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Water Cure Testimonies

This is my testimony about my pain I used to suffer from and how I avoided amputation of my legs.

I am Andrew J. Bauman, IV. As you may read in Dr. B's 2 books - "A B C of Allergy Asthma and Lupus" (page 71 to top of 78) and "Obesity Cancer Depression" ( page 153-159), my diagnoses' besides "incurable cancer", included Fibromyalgia, Asthma and Allergies (Asthma pain in chest from breathing difficulties-Allergies-excruciating headaches), Arthritis, Bursitis, Lyme Disease, IGA antibody deficiency and IGG antibody deficiency (susceptible to bacterial infections, allergies and asthma) and Diabetic neuropathy (diabetic since April 1971 at age 14). My wife and I actually slept with a steel support under our sheets and blankets like a tent to keep the sheets from touching my feet and legs to prevent the excruciating pain that kept me from sleeping and crying (besides my sleep apnea) at night. I developed lead poisoning from the "Marjol Battery" site in Throop, PA Many doctors were stumped and I was prescribed and ate pain killers like candy, and got injections of Gold and ate NSAIDS (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) and even tried patches and creams (steroids). My miracle came in Oct. 1995 with my "incurable cancer diagnosis" (LOL) - thank you God - when I met Bob Butts who introduced me to Dr. Batmanghelidj. With my history starting with "aborted polio" in early childhood and again between kindergarten and first grade form polio vaccine and booster (we didn't realize at the time that I had an IGA antibody deficiency so the vaccines gave me the paralysis). No wonder I looked like "road kill". Today--Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Allergies, Arthriris, and Bursitis are gone. Lead poisoning in blood and bones gone form chelating with greens and chlorophyll in my diet and supplements as Dr. B taught me. Even the Diabetic Neuropathy which is "still there" and measurable by nerve conduction tests (I show zero electrical responses) but gives me no more pain and is much better (NO MORE PAIN). I continue to improve. My ankles and legs no longer swell as they used to and the promise/warning that they would have to "cut off my legs" due to veins bursting "venous insufficiency" when they injected dye to test for the extent of damage is no longer there. I have normal size ankles/legs and I walk now and the skin color constantly gets lighter. Did I mention -NO MORE PAIN? A friend of mine who called me about his Fibromyalgia (because he knew I got rid of mine) that I coached in using the water is better today. My Lyme disease is gone. A woman I helped at the "Healing Garden" in Taylor, PA in 1999, 2000 was improving with her RSD. Unfortunately we lost touch when I went to NYC to Acupuncture/Alternative medicine school. PAIN--not in my life. Legs--I still have mine 25 years later after they told me I would lose them within a year or so! Thanks Bob Butts for introducing me to Dr. B. My heart will always be grateful to Dr. B for coaching and teaching me and for assisting me as I went through Acupuncture school in NYC blocks away from 911 from 9/3/01 - 8/15/08. I miss Dr. B a lot but am grateful for his books, tapes and personal help he gave to me. 
Andrew J. Bauman, IV 
Scranton PA
* * * * * 

In 1989 I started having lots of pain in my legs. At the time I was an auto mechanic and my boss noticed me getting dizzy and staggering at work. I was forced to quit my job.
I went to my regular doctor who sent me to the best neurosurgeon at Wilkes Barre General. He sent me for x-rays that showed nothing. I then went for an MRI and it showed my spinal cord was choked and the doctor suggested surgery. They replaced three discs and shaved another one open. Looking at the MRI after surgery showed the spinal cord went back in place after the discs were replaced. The doctor stated I should be 70% better in one year. However, I was 70% worse. I was in such bad shape I qualified for a Jazzy wheelchair. 

In December 1990 I had another MRI. It showed my spinal cord was in place and was healing. I told the doctor I now had massive pain in my hips, knees and ankles so I had another MRI of those areas. This one showed massive arthritis in all three areas. The doctor said there was nothing he could do except put me on pain pills. I went on morphine, oxycontin and others without any success in eliminating the pain. I even tried a series of synvich shots, which did not help at all. In 1991 I went on vitamins/minerals and other supplements for 4-5 years with no noticeable difference. I tried therapy for 6 months and was in more pain than without it. I tolerated the pain for many years. The pain was so severe that at times I considered committing suicide. I cleaned my gun and had it ready. 

From 1989 to three months ago I used the wheelchair and 2 canes. At this time I talked with Bob Butts from Cee Kay Auto and he gave me literature and CD’s on the water cure program. I had talked with Bob years before and at that time I thought he was nuts when he told me about this program. This time I listened and started on the water cure immediately. Within 1 – 1 ½ months I started noticing improvement in pain. 

