant change is that even before
my business took off, the relationship 
with my husband changed in just 
few weeks. I had been using the 
method whenever I experienced 
discomfort with my relationship 
and suddenly my husband was 
rereading my e-books, asking me 
questions, and sharing his own 
experiences. He took on more 
responsibility at work and has a 
renewed sense of pride and love 
for himself, which has a sizzling 
impact on our relationship!

I have an unwavering trust and confidence in 

myself and what unfolds before me, all 
the while just doing a simple method in minutes a day.

Thank you!

Karrie King

Author of The Red Hot Bedroom (

Creator of Joyful Spaces (


Ho’oponopono Goes Back through Time

I’m an animal lover.

A huge one.

I don’t care or worry only about my own—I love them all.

Years ago, a friend of mine turned me on to 

The Animal Rescue Site 

You can fund food for animals in sanctuaries by 
going to this site and clicking on the 
"Feed an Animal in Need” button. 
Every click provides 6 bowls of food to 
the hungry.A click per day is all 
it takes to make a difference. I’ve been 
visiting this site for the past five years, 
every day, without fail.

One Saturday morning, I was cleaning out my 

e-mails and feeling good about doing my 
part in the world—“feeding the animals 
in need.” I happened to notice a picture listed 
by one of the site’s sponsors.

What I saw was an animal in a cage trying to eat 

its way through the bars. It looked so 
sickly and gaunt that not even all that 
beautiful fluffy fur could mask its pain. 
In fact, it looked so terribly tortured 
that I couldn’t even make out what 
kind of animal it was! Was it a bear? 
raccoon? I honestly couldn’t tell.
Truthfully, I didn’t want to look closer.

My fear told me that I would only be reminding 

myself how much pain exists in the world and that 
there was very little I could do about it. Still, 
know better than to look the other way just so 
that I can feel better.

I felt this overwhelming need to tune in. I could 

hear the animal calling to me, asking me to wake 
up and pay attention.As I looked closer, to my 
horror I discovered that what I was seeing were 
captured bears, held in their cages for tens of 
years on end. The bears live in cages little bigger 
than themselves for ease of “milking.” Bile is 
extracted through a cut made in the bear’s 
abdomen and into the gallbladder,where bile is 
stored after being secreted by the liver via the 
hepatic duct.A tube is inserted into this opening 
to tap the bile, or a steel stick is forced into the 
gallbladder with the bile then running down it 
into a basin.Between 10 and 20 ml of bile is 
tapped from each bear twice daily.The WSPA 
[World Society for the Protection of Animals] 
reports that, during milking, investigators saw 
bears moaning, banging their heads against their 
cages,and chewing their own paws.The mortality 
rate is between 50 and 60 percent.When the 
bears stop producing bile after a few years, they 
are moved to another cage,where they either are 
left to starve to death or are killed for their paws 
and gallbladders. Bear paws are considered a 
delicacy. (

I felt completely sick to my stomach and had a 

knee-jerk reaction to unleash my anger toward 
these ignorant poachers. It took all the discipline 
had to remind myself that shame and blame 
never change a person and that thankfully, thanks 
to Dr. Joe and Dr. Hew Len, I now had something
much better in my bag of tricks that I could apply: 

I began to recite the phrases,“I’m sorry. Please 

forgive me. I love you.Thank you.”As I repeated 
the mantra over and over and over again, I
visualized the bear farmers’ hearts being filled 
with love, understanding, and compassion. I saw 
them having their own “lightbulb moment” as my
information passed through them and they got in 
touch with their own awareness.With their level 
of consciousness being raised and no one to
blame for the blood on their hands but themselves, 
I imagined them falling to their knees in complete 
agony—begging and pleading with God and the 
bears to grant them mercy and forgiveness for the 
torture and suffering they’ve caused these 
beautiful creatures.Then, I saw them releasing all 
the bears and providing them with the medicine, 
care, and healing that they were in dire need of 
and finally setting them free again.

Many of you don’t know (as I didn’t know) that 

bear bile has been used for centuries.Today it is 
used in wine, shampoo, and medicine.The 
enormous weight behind this tragedy didn’t solely
involve healing the present moment—my clearing 
work occupied going back through time, through 
the ages.There was hundreds of years’worth of 
pain here to heal.

This experience consumed me. For hours that day, 

I couldn’t focus on anything else and kept 
repeating:“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank 
you. I love you.”

The heaviness of this global pain was inescapable 

and undeniable. I was consumed with anguish.
And I was grieving. It was as if I was the one who 
captured those bears and held the key to their 
prison myself.

