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zero limits 8 :The Evidence

The Evidence

You must go into the dark in order to bring forth 
your light.—Debbie Ford, The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

Many people had breakthroughs from the dinner 
and from the Manifestation Weekend retreat. In 
this chapter you can read their true stories, so 
you have a sense of the power of the 
ho’oponopono process.

Here’s one from Louis Green:

Dear Joe,

I want to thank you again for putting together 

the evening with Dr.Hew Len.Thanks are also 
in order to Suzanne for working on the details, 
including ordering me a vegan dinner from the 
Hyatt. I enjoyed sitting with you and Nerissa 
and getting to know both of you, as well
as the other wonderful people at our table.

I felt privileged to have a front-row seat to hear 

Dr. Hew Len and for his grace and generosity 
in counseling me in response to my questions.

The two weeks following that night have brought 

me many amazing experiences, which I will gladly
share with you. One thing that I had to remind 
myself of is that Dr. Hew Len sought clearance
from the Divine to assist me, so that while I tried 
to apply ho’oponopono as often as I could 
remember, which turned out to be sporadically, 
I was still benefiting from his prayers.

I Received the Request for Dr. Hew Len Stories Right After Listening to the Recording

The first experience I will mention is the e-mail 

from Suzanne inviting stories and responses 
from the evening with Dr. Hew Len. 
Interestingly, I purchased Life’s Missing 
Instruction Manual and downloaded the
MP3 recording of you and Dr. Hew Len. I had 
literally just finished another listening to the 
recording when I found Suzanne’s e-mail in my

My Lawsuit Went National with No Publicity

The second experience is pretty incredible. I had a 

new lawsuit to file before I left for Austin on 
February 23. I couldn’t get everything together in
time to make the post office before I left, so I 
mailed it the next morning from an Austin post 
office (February 24). Inexplicably, my materials 
got lost in the mail, and didn’t arrive at their 
destination for filing until Monday, March 6.

I belong to a Listserv for consumer advocate 

attorneys from around the country. Last Friday 
afternoon, an attorney from Connecticut posted
a capsule summary of a case that had been filed 
in Canadian County,Oklahoma, and asked if 
my colleagues in Tulsa had filed it. I almost fell
over. It was my case. I e-mailed her back and 
called her office to find out how she found out 
about it.Then, I spent the next hour trying to 
find something on Google. No luck.

She e-mailed me back and said that she subscribes 

to an online service called Courthouse News 
Services (,which has 
stringers (and probably moles) who monitor 
legal filings and opinions from around the 
country and report important, significant, or 
simply intriguing developments.The one-
paragraph synopsis* appeared on the front page,
right column, of the web site, and I had sent out 
no publicity on the case. Ironically, the client’s 
father had visited my office earlier in the day, 
and I had to reassure him that I believe in my 
heart that we have a strong case to take to trial. 
It blows my mind to think that out of thousands 
of cases that are filed every day, mine made the 

A Dinner I Arranged at the Last Minute Attracted Record Attendance

I’m on the board of our local vegetarian group, 

and our monthly meetings are usually on the 
second Saturday of the month.When I checked 
with the president about a place for the March 
meeting, I found out that no arrangements had 
been made. I volunteered to pick up the ball. On 
Tuesday, February 28, I went to the top 
restaurant on my list, only to find out that the 
owner was out of town until Friday, March 3,
but they’d leave a message for her to call me 
when she got back in town.
That wouldn’t work.

The next day,Wednesday, March 1, I went to a 

Thai restaurant that had been open for only a few 
months. I spoke to the manager and asked if they 
could do a vegetarian dinner buffet. I told him 
that based on my experience, 20 people would be
a lock, and a really good turnout would be a little 
over 30. He said they could do it, but would want 
$100 deposit to make sure that they wouldn’t 
take a hit if they bought a lot of extra food and no 
one showed up. I picked the menu, and it was an 
incredible deal: vegetarian sushi, soup, four 
entrées, dessert, and tea for $8. He said he would 
check with the owner, and I’d have to arrange for 
the deposit check. On March 2, we were able to 
confirm it. I wrote a short announcement that the 
could take and put into our...