Today I am walking without the two canes and have no use for the wheelchair. On a scale of 1 – 10 my pain was a 10, now it is about a 3. I have stopped going to doctor’s and taking all pills, completely. I go fishing and do most anything I want to do now, thanks to the water cure.

I am willing to share my experience with anyone who is thinking about trying the water cure program.  John Marturano, Sr.  (VW John) Avoca, PA.

* * * * * 

Dear Mr. Butts,

My name is Work A Kebede. I am an Ethiopian-American and a former journalist from Voice of America, Washington DC. After I retired in 2005, I stumbled onto Dr. Batmanghelidj's book, "Water for Health, for Healing, for Life". I couldn't believe that drinking plain water could really cure illness.

In 2006, I enthusiastically started to follow the program. For a few months, I did it successfully and saw some positive results. But then I stopped drinking water as I should. Instead I started drinking wine, beer and some other strong alcoholic drinks and I forgot about watching my diet. I also ignored reading the book which at first I had bought several copies of for friends and relatives. As a result I got back all those pains which I had started to get rid of.

I saw my body weight going up. my lower back pain getting worse, my legs couldn't carry my weight and I could hardy walk a quarter of a mile without taking a rest; my blood pressure was up, I had arthritis pain and whenever I had a glass of wine I was suffering from heartburn which was only relieved with anti-acid medicine.

Then I decided to lose my weight by picking up the Water Cure book. On May 1, 2010 I started the program. The program worked wonders for my health. I started walking early in the morning and late in the evening. I increased my intake of water. I watched my diet, cut down on the coffee and practically eliminated alcohol drinks. Gradually, I saw improvements. After almost four months I have lost 26 pounds, my lower back pain is gone, sciatica done with, arthritis disappeared, blood pressure excellent, energy up, walking increased to 4 miles a day. And that is the result I saw after drinking more and more water daily with a pinch of salt here and there.

Mr. Butts, while I am seeing such a great improvement in my personal life, I couldn't help thinking about the poor people of my native country, Ethiopia. As you may know, Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world. The average people live on a dollar a day, life span for the average person is about 50 years and there is huge shortage of doctors and medical facilities and those that are there are beyond the ability of the average person to visit them. 

I realized that if the people of Ethiopia had the information of the water cure, and increased their water intake daily, a lot of lives could be saved and the country could have a more productive society.

I would love to start a campaign in Ethiopia to inform the people about the advantage of drinking water for better health and longer life. However, to prepare this kind of information program and conduct the campaign in the country requires money which I don't have. 

I certainly need help in this endeavor. I was wondering if you can use your influence in raising some funds or get me in touch with some organization that would help me start such a program and campaign to help the poor people in Ethiopia. 

I pray to the Almighty that my prayers will one day be fulfilled.

Thank you and God bless you,

Work Kebede 2904 Stonybrook Dr Bowie, MD 20715 (301) 332-0245

* * * * * 
From Water for Health, for Healing, for Life
by F. Batmangheldij, M.D. (pages125-129).

Before dehydration hurts you irreversibly, when you’re plum-like cells become prune-like, your body will show its urgent need for water through different types of pain. These pains are the newly understood, drastic ways of showing dehydration.

After much clinical and scientific research, my understanding is that the early indicators of acid burns in the interior of the cells and potential genetic damage that can take place are different forms and intensities of pain. Depending on the degree of dehydration, as well as the extent and the location of acid buildup inside the cells—when greater flow of water should have cleared the acid from that area—the classic pains of the body are produced. They are:

2.Dyspeptic pain
3.Anginal pain
4.Lower back pain
5.Rheumatoid joint pain, including ankylosing spondylitis
6.Migraine headaches
7.Colitis pain
8.Fibromyalgic pains
9.Morning sickness during pregnancy

Today, there are 110 million Americans who, at certain times, need pain medications to make life bearable. How pain that is not caused by injury or infection can be produced by dehydration is simple to understand. This very simple mechanism of pain production has eluded us in medicine ever since humankind looked for a way to deal with some of the devastating pains of the human body. The drug industry spends billions of dollars researching painkillers, and even more money advertising their particular brand of pain medication. I don’t believe the answer is in these medications, however. Dehydration can be cured by water, for free.

To understand the mechanism of pain production in the body, we first need to learn about the way the acid-alkaline balance in the body works. An acidic environment causes irritation of certain nerve endings in the body. When this irritation occurs, the brain is alerted about the chemical environmental change, which is translated and manifested as pain to the conscious mind. In other words, it is the acidity in the interior of the body that causes pain.

Normally, when blood that contains an ample amount of water circulates around the cells of the body, some of the water goes into the cells and brings out hydrogen molecules. Water washes the acidity out of the cell and makes the cell interior alkaline—an absolutely essential and normal state. For optimum health, the body should maintain an alkaline state—pH 7.4 is the desired level.