Once a week, my husband and I make it a point to 

have a “date day.” On this day he invited me to 
go see a movie with him. I was inagony and didn’t
feel much like going out. But I knew it wouldn’t
make any sense to say,“No thanks. I’m really not 
up to it—I’m worried about the bears.”

Keeping my own clearing work to myself, I agreed 

to go out with him.We went to see the movie 16 
Blocks with Bruce Willis. Little did I know then 
that the theme of this movie would be in complete
alignment with what I was already experiencing.
The highlighted message in the movie was 
“People can change.”

All throughout the movie, I practiced Ho’opono-

pono. In one scene,I noticed a bus in the back-
ground and the banner/ad on the side of the bus 
showed a picture of a teddy bear and the words 
beneath the bear read:“Send Love.”

My previous training would reveal to me that this 

was a “waking dream.” My current teachings 
would say,“Keep doing what you’re doing.You’re 
on the right track!” Is this how the universe 
speaks to us? I’d like to think so.

It was yet another reminder to me that the bear 

farmers didn’t need my anger to change; they just 
needed my love.The bears needed my love.The 
world needs our love. Love changes people and 
there are no exceptions to this rule. Sending love 
to a dangerous, ugly, or abusive situation is the 
only thing we can do if we’re looking for drama-
free healing and everlasting change. It’s not 
always an easy thing to do, but herein forever 
lies the answer: love.

As my hyper vigilance started to quiet down and 

the day faded into evening, the nausea, anxiety, 
guilt, pain, and grief that I was feeling earlier 
were finally starting to subside. Still, I continued 
to Ho’oponopono my way throughout the 
remainder of the day until I fell asleep that night.

Not too long thereafter, I was walking past the 

television one day and heard the newscaster 
announce a recent bear rescue. In my heart of
hearts, I knew that this message was meant for me
—that I was given confirmation of how we truly 
can make a difference in any part of the world, no 
matter where we live.And yes, even when we’re 
out eating popcorn and watching a movie.

Thank you, Dr. Joe and Dr. Hew Len and all of 

those before you who have brought the message 
of Ho’oponopono into our lives so that we can 
awaken and carry the knowledge that we have 
the power to heal the world and make a 
difference. Our work here has only just begun.

Please, let us always remember:

Harm none.

Love everything.

Love everyone.

Ho’oponopono travels across time....

Suzanne Burns


My Lifelong Search for an Asthma Cure Was Over 

One mysterious evening, after over 50 years of 

asthma and allergies, this condition abruptly, 
magically halted. 
Dateline: February 25, 2006.

Earlier that day, while relaxing over an Austin 

Tex-Mex lunch, I felt a quickening in my being. 
Oooooh, it felt very mysterious, like something 
was happening and I was somehow being worked 
on.A waveof love overwhelmed me and then I 
resumed lunch.

That evening in the hotel meeting room an 

electricity filled the air—an inexplicable pulsing 
of excitement. Dr. Hew Len, the speaker,ended up 
sitting at my table. Midway through the meal I 
told an asthma experience I had, and he used 
that later to springboard into his talk.

Well, I was familiar with the Hawaiian huna 

spiritual healing model but not the healing 
and forgiveness methodology and philosophy
at the heart of the healing, which he explained at 
length. Dr. Hew Len told us he was working on 
clearing each of us in attendance at the dinner, 
by reading our names and getting clarity and 
“oneness” with us.

How he does it is by expressing love for each 

person, asking for forgiveness for any wrongdoing 
consciously or unconsciously from the past or 
present of himself and his ancestors, to us and our 
predecessors, all the way back to the beginning 
of time and microbic life forms.Wow! That’s a lot 
to clear—so that he and we can all get back to 
true relationship in and of Divinity.

The next day unveiled the miracle at hand. I met 

my mentor (from Joe Vitale’s Executive Mentoring 
Program) and his wife for lunch, being that I was 
from out of town and we’d never met in person. 
had to walk quite a few blocks to the restaurant 
and realized I didn’t need an inhaler at all during 
the trek.That was most unusual and the first clue.
They remarked how far it was from where my car 
was parked and I told them that perhaps I no 
longer had asthma and that it felt like it was so.

Later that evening I had the pleasure of dining 

with Dr. Hew Len and we spoke of the healing of 
Ho’oponopono and that now, having experienced 
its power in my life with asthma, I could go and 
help others with this problem. He also spoke of 
the importance of drinking water before each 
meal to flush out toxins and also to rid the home
environment of clutter. Ahem!