*Yukon Chevrolet and Fifth Third Bank have been 
sued for fraud in Canadian County Court, 
Oklahoma, by a man of limited mental capacity 
who says he won a prize in Yukon’s “scratch and 
win” ad, and when he showed up to claim it, was 
detained for five hours in a high-pressure sales 
ordeal and coerced into buying a new truck, 
which defendants did not let him return the next 

...e-newsletter and e-mailed it to her.The dinner 

would be Saturday,March 11, and I requested 
RSVPs by Thursday, March 9 at 5:00 P.M.

Normally, our president gets the monthly 

newsletter out by a coupleof days either before or 
after the first of the month. Most people get their
newsletter by e-mail, and some get it by snail 
mail.We also post it atlocal health food stores and 
libraries.This time around, the president didn’t 
have time to put out a newsletter, and basically 
sent out my e-mail to her as the announcement 
on Sunday night, March 5.The snail mail notices 
went out by postcard on Monday, and there were 
no public postings. I was beginning to think that 
we’d be lucky to get our 20 for the dinner.

On Monday, the RSVPs started to trickle in. I 

heard from a couple of people.A few more came 
in on Tuesday, so I thought we’d get the 13
minimum we guaranteed with the deposit. 
However, starting on Wednesday, the RSVPs 
came pouring in like never before. By the end
of the day, we were up to 37. It occurred to me 
that we might experience a different kind of 
problem, so I called the manager and asked him 
what the capacity of the restaurant was; he said 
65.The responses kept rolling in on Thursday, 
and by the time we hit our deadline, we were up 
to 55. I was not very productive at work that day 
because I was so excited and focused on checking 
my e-mail every few minutes (attractor factor?). I
called the manager and asked if they could 
handle that many, and he said,“Sure.”

I take a kabbalah class on Thursday evenings and 

didn’t get home that night until after 9:00. I 
checked phone and e-mail, and received even 
more reservations.The count got up to 67. I 
began to seriously think about what to do with the 
overflow. My brilliant idea was to see if I could 
get the late responders who were begging to be 
able to attend to come a little later. More 
responses came in on Friday and Saturday.We
got up to a stunning number of 75.

The event was a raging success! Not everyone who 

reserved attended, and a few showed up who didn’t 
reserve at all (typical).The energy in the restaurant 
was awesome, as before long we had filled every 
seat in the place.This made a great impression on 
several people who had made the Thai buffet their 
first event. Some of the old-timers who were 
founding members over 10 years ago said that this 
was the recordattendance for a Vegetarians of 
Oklahoma event. Staggering the seating worked 
perfectly.There were some who came for dinner 
and had to move on to other Saturday evening 
activities.There were always seats available for 
those who came later.The people at the restaurant 
were understandably pleased because they’d 
never had a group that large in before.

Rental Car Miracles

I rented a car to go to Austin because I didn’t 

want to put the extra wear and tear on mine. I 
compared rates and figured out that I’d do just
as well to rent a car for a week as just renting 
from Wednesday to Monday. I got a good price 
online to rent a midsize car, which I thought
would be more comfortable than a compact.
When I got to the rental agency, I found that 
there were very few vehicles on the lot. I did 
happen to notice that they had two orange 
Chevy HHRs, which have a cool “street rod” 
look.When I went to the counter, I was told 
that they didn’t have any midsize cars to rent 
me. I asked if I could have an HHR, and they 
said that I could, even though they were 
classified as full size for some reason. I 
thought it would be cool to rent an orange 
hot rod to drive to Austin, since orange is 
one of the school colors for the University of 
Texas, my alma mater.

However, when I drove it off the lot and to my 

office, I realized that while the car was neat-
looking on the outside, it was cramped inside
with bad sight lines. I wanted to return it. 
However, I needed the car to get to my office 
and to run some errands. I couldn’t get it 
returned during the day. I contacted the 
agency about swapping the car for a more
conventional sedan, but they said that they 
still didn’t have what I wanted on the lot, 
and that I’d have better luck in the morning.

