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Finding the World’s Most Unusual Therapist

Zero Limits 2: Finding the World’s Most Unusual Therapist

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

—Carl Jung

Back in my home outside of Austin, Texas, I couldn’t shake the story of the therapist who cured people without seeing them. What was his method? Who was he? Was the story a hoax? 

Because of my 20-some years in personal development, mostly chronicled in my books Adventures Within and The Attractor Factor, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that I needed to know more. I’ve always been curious. I spent seven years with a controversial guru. I interviewed self-help mentors and sages, authors and speakers, mystics and magicians of the mind. Because of the success of my current
books, I could now call many of the leading experts in the field of human development my friends. But I couldn’t shake the story of this therapist.This was different.This was a breakthrough. 

I needed to know more.

So I again went searching. In the past I’ve hired private detectives to locate missing people. I did it when I wrote about advertising genius Bruce Barton for my book The Seven Lost Secrets of 
Success. I was ready to hire a professional to find Dr. Hew Len, too, when an odd thing happened.

One day, while doing yet another search for Dr. 
Hew Len, Ifound his name associated with a web 
site. I have no idea why this didn’t surface before, 
in earlier searches. But there it was.

I couldn’t find a phone number. But I could hire 
Dr. Hew Len for a personal consultation by e-mail. 
It seemed like an odd way to do therapy, but in 
these Internet times, anything goes. Figuring that 
would be the best way to get a foot in his door, I 
sent him an e-mail through the web site. I was 
excited beyond words. I could hardly wait for his 
reply.What would he say? Would he write 
something enlightening? Would he heal me by 

I could barely sleep that night, I was so eager to 
hear from him. By the next morning, he 
responded, writing:


Thank you for requesting a consultation. 

Consultations are usually done via the Internet or 
by fax. The person requesting the consultation 
provides information for me about the nature of 
the consultation, i.e., a description of a problem, 
of a concern.

I process and meditate on the information for 
Divine directions. Then I communicate back to the 
person via e-mail what I received in meditation.

While I was out for lunch today, a lawyer-client 
from Hawaii faxed me information to look at. 
After processing it, I will get back to him what 
received from Divinity in meditation.

Information about the nature of my work can be 
gained at

Please feel free to contact me to see what will 
work for you.

I wish you Peace beyond all understanding.

Peace of I,

Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD

It was an odd e-mail. He talks to Divinity? Lawyers 
hire him? I didn’t know enough yet to pass 
judgment on him or his methods, but I sure wanted 
to know more. instantly decided to hire him for a 
consultation by e-mail. It would cost $150. To me, 
that was nothing. I was finally going to hear from 
the long-sought-after miracle-working 
psychologist! I was excited!

I gave some thought to what I should ask him 
about. I’m doing pretty well in my life. I’ve got the 
books, the successes,the cars, homes, life partner, 
health, and happiness most people seek. I had lost 
80 pounds and was feeling great, but I also had 
maybe 15 pounds left to release. Since I was still 
struggling with weight loss issues, I decided to ask 
Dr. Hew Len for a consultation about that. I did. 
He responded within 24 hours, writing this e-mail 
to me:

Thank you, Joe, for your reply.

When I looked I heard, “He’s fine.”

Talk to your body. Say to it: “I love you the way 
you are. Thank you for being with me. If you have 
felt abused by me in any way, please forgive me.” 
Stop now and then during the course of the day 
visit with your body. Let the visit be one of love 
and thankfulness. “Thank you for conveying me 
about. Thank you for breathing, for the beating 
of our heart.”

See your body as a partner in your life, not as a 
servant. Talk to your body as you would talk to a 
little child. Be friends with it. It likes lots and lots 
of water to work better with its self. You may feel 
that it is hungry, yet it may be telling you that it is 

Drinking Blue Solar Water transmutes memories, 
replaying problems in the subconscious mind (the 
Child), and helps the body to “Let go and let God.
” Get a blue glass bottle. Fill it up with tap water. 
Cork the top of the bottle or wrap the top in 
cellophane. Place the bottle in the sun or under an 
incandescent lamp for at least one hour. Drink the 
water; rinse your body with the water after bathing 
or showering. Use the Blue Solar Water to cook 
with, wash your clothes with, and for whatever you 
use water for. You can make your coffee or hot 
chocolate with Blue Solar Water.
Your e-mail has the feel of elegant simpleness, a 
gift beyond compare.

