Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Frequent Urination

Google frequent urination cured with sea salt & water. Cut water consumption by 1/3 & increase sea salt to 1/8 tsp per 8 ounces of water & eat more wet food. Then do a little adjustment till you get it right. Google New York times salt we misjudged you. Researchers prove we aren't t getting enough salt.

These testimonials were sent to Jim Bolen who conceived the idea of Bagel Magic as many people are calling it. This idea was the result of people whose urine was literally running through them, having to urinate every half hour and weren't getting all the expected results from the water cure. The results have been amazing.
Hi Jim,

I had to write and thank you for the bagel tip. Mom (81) was running to the bathroom every half hour all day and night. Your bagel trick really helped and things are back to normal.

As I told you, she had a chronic bowel problem all her life which had gotten worse over the last 6 years due to surgery to remove an adrenal gland. Whether from surgery or the steroids they put her on she spent each day in pain and was taken to the hospital twice for severe cramps and constipation. She no longer has any bowel problems, no cramps, no pain.

Thank you so much for your time and concern. What a wonderful way to get healthy.


Hi, I want to take a moment to share my experience with the water cure. My name is Richard, I first started the program in March of this year. Living in NYC,I was suffering from extreme anxiety,panic attacks etc...I started the program,and have since noticed a big difference in my stress levels(I'm much calmer) as well as energy levels and overall sense of well being. I've dropped a good 20 pounds as well! I was however still dealing with frequent urination, having to urinate every 30 minutes or so. I would also notice some ups and downs with my day to day feelings,somedays feeling quite good while other days having a return of some of the old anxiety. For the past few weeks or so Jim Bolen has been suggesting to me to try a bagel and then drink water/salt. This, Jim explained should help keep the water in the body for at least 2 hours and allowing the water enough time to top off the still somewhat dehydrated cells. After a few weeks of my resisting trying the bagels(for fear of putting excess weight on) I tried my first bagel yesterday at 4:00 followed by 16 ounces of water and a little sea salt.I did not urinate until 7:30!!! I then had dinner at 8:00 again with one whole bagel and 16oz's water/salt. I then did not urinate until 11:00!!! To top it off,I slept the entire night without awaking one time to urinate. A first in 20 years!!!!! If you are dealing with frequent urination,I urge you to try Jim Bolen's advice. Eat a Bagel with your water/salt A.K.A. The Magic Bullet!!!

Thank you Jim!!!!! 

In Health, Richard.


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