I packed overnight and in the morning. When I 

went out to the HHR to throw in my suitcase, I 
discovered to my horror that the car had a 
noticeable door ding on the rear passenger’s 
door. Of course, I always decline the extra 
insurance, and I didn’t remember seeing the
dent the day before, so I thought I was screwed. 
thought that I’d go ahead and hang on to the 
car for a week and see if I could figure 
something out. I left much later than I wanted 
to, around 12:30 P.M.on a Thursday, and got 
into Austin around 6:30.

Fast-forward to Saturday evening at 5:00 P.M., an 

hour before I wanted to get to the Hyatt for the 
event with Joe and Dr. Hew Len. I had spent too 
much time worrying about the dent and what I was 
going to do. I was at a shopping center in North 
trying to find a disposable digital camera, with 
no luck.When I got back into my car to drive back 
to my hotel, it was getting dark and there was a 
rain. I stopped at a place preparing to merge onto 
a busy street, when I felt a sudden smack. I had 
been rear-ended. Immediately, I was thinking, Oh
shit, first the door ding, then this. I have a dinner 
in an hour that I’ve already paid for and I need 
time to shower and change. On top of everything, 
this was a high-traffic area, even on a Saturday 
evening. I got out of the HHR after first grabbing 
the rental registration information.A young black 
man met me in the street.“My tires,” he said.
“I’ve got to get new tires for my car. I couldn’t 
get it stopped.” Not a good thing to tell a lawyer, 
I thought. I said,“Crap, this is a rental car!”We 
walked to the back of the HHR to survey the 
damage.We both looked and were stunned.
“There’s no damage,” the fellow said.
“There’s no damage. Praise Jesus!” Being 
Jewish, I thought that was amusing, but I looked 
myself and couldn’t believe it. Incredibly, he was
right—there was no damage.This car was 
apparently made with collapsible plastic. I knew
that I was going to be sore, but I didn’t want
to stick around and make a big deal of this. I 
wanted to get back to my hotel.We shook hands 
and went our separate ways. I was able to make
the dinner and sit at Joe and Nerissa’s table.

I did some serious Ho’oponopono-ing about what 

to do about the door ding. I put off doing anything 
else about it until a couple of hours before I was 
supposed to return the car without penalty. I 
in the phone book and found a place that did 
paintless dent repair.The guy at the shop gave me 
an estimate of $95, but it would take him a few 
hours to complete the repair.That would put me 
into a rental penalty, which I really didn’t want to 
happen. I asked what to do, and the answer came
clearly. Be honest. Call the local office of the 
rental agency and fess up. If they wanted to jam 
me on the repair, I at least had an estimate. I did
call, and the guy on the phone told me not to have 
the car worked on,but to bring it by so they could  
check their records and survey the dent them-
selves. I said,“Fine.” I took the car back and left 
it parked in the return lane.The customer service 
lady started scanning the bar code and taking 
readings on the HHR. I told her what was going 
on, and she sent me to the office/trailer. I found 
the guy whom I talked to on the phone, and he 
punched the car’s identification number in on his
computer. Miracle II:The damage was already 
noted on their records. I was not responsible. 
Hallelujah! I was home free!

My Sister Was Offered Her Dream Job

My sister called one week after the evening with 

Joe and Dr. Hew Len. She’s a vice president for 
a division of a very large, well-known company.
She was contacted by a headhunter to find out 
if she would be interested in what she described 
as her dream job. She didn’t want to tell me the
details on the phone. Instead, she e-mailed me 
the job description she received from the 
recruiting agency. I was knocked over. Let’s just 
say that the company is a luxury brand, and all 
have to do is tell you one word, the company
name, and that would say it all.A few months 
later, she was hired!


Here’s another:

While I was attending a Landmark Forum three-

day seminar in October 2006, Joe’s shortcut to 
healing literally stopped the gushing waters.The 
nonstop gushing happened during the exercise 
called “beingwith people” or something like that. 
In order to “be with people” the seminar leader 
divided 74 people into four rows, and then we 
took turns, one row at a time, just being with 
people by looking them in the eyes without 
talking. I was in Row Three.