Perhaps we can visit again as a fellow traveler 
clearing our way homeward.

I wish you Peace beyond all understanding.

Peace of I,


While I enjoyed the peacefulness of his message, I 
was left wanting more. Was this how he gave 
consultations? Was this how he healed those 
people in the mental hospital? If so, something 
was seriously missing. I doubt that most people 
would have accepted his e-mail as the final verdict 
on a weight loss issue. Telling me, “You’re fine” 
isn’t exactly a solution to anything.
I wrote back, asking for more information. Here’s 
what he wrote in reply:


Peace begins with me.

My problems are memories replaying in my 
subconscious. My problems have nothing to do 
with anyone or anyplace or any situation. They are 
what Shakespeare so poetically noted in one of his 
sonnets as “fore-bemoanèd moans.”

When I experience memories replaying problems, I 
have choice. I can stay engaged to them or I can 
petition Divinity to free them up through 
transmutation, thus restoring my mind to its 
original state of zero, of void . . . of being memory 
free. When I am memory free, I am my Divine Self 
as Divinity created me in its exact likeness.

When my subconscious is in zero state, it is timeless, boundless, infinite, deathless. When memories 
dictate, it is stuck in time, place, problems, uncertainty
, chaos, thinking, coping, and managing. In allowing 
memories to rule, I give up clarity of mind, along 
with my alignment with Divinity. No Alignment, 
no Inspiration. No Inspiration, no Purpose.

In working with people, I’m always petitioning 
Divinity to transmute memories within my 
subconscious that replay as my perceptions, my 
thoughts, my reactions of them. From zero state, 
Divinity then suffuses my subconscious and 
conscious minds with Inspirations, allowing my 
Soul to experience people as Divinity 
experiences them.

In working with Divinity, the memories that get 
transmuted in my subconscious are transmuted in 
the subconscious of all minds, not just of people 
but of the mineral, animal, and vegetable 

kingdoms and all forms of existence seen and 
unseen. How wonderful to realize that Peace and 
Freedom begin with me.

Peace of I,


Well, I still didn’t get it. I decided to ask if I could 
work with him, to write a book on what he does. 
It seemed like a logical way to get him to spill the 
beans about his method and to learn about his 
years working in the mental hospital. I said it 
would help others. I said I would do most of the 
work. I sent my e-mail to him and waited. He 
replied, saying:


“Peace begins with me.”

Humanity has accumulated addictive memories of 
perceiving others as needing help, assistance. Self 
I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono(SITH) is about 
releasing these memories within our subconscious 
that replay perceptions that say that problems are 
“out there,” not within.

Each of us came in with our “fore-bemoanèd 
moans” already made. Problem memories have 
nothing to do with people, places, or
situations. They are opportunities to be set free.

The whole purpose of SITH is to restore one’s Self 
I-Dentity, one’s natural rhythm with Divine 
Intelligence. In reestablishing this original rhythm, 
zero opens and the Soul is suffused with inspirations.
Historically, people who take SITH want to share 
the information with others with the intent that it will
help them. Getting out of the “I can help them” 
mode is a tough one. “Explaining” SITH to people, 
on the whole, does not free up problem memories. 
Doing SITH does. If we are willing to clean up 
our “fore-bemoanèd moans,” we will be fine and 
everyone and everything else will be too. Hence, we 
discourage people from sharing SITH with others; 
instead, we encourage them to give up their stuff 
of others, setting themselves free first and all 
others second.

Peace begins with me.



Well, I still didn’t understand.
I again wrote back, asking if I could talk to him by 
phone. I said I wanted to interview him. Again, he 
agreed.We set an appointment to talk on the 
following Friday, a few days away. I was so 
excited that I wrote my friend Mark Ryan and told
him the news, that I was finally going to speak to 
the mysterious Hawaiian shaman he had told me 
about years earlier. He, too, was excited.

We were both curious about what we would learn.

Little did we know what we would experience.

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