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Date: 1-30-08
Subject: Testimonial..RSD.75% cured with Water Cure!
From: D R
To: Bob Butts

My name is D R. I am a 50yr. old LPN disabled with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy( RSD )for 17 + years. I have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, CFS, TOS, & many other chronic pain syndromes. I was a victim of hospital errors/abuse 12 days at a local Hospital in 2005. Due to all the trauma & Unnecessary life threatening complications my RSD spread throughout my body and was in a major flare-up. I was in bed 20-22 hours a day for the next 2 years. I also developed numerous other health problems such as: constipation & rectal bleeding, weight gain & muscle atrophy of my left leg. Most were caused by medication, inactivity, dehydration & a poor diet (nutritional deficiencies). I was out of the house 3 times...Total. I was like a prisoner trapped in my own body & mind. My body was riddled with intolerable pain & my mind was crippled with depression, guilt & even dark thoughts of suicide.I was Painfully alive...Not living. Thru my 17 + years of horrific RSD pain I have had over 55 Stellate Ganglion Nerve Blocks, 9 ribcage nerve blocks, Intra-Spinal Epidural Catheters, Hundreds of Trigger point injections, Pt, Ot, acupuncture, other therapies & have run the gamut with medications. All with minimal or No relief of pain. I felt helpless & hopeless.

May 19, 2007 I started Dr. Batmanghelidj's Water cure. Within 2 weeks my pain had decreased 75% ! My depression is gone & I lost 28 unwanted pounds in 5 months! I NEVER had 75% relief of pain with any costly medication or painful treatment. All of the other health problems are also relieved or gone! I have now regained much of my life back simply by adding the proper amounts of sea salt & water to a more nutritious diet. I have stopped drinking any caffeine; coffee, soda or alcohol. Caffeine dehydrates our bodies. Dehydration is the cause of most disease, pain & illness. Read the many testimonials of people helped or even Cured of diabetes ,cancer, pain & many diseases. God has truly Blessed me & shown me His mercy. He has given me a second chance...a new less painful life! Yet, the most amazing thing is my 17 + years of extreme pain, suffering & tears has enabled me the spiritual joy of helping others get well too naturally. I don't want anyone to suffer needlessly the way I did. Please Help me Help others obtain pain relief thru the Miracles of the Water cure!

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Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 19:12:50 -0800
Subject: testimony on water cure
To: D R

Dear D R,

I just read your testimony on Bob Butts' website and it thrilled me to hear you praising our Lord for the miracle in your life. I pray that you are still feeling wonderful. I have been suffering with asthma for 30 years and after my 3rd child (born in June) I was severely ill with a lung capacity of an 85 year old. In Faith, I quit all my medicines to try and find natural help. Everything was so costly and skeptical. After a night of using my rescue inhaler numerous times, I got up and prayed for God to heal me. I believe He can. I then felt this prodding to "go and drink water." So I did, 32 ounces of it. My attack went away. I felt great!!!! I googled asthma and dehydration and by God's Grace found the water cure. I was running, not walking, everywhere that day, dancing with my kids and speaking long sentences without having to take a breath! The Lord led me to a scripture in Mark about giving a "cup of water" in His name, and then one, a couple verses later about being "salt" to the world. I know those words have profound spiritual meaning, but my God is also about the simple meanings. I have been asthma symptom free for 8 days, and I have no doubts that the Lord has healed me. I tell people this and they look at me like I am crazy and that has been hard. But then I read your testimony and the scriptures the Lord led you to and my joy is renewed!!! God is Good! I know He must be doing great things through you!

God Bless! Keep sharing your story!

Jenni Chism

From: D R 
Subject: RE: God Bless! 
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 15:58:26

Dear Jenni, thank you for the beautiful e-mail! God is so Great! He has given me such Blessed pain relief. I always say in God's time & God's way ! The 2 years I spent bedridden with Intolerable pain was for a reason.. His purpose. During those 2 years my body was riddled with pain & my mind was crippled by depression, hoplessness & even dark thoughts of suicide.My faith in God & the love for my children sustained me. During that time I read over 250 books. Many books on religion, spirituality & of most importance the Bible.I became more spiritual & closer to God,my Father. I realize now God was preparing me for my mission to help others get well naturally thru the Miracles of the Watercure and faith in Our Lord!

When I speak with people now who are suffering from severe pain & depression I am Truly speaking from my heart. I have been in that painful,lonely place that they are now at. I have walked a mile in their moccasin. I know Exactly what they are feeling & they know, that I too have experienced the same thing . To many people it is just a relief to talk to me knowing that I am listening with compassion & empathy. God has given me the wisdom of words to help console & guide other people to a healthier,happier life! I am humbled that God chose me to suffer & then made me well so that I can serve Him by helping others. I am thrilled that God has also Blessed you with relief from your asthma.I am sure you will stay healthy by following the watercure & praising God for his guidance! Please do keep in touch . I really care & pray for all who contact me... peace & healing... D R 

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Sam Garcia said...

My name is Sam and I've been reading this article about water cure, and drinking water with sea salt help or cure RSD. What kind of sea salt do you use. How much do you mix with the watch. I'm already on a health diet. My RSD is in my right arm and can be pain full at times. I'm at that point where they want me to get the infusions. Can someone please help me. Been dealing with this for 16 months.