The seminar leader called Row One to step up 

onstage and face us,the audience.They looked 
at us sitting in our seats.We looked back. Then 
Two was ordered up to the stage and Row Two
stood one foot away from (but facing) Row One.
were left looking into each other’s eyes for three 
minutes.Then Row Two was asked to leave the
stage and return to their seats.Again, Row One 
was left onstage to look at us in our seats and 
us to look at them onstage.

The closer it got to my time onstage, the more 

I realized I was stressing, but I had no idea why. 
My hands started to sweat and I noticed I also 
fidgeted in my seat.The task at hand seemed 
simple enough. I had always given great eye 
contact during conversations with strangers and 
friends my whole life. I would be just fine.

Then I remembered that at my first Landmark 

seminar the forum leader shared his story of 
when he first experienced this same exercise.
He said that when he participated in this 
exercise as an attendee over 20 years before, 
his knees shook so hard that an assistant from 
the seminar placed his jacket between his knees 
to stop the noise.

Thinking back to what he said, I felt like leaving 

the room. I told myself that I didn’t need to 
continue the exercise, that I was great looking 
people in the eye already! But I knew that leaving 
the room wouldn’t be tolerated. So I stayed in my 
seat, sweating and fidgeting.

The first time my row was invited onstage was to 

stand one foot away from another row and look 
into their eyes.Whew! I don’t have to look at 50 
people. I just have to look at one! I thought.We 
got positioned and the seminar leader started 
guiding us through our three-minute process of 
self-discovery.Within the first 10 seconds I was 
crying uncontrollably, gushing water, and I had 
no idea why. I couldn’t stop crying. Every time 
I looked at my partner across from me I just 
sobbed.“Row Three, please exit to your left,” 
I heard. I said “Thank you” to my partner and left. 

What the hell happened to me?! I was supposed to 

listen to what my inner voice told me, but I never 
heard a thing! I was just overwhelmed—no words. 
I didn’t learn anything! What kind of exercise is 
this?! I was confused, embarrassed, and left to 
ponder my experience as the exercise continued 
on the stage in front of me.“Row Three, please
stand, turn to your right, and go to the stage.”
Aaaaaargh! Not again! my mind screamed.

Now my row was facing the people seated 

offstage. I survived the three minutes this time 
because I just didn’t look at people who were 
looking at me. Now Row Four was ordered onto 
the stage and a new partner was standing in front
of me, one foot away from my face.This time I 
was face to face with a kinder older woman who 
smiled at me shyly.“Okay, I think I can handle it 
this time,” I told myself. But then the tears 
started gushing as soon as the exercise began. 
Each time I looked into my partner’s eyes the 
tears just gushed and I turned away. She quietly 
tried to comfort me by telling me everything was 
going to be okay. I was embarrassed and 
confused by my unexplained tear gushes. The 
seminar leader was directing all of us to listen to 
what was inside our heads—what we said to 
ourselves. But my voice wasn’t talking.

Then I suddenly remembered that I could fill my 

head with thoughts instead of trying to listen to 
my thoughts. My inner voice wasn’t talking to me, 
anyway. Once I put thoughts in my head that 
were better than what was there, I immediately 
looked again at my partner and thought,Thank 
you. I love you.Thank you. I’m sorry. I love you.
Thank you. I immediately got comforted and 
was filled with appreciation and love for the 
woman across from me. I felt better and the
gushing stopped. I was looking at her and I was 
not gushing tears.

To my surprise, my partner started crying.Tears 

started streaming down her face and her head 
started shaking slightly back and forth as she 
whispered,“Now you’re making me cry.” I just 
kept sending her my private thoughts:“Thank 
you. I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.
Thank you.”And so on.Then my partner was 
directed off the stageand I was left standing 
again in front of 50 people who were directed to 
look and evaluate me and my row. But now I was 
at total inner peace and I was able to look at 
people who were looking at me. In fact, I sought 
them out. I looked only at people who were 
looking at me. I felt so much better! I could be 
me with strangers! I loved everybody and really, 
really appreciated them.