Why 7.4, and what is pH? The relationship between acid and alkaline is scientifically measured on a scale of 1 to 14. This scale is known as pH. From 1 to 7 on this scale is the acid range, 1 being more acid than 7. From 7 to 14 on the scale is the alkaline range; 7 is less alkaline than 14. On the pH scale, 7 is neutral, meaning optimum. Thus, pH 7.4 of the interior of the cell denotes its natural, slightly alkaline state. This state promotes health because it is the state that best suits the enzymes that function inside the cell: They achieve optimum efficiency at this pH. Adequate flow of water in and out of the cell keeps the cell interior in its health-maintaining alkaline state.

You have probably seen historic monuments and buildings with artistic statues and carved masonry that have been damaged by pigeons perching on them and smearing them with their droppings. Bird excrement is highly acidic and eats into the stone. In time, the statues and carvings lose their features and definition. The DNA in the nucleus inside the cells of the body is alkaline and, like stone buildings, is also sensitive to the corrosive effects of acidity.

In our bodies, the kidneys mop up excess hydrogen ions—which cause acidity—from the blood and excrete them through the urine that is formed. The more urine that is produced, the more easily the body keeps its interior alkaline. This is why clear urine is an indicator of an efficient acid-clearing mechanism, and dark yellow or orange urine is an ominous sign of impending acid burns in the interior of the body. People who consider having to pass urine more than two or three times a day inconvenient, and do not drink water so that they do not have to urinate more than they can help, are ignorant of how they are hurting their bodies.

The brain is better protected against acid buildup by the fact that it gets priority for delivery of water for all its needs. The rest of the body may not be so fortunate when dehydration establishes in the body and settles in one or another part for a long period of time. With persistent dehydration, however, the brain, too, becomes damaged from acidity in the cells—hence conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

* * * * * 

From: RF 
Subject: It is totally amazing what this has done for me

Hi, I just want to pass my thanks on for making this available to people. It's amazing what it has done for me. I was in pain 24X7 from arthritis and various injuries I have had over the years. I am cutting back on my narcotics with the hope that after a while I won't need them any more and I have already cut out the medicine I was taking for arthritis and my stomach. It is such a relief that I may not need a lot of the stuff I still have to take any more. I want to tell everyone about it. I have already got the rest of my family on it and a lot of my friends. They know the kinds of pain I have been in for years and years. I wish I had to money to spend the time to spread this around. I will do whatever I can though. I want to thank you all for what you are doing and I hope you can continue to spread the word. Thank you for the biggest relief I have ever had. God Bless, R F

NOTE: We would like to thank RF for this E-mail and encourage more to write to us as well. YOUR E-mail might just be the one that will help another person.

Like it has been said: If I were a small rock, and I were tossed into the lake, I know I would make a ripple, but I will never know just how many ripples I will or can make.


Healing HUGS Bob & Connie

* * * * * 

Date: 9/16/09
From: Nancy

To: Bob Butts

Dear Bob Butts,

When my husband died two years ago, I basically forgot which way was up and was in a daze for months. Six months after his death I totally collapsed and spent a year in the recliner with no energy, a lot of pain, and unable to do anything for more than a few minutes before needing to rest again. What with no water, no exercise, and a very overwhelming discouraged attitude, all my physical problems increased. I do not take prescription drugs so painkillers have never been an option for me since I was 22 and almost died from a reaction to codeine. I am a nutritionist and kept up with nutrients but with mediocre results, I am sure due to not taking in enough water.

This spring I started renewing my acquaintance with Dr. B's work and found the watercure2 site. I realized that all my symptoms including Parkinsonism, various pains and that stabbing pain in my back were probably all water related and indications of hyperacidity. I increased water, but not enough as I still had pain, but energy improved as well as stamina. I was again able to get on the rebounder, though for just a few minutes.

For just the past few days I am now focusing on drinking water, two liters a day, and the pain in my back which my doc helped me to realize was "kidneys in trouble" is fading. I use Himalayan and Celtic salt. I am hoping for changes in the other problems as well, over time. Thank God I don't have Rx drugs to deal with.

It is ironic that I myself have been short on water, because I have been urging my dear friend Bob about it for months. I must tell you his story for the benefit of others.

He was concerned about edema in his feet and legs, and was taking Lasix and not drinking water. I tried to tell him that edema is the body's attempt to hold on to what little water there is and he needs more water, not less. I pointed out that every cellular process in the body depends on water.

He never got it.

