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We are told that the disclaimer below this one must be added to all health information to protect people from bad information. If that is the case, then this information should be added to everything dished out by our medical system that continues to sell drugs and procedures to people who suffer from the noted deficiencies and consuming toxic substances. (This was in reference to the one that is on our disclaimer page.) 

Subject: Disclaimer for all medical newsletters, medical schools and prescription medicine.:

Considering all the people, including doctors who have had health problems cured or greatly improved after using the water cure when orthodox methods failed, I think all medical releases, all medical school teaching and anything manufactured by drug companies should be prefaced with the following disclaimer: 

The information contained herein or the components of this prescription will, in no way, cure any illness caused by a water, salt or other nutritional deficiency, nor will it cure or prevent any health problem caused by the use of caffeine, alcohol, soda, or aspartame. 

This statement is the result of Dr. Batmanghelidj's research as noted in his book, "Your body's Many Cries for Water" and surveying countless people with severe illnesses that led to the conclusion that most of their health problems were caused by lack of water, unprocessed sea salt, other nutritional deficiencies and/or the use of caffeine, alcohol, soda or aspartame. In my opinion, that is why orthodox medicine has called so many symptoms incurable and are virtually impossible to cure or prevent using drugs and/or procedures. Doing so makes as much sense as disconnecting the warning lights on your vehicles dash to get rid of the problems that are causing the lights to come on. 

Now you know why the USA has 72nd best health at #1 cost. It is impossible to cure anything when only symptoms are addressed. Bob Butts

The information and recommendations on water intake presented on this site are based on training, personal experience, very extensive research, and publications of F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. on the topic of water metabolism of the body.

While orthodox medicine calls almost every major illness incurable, we often see many of them quickly cured with water, salt and simple diet. That is because the illnesses were caused by water and/or salt deficiency.

Please see the Hippocrates article under testimonials.

People are told that salt is bad for them, yet the #1 protocol in every hospital is selling patients a penny’s worth of salt water )a quart of water with 1.5 tsp. of salt which is six times the amount of salt as recommended by Dr. B, in the form of a saline IV for $525.

Also keep in mind that very few of us would endorse a solution to any high profit problem that is the main source of our income. That is because there is not a single incentive to do so because our government offers no incentives to do so.

There is nothing I would rather do more than to have doctors see what the water cure can do for people that orthodox medicine has given up on. The fact is that there is no drug or procedure that can cure a water and/or salt deficiency. If we give our bodies what they need, they can cure almost anything.

We sell nothing, nor ask for anything, nor accept any donations and if we valued people more than money, there is nothing that we cannot do together.

I do recommend you share this information with your doctor so he can understand why the water cure works.

The water cure isn’t the answer to everything, but the logic of it is. There should be no financial agenda attached to treating sickness and no financial incentives should ever be offered to doctors to prescribe drugs. And no doctor should be forced to follow protocols that they know cannot cure or help, especially the use of drugs and procedures that are very harmful.

Very sick people with a past history of major diseases who are under professional supervision, particularly those with severe renal disease, should not make use of the information contained herein without the supervision of their attending physician. But by all means they should share this information with their doctors. Your doctor should read the report on this site from the World Health Organization which ranks the USA as having 72nd best health at # 1 cost, That being the case, it is obvious that much of our medical system is third world mentality even though ours is #1 in the delivery of emergency treatment.

All the recommendations and procedures herein contained are made without the guarantee of Dr. B or anyone associated with this website and disclaim all liability in connection with the use of the information presented herein.

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