Soon the exercise was completed and the seminar

continued; then we had a short break.The kind 
woman who had been my last partner sought me 
out and we talked about our experience. I told 
her I was obviously scared of people but I never
knew it. She told me she felt like we really 
connected and went on to say that the seminar 
was helping her, too, because she realized she 
had a difficult time accepting love from others.
Well, then it was obvious I had to share with her 
the healing technique I used to make me stop 
crying when we were onstage together. She 
started crying.We hugged and then parted to 
continue our short break.

Nerissa Oden


Earlier this year, I discovered that an employee of 
mine had been taking larger sales commissions 
than she should have.This amounted to hundreds 
of dollars in loss to me and my small business. 
She refused to take responsibility for these actions. 
She is a hardworking employee who would not 
get another job in our small town making the 
kind of money she does with me. I had 
compassion for her, but I was also very angry
and hurt. In the days that followed, I couldn’t 
speak to her except about specific work-related 
subjects, and I could barely look at her. I didn’t
know what to do. I turned to Joe, and what 
happened next was truly amazing. He thanked 
me for contacting him.Then he gave me specific
steps to take to clear the energy. First, I needed 
to understand that I attracted the situation—not 
easy to do, but essential to the process.Then 
forgive myself, the employee, and the energy 
surrounding the problem. Next I must set new 
for how I want the situation and begin 
repeating Dr. Hew Len’s healing words,“I’m 
sorry. Please forgive me.And I love you.”The 
result was extraordinary. I wrote the following 
note to Joe after I completed the process:

Dear Joe,

Your suggestions were so right on. After I read 

them I had to drive from Wimberley to Austin, 
and I did each step that you laid out. It was 
simply amazing. I took plenty of time to under-
stand that I truly attracted this and then forgave 
myself, my employee, and the energy surrounding 
it. I set new intentions and repeated that 
phenomenal Hawaiian healing method many 
times. By the time I reached Austin I felt like a 
ton of bricks had been lifted from my chest and 

After I followed Joe’s suggestions, the energy 

completely shifted inside of me.The anger and 
hurt were gone. It was truly amazing.The
working environment with my employee is fine 
now. Suzanne, if anyone asks me if this system 
really works, I say it absolutely works!

Victoria Schaefer

Publisher, Pedal Ranch Publications


Here is a testimonial submitted by 
Denise Kilonsky, Shreveport, Louisiana.

This is a dream I was given in October 2006 that 

fits in perfectly with Ho’oponopono.

I saw a world without prisons because there was 

no need for them as a result of the philosophy of 
Ho’oponopono. The simplicity of the message of 
Ho’oponopono that was shared by Dr. Hew Len,
Joe, myself, and others who practice it was being 
shared all over the world in programs and 
seminars.These programs taught people,
especially young children, how to love 
themselves, and in so doing to love one another.

I saw myself in my dream teaching seminar after 

seminar attended by thousands and thousands of 
people. In these seminars I was inspiring people 
to remember who they truly are, their Divine 
nature, and what to do to be that person—to 
remember that their true nature is to love.

In this dream, I saw a teenage youth gang member 

pointing a gun at another gang member’s head, 
threatening to shoot him.The youth under threat 
just attended my seminar at his school. He kept
talking about a miracle and wanted his tribe to 
experience the miracle, too. But they were sick 
and tired of hearing about it!

In this seminar, he remembered his true nature. 

He was sharing his revelation with his fellow
gang members and they felt threatened by his 
message because it was all too simple and it 
just seemed too easy and hoaxy.

You see, in the seminar this young gang member 

had attended, he walked onto the stage and shot 
me in the gut.As I lay on the floor, my blood and 
life force flowing out of my body, I had the youth 
brought over to me and I embraced him and I 
whispered in his ear,“Please forgive me. I love 
you.”And I died in his arms, embracing him with 
every ounce of love in my being. In that instant, 
youth got the message. As he embraced my dead 
body, he whispered to me through his sobs and
tears,“Please forgive me. I love you.” In that 
instant, life force returned to my body and we 
were both filled with a beautiful golden light that
was so powerful everyone in the audience and 
for miles around us could feel the love we two 
generated together. 