On Monday 8/31/09 I went to visit with him, and he, looking like a prune, proudly showed me his legs. "I finally got all the water out of my feet." I asked him if he was drinking water. He held up an 8-oz glass. "I'm sipping it." I gathered he was going to make that glass of water last as long as possible. I again told him he must drink water.

Less than 24 hours after telling me he got "all the water out of his feet", he went to the hospital, where they declared he had dehydrated himself so thoroughly that his heart, liver, and kidneys were damaged beyond repair, and he died September 10, 2009. He was 75.

His second day in the hospital he felt wonderful, getting hydrated again, and it came to me to say that if he didn't drink water, he could become so dehydrated that his heart was trying to pump dust. He finally got it. But it was too late, according to them. (I didn't think so, but I had no authority.)


* * * * * 

Date: Tuesday, July 13, 2004
From: Michael Bryan

To: Bob Butts

My story starts in August of 1995 when I began having pain in my head on a regular basis. The pain increased from 2 or 3 times a week to everyday by June of 1996. I started seeing doctors about it in March of 1996.

I saw a total of 37 specialists over the 8 years that the pain continued. Most thought they could cure me with enough time, but each one finally gave up after trying everything they could think of with no change in the pain. One doctor actually tried to convince me that surgery was my only option. Luckily, I did not allow him to take that road.

I spent 6 weeks in a Pain Management Program where I learned to deal with the pain.

I explored a number of non-traditional healing techniques, as well – the most successful of which was NCR or Neural Cranial Restructuring (

However, not one doctor asked me how much water I drank each day.

Finally, after 8 years of suffering from what was basically undiagnosed chronic pain in the right mastoid area of my skull, I began to develop very severe heartburn that was actually worse than the head pain because it was so acute. I did a Google search for heart burn and found As I read the information there, I found that all I needed to do was drink more water to cure the heart burn. But, as I read further, I also read that pain in general could be caused by dehydration. I immediately thought to myself, “No, it couldn’t be THAT simple – could it?”

I actually didn’t start taking water more seriously yet, but I did order the book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.  It was the day that the book arrived and I had a chance to read parts of it that I decided to try it. So, I began drinking 2 qt. of water per day. After only 3 days, my pain was reduced by 75 percent! It took a total of 2 more weeks before the pain was completely gone. This occurred in June of 2003.

At that time, I was on 7 different narcotic medications, so I immediately began tapering them as fast as I could. It quickly became obvious that it wasn’t going to be as easy as I first thought. Now, it is 13 months later, and I’m finally down to just 2 medications, and those are down to just a minimum dosage. Those 2 medications are Oxycontin (30 mg. per day) and MSIR (Morphine Sulphate – Immediate Release, 45 mg. per day). I am very close now.

Beginning in August of 2003, I began to rock climb again. The following winter, I skied again for the first time in 6 years. Now, it is July of 2004, and I’m climbing more and slowly getting back to where I was before all this happened.

The moral of this story: Take Water Seriously! Until now, I have to be very honest that I never took water intake seriously. I also avoided salt on my food. This was a very dangerous combination, as I was later to find out. I have to thank Dr. Batmanghelidj and for giving me my life back – and Google for pointing me in that direction!

Michael Bryan

Boulder, CO

* * * * * * 

Date: Saturday, July 21, 2001
From: Bob Gresham []

To: Bob Butts

I wrote these notes some time ago, mainly to myself and family after hearing all these water stories in a period of about 10 days. I am a healthy 71-year-old architect who climbs stairs faster than most of the 20 and 30 year-olds in my office. Several are now drinking more water.

I was having a problem with one joint in my right hand that made hand shaking very painful. I as also having similar pain in 2 toes of my right foot. The second toe had a slight upward bend. The arches of both feet made it difficult to walk barefoot, even on carpet.

After my fortunate exposure to the water stories, I started only a partial regimen, probably about half my body weight in ounces. In only two weeks, the pain had disappeared, and now I rarely remember it. On one occasion, I noticed a slight hint of the hand pain which caused me to confess I had slipped on my water regimen. Back on water, the hint of pain went away in just a few days.

My health, other than above mentioned, has been unusually good. I have never had a major illness. I have not taken a prescription drug in at least 30 years. I did have a kidney stone that passed without a doctor, but now remember that it was in a period of low-water consumption. I am the only one in my office that went through the past 2 winters without a cold or flu. I also tease the staff about using the antiseptic hand soap that I feel kills good bacteria, as well as the bad.

Thanks for your good work,

Bob Gresham

* * * * * *

Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2001
From: Bill Boyer []

To: Bob Butts

I found out about the Water Cure 2 months ago. Anyway, I believe Dr. B when he says dehydration causes pain. After 4 days, my back pain left. Before that, I could hardly get out of bed. I am 77 years old.


William Boyer

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