Well, the best got better and better. It’s been 

nearly six months since, and even though I 
got bronchitis, I bounced back without 
medicines. I never wheezed or needed an 
inhaler or asthma drug of any sort. Since
then I’ve been in homes with cats, dogs, 
and birds for hours at a time and had no 
wheezing or need for inhalers. My lungs 
are clear as a bell and I can breathe 
deeply and fully, and this for the first 
time ever.Wow!

Dr. Hew Len, though you don’t call it a healing or

 yourself a healer, and would say that the universe 
and my soul did it, thank you,and thanks to Joe 
Vitale for sharing Dr. Hew Len and a night of
healing magic! I’m forever grateful.

Martha Snee


And here’s one more:

An Irishman Finds Aloha

Ten years ago, I began the study of myself 

through the use of Ho’oponopono. I came into
the understanding of this Hawaiian problem
solving process after years of study in Asian 
systems of healing, martial arts, and energy work.

I had been through what could be called the 

wringer in terms of my search for what could 
be understood as enlightenment, and being Irish, 
am always looking for the proof of the pudding 
(meaning seeing results versus smokescreens of 
words). Being raised in South Boston,
Massachusetts (a tough as nails, Irish working-
class neighborhood where the sounds of gunfire 
and police sirens were like inner city birdcalls),
chances of discovering metaphysical under-
standings of the universe didn’t often come up. 
So, upon finding an opportunity to attend a free 
lecture, I jumped at the chance to check out 
this Hawaiian understanding of life.

What I found was very different. Many systems 

utilize and move energy (like moving pieces on 
a chessboard). Ho’oponopono, however, 
awakened me to how to erase the negative 
elements that manifest as problematic situations 
inside myself (thus removing the chess pieces
altogether). I was intrigued, to say the least. 
Many of the concepts at the time flew over my 
head, as all of the ideas were new to me. But at 
the end of the lecture, I figured I would give the 
two free tools that were given out as a gift a 
chance and began to use them as much as I 
could during the day and throughout my 
massage practice to see if the proof of the 
pudding was in the eating.

In the past, I practiced Tui Na, a form of Chinese

medical massage, and over time, my viewpoint 
began to shift in terms of my understanding of 
treatments. Before doing the tools, I had a set
understanding of what was wrong within a 
person based on the Asian traditions of energy
and meridians. But as I used the tools, I 
noticed that my understanding of the how or 
why changed and that it did not correspond 
with my prior training, as I would be treating 
areas that had no correlation to the reported 
issues of the clients coming in. As I did so,the 
client(s) would report almost instant results 
for varied issues. Needless to say, I began to 
wrestle with my understandings and started
to see a bigger picture of this Hawaiian art 
form begin to unfold.The next spring, I 
attended a full training and began to truly 
apply the methods and practices.

One day I received a call from a former client 

whom I will call Jo, a practicing psychologist. 
She asked me to see a patient of hers whom 
she was very concerned about (I will call her 
Farah), who had a clinical diagnosis of bipolar 
disorder, attempted suicide numerous times, 
and was committed on a few occasions for 
her own safety. I said to Jo,“What did I ever 
do to you?” She laughed  and said,“I know 
you can help her.You have to. If you don’t, she 
won’t make it.” So I agreed.At the end of the
call, Jo also said that Farah was once attacked 
by a massage therapist. I asked myself,“What 
am I going to do to help this woman?”
When I went home that evening, I sat for a while 
and wondered what could I do. How could I 
effect change on this level? After some intro-
spection, Ho’oponopono! Ho’oponopono! kept 
playing in my mind like a broken record. So I 
began to use the tools as I never had before. I 
put marathon efforts into each session before, 
during, and well after, never telling Farah 
anything about my secret. 
During our meetings, the treatment room was 
full of humor and the air had a sense of thick 
peace to it as I cleaned.To make a long story 
short, Farah had a complete turnaround and 
is now a productive woman able to handle 
life as it comes. She is walking proof that if 
we take 100 percent responsibility, situations 
can indeed shift.
My massage practice also has shifted and has 
moved ahead, and I rarely touch anyone 
anymore. Currently, I find myself driving 
through life, hitting speed bumps now and 
then, amazed at where the cleaning will 
bring me next. Has it been simple? No, but 
I truly value all the situations that have 
come up and made me realize who I am.
After many years as a volunteer for the 
Foundation of I, Inc.

Freedom of the Cosmos, my viewpoint is simple:

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