As this love energy was noticed by those it 
touched, it grew larger and larger and spread out 
farther and farther. But not everyone was willing 
to notice yet.The young gang member this story 
is about, this young man who now held a gun to 
his own brother’s head, was unwilling to notice 
and receive the love.The saved youth said to him,
 “Please forgive me, I love you,” and embraced 
him and loved him as if he were loving and 
all the darkest parts of himself. And then it 
happened! The two were filled with the golden 
glow of love energy, and the other youth took the
time to notice it and receive this love he was 
given.When he received it he said to the other,
“Please forgive me. I love you, brother. Please 

Guess what happened next?

The two were filled with a beautiful golden globe 
of love energy, which grew larger and larger.As 
it filled the room and touched each gang member
—and they, too, noticed the love and received it
—this golden love energy poured out into the 
streets and for miles and miles around.As others 
noticed, they passed it on and this golden love 
energy grew and traveled farther and wider until 
the entire globe was filled with love.

This is the Golden Age, the Age of Love.This is 
why we have been given this gift of 
Ho’oponopono, to remember who we are and 
that our true nature is to love.We all just want to 
be loved.

It’s a beautiful dream, isn’t it? The story of 
Ho’oponopono would make a beautiful movie. I 
think of the movie Pay It Forward and what an 
that is making in the world.The world is ready 
for Ho’oponopono.


Within the first seven days after I returned home 
from Joe Vitale’s very first Manifestation 
weekend, I could hardly count the number of 
miracles that happened. Like a sponge, I soaked 
up all the energy, the lessons, and the message, 
and my results continue to manifest at lightning 

To name a few of my tangible results: New clients
flock to me. New contracts seem to appear out of 
thin air. I’ve been approached for countless joint 
ventures. My opt-in list has increased by more 
than 300 percent (at the time of this writing). 
I’ve been asked to make a number of celebrity 
appearances, and I can hardly keep up with all 
the amazingly inspired ideas that come to me 
out of the clear blue sky.

To think, just three months earlier, I was an 
unknown in my industry.

All of this happened without force, without trying,
and without any real effort on my part. It has all 
quite literally flowed to me easily,effortlessly, 
abundantly.When I get an inspired idea, I now 
take action immediately, and I am positively 
blown away by the results.

I have frequently used the ho’oponopono “eraser 

method” to growmy business exponentially, and 
can’t wait to see what I create next, as I continue 
to return to the whiteboard and clean, clean, clean.

Thank you, Joe and Dr. Hew Len!

Eternally grateful,
Amy Scott Grant


Joyce McKee wrote:

During the past year, I took on a new role: I was a 

caretaker. My mother left her home of many years
to relocate nearer her daughters,partly because 
of some challenges in our lives. Shortly thereafter, 
my sturdy, lifelong-rock matriarch was diagnosed 
with congestive heart failure and small-cell lung 
cancer. Wonderfully and gracefully, she chose to 
live out her remaining time with her daughters. 
She decided not to pursue cancer treatment at 
her age, 88 years old. So the medical 
professionals told us she would soon be out of 
time in this life.

The previous May, I attended Joe Vitale’s Beyond 
Manifestation weekend and learned of Dr. Hew 
Len and his Ho’oponopono practice. I was 
intrigued. Hearing of the amazing results with 
the mentally ill criminals when he went inward 
to clean and clear himself impacted me greatly.

The universe is so gracious and provides the 
teacher when the student is ready.The timing was
perfect. My main question that weekend was 
“How can I be used to help my mother in her 
dying process?”

I was willing to show up and acknowledge to the 
universe that I am 100 percent responsible for 
my life—all of my life, including.Mother. So I 
used what I had learned. I went inward and 
constantly cleaned and cleared.

The effects for my mother and me were simple 
yet exquisite. She remained clear of mind, pain-
free, and able to take care of herself until the 
end.Yes, there were small crisis events when she 
needed the drugs supplied by Hospice; yet she 
was able to handle these situations in the comfort
of home and was rushed to the hospital.Those 
were transition-in-training moments, preparing 
us both for the final occasion when she would 
cross over to the other.

The greatest gift was she lived on into“overtime.
” She lived well past the forecasts. Each morning 
she was surprised to wake and greeted me with a 
cheery “Guess what, I got another day!”We had 
time for all the words of love to be exchanged 
and for just casual time together.We had time to 
truly prepare for her transition. I came to 
experience fearlessness about the process of 
Mother leaving us. She knew where she was 
going and so did I.When we had those tense 
moments of labored breathing, we saw the grace
of God and there was no fear.Wow, what a gift!

The Ho’oponopono practice, along with my 
prayers, changed the way I approach life.The 
feeling of empowerment I experienced and still
experience is wondrous.To know that I can have 
an active role not only in my life, but also in the 
lives of others leads me to constantly, moment
by moment, seek the Source of All.


Here’s another:

When I attended the Manifestation weekend in 

May 2006 I was still feeling the emotional and 
financial pain of a $1.2 million contract that fell 
apart with a multi billion-dollar oil company 
midway into the contract.This was due to 
numerous internal issues in the oil company.

All the way home and for days afterward I said,“I 

love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.Thank you.
”A couple of days after arriving home I started 
feeling weak, sneezing, and coughing. I knew that
it was my body releasing.

Shortly afterward, I had a discussion with a 

marketing expert, and during our conversation 
there was shift inside my body and in my 
perception of the entire situation with the oil 
company. He simply asked me what was the 
largest amount of money a client paid me in one
year to help the client reduce pain in the 

I told him $600,000, and then he said,“Wendy, 

you are there.You can use that to build an empire.
How many people can make that claim?” In a 
flash I was able to see all the good instead of all 
the bad. Instead of only noticing the $200,000 
they did not pay me, I was able to see the value 
in the $600,000 they did pay me.

I was able to see that focusing on the positive 

aspects turned on my passion, and this inspired 
me with ideas instantly.A light went on and I was
in awe of something huge that had just happened 
inside of me. It was like there was light all 
around me that extended way out beyond my 
physical surroundings.

For two years I was the victim and angry with 
people in the company who did what they did, 
and in an instant I was thanking them.

Shortly afterward, I developed pain in my left leg. 

I could not understand what had happened. I 
tried everything—massage, stretching, hot baths.
Then I went to a Chinese medicine doctor who
“read” my body and told me that I had been 
under a great deal of stress and that the pain was
related to my gallbladder meridian—the anger 

The energy was stuck and that was causing the 

pain. I was given four treatments of energy to 
release the stuck anger, and the pain left my body.

My body had been holding on to the anger I felt 
toward the big oil company, and when my 
perception changed it was ready to come out—
only it got stuck!

Months after this experience, I discovered that my 

contact at the oil company who was instructed to 
break the contract with me refused to hurt another 
person and he quit his job.The department has 
been broken up and the services I provided are 
being handled in another department.

This energy clearing cleared the way for me to 

finish my e-book and launch my new web site at The launch 
the e-book has created opportunities that I had 
not thought of.

It has been a dream of mine to teach the masses 

how to get out of pain from computer work. I 
am being given the opportunity to be the 
ergonomist for three popular web sites (so far), 
to answer questions about ergonomics, and to 
market my e-book, services, and other programs.

Perfect-size companies are calling me to consult

with their employees to teach them how to get 
out of pain.The contracts are small and quick so
that I have time to develop all the new 
inspirations that continue to come to me.

In addition, I am now teaching the Law of 

Attraction as a licensed and certified strategic 
attraction coach at www.theuniversallawof

The breakthrough I had shortly after the weekend 

was most definitely related to Ho’oponopono. It 
helped clear out the old to make room for the 
new.There is no other explanation.

Wendy Young

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