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Sea Salt Cures Pet Arthritis & More...

We finally failed one time to cure a pet of arthritis & we tried everything we know. Since August 2008 we can only say we are 99% successful. Bob Butts
Pet recipe for the water cure. Just sprinkle some unprocessed sea salt on his food and give him three bowls of water, one with 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp & another with 3/4 tsp per quart. He will take the one he needs. Once your pet is well, the salt on its food should be enough. If, for any reason your pet doesn't get well, contact us at watercure2@comcast.net. When your pet is cured of arthritis contact every pet magazine and tell them.

Buddy and Chestnut were lethargic, sleeping 80% of the time. When outside, they would just lie on the porch. With the pet wateracure we noticed a change within a few days, and they steadily became more lively and enjoyable. Now they are a real joy, doing tricks and letting us know just what they want. They have found the wonders of the yard now and really put on a show. We have our dogs back. Thank you.

Grace and Glenn Kipps

On Sat, 12/12/09, Robert Butts wrote:

From: Robert Butts
Subject: Re: Pets and the watercure
To: "Harriet Kipps"
Date: Saturday, December 12, 2009, 5:42 AM

Hi Grace & Glenn.

What was the condition of your pets before the salt? How long did the results take? I'm sure you are telling many pet owners about this even though the vets don't want this truth to get out.



Harriet Kipps wrote:

We have been using the "pet water cure" and find our pets more lively and content than ever before. We feel that we have extended their lives and enjoy them much more. Thank you.
Harriet Clyde Kipps
Glenn H. Kipps

Date: July 9, 2009
From: G. <taipa@eastlink.ca>
Subject: How can I thank you?
To: Robert Butts <watercure2@comcast.net>

Hi Bob,

I have the 8 lb. Pom with a herniated disc and several other medical problems. I began the regiment of salt water using the Celtic Sea Salt in the water and on her food as you directed. She chose the bowl with the lowest amt. of salt (1/4 tsp.) and I have sprinkled a bit of the salt on her food (2/day.) Because of the herniated disc, both of her front feet would 'buckle' intermittently while walking and at times, she even fell forward onto her face. She had quit lying across my lap, as it seemed to be very uncomfortable for her to lay on her side.

The results are nothing short of a miracle! We began early Monday and by midnight (her last outdoor chore), she was dancing in circles and even attempted to jump on a 12" padded stool. She failed to jump but it was something she had not tried for months. Today, Thursday, she made the jump! She is walking without the front legs bending under and has even run a couple of yards - things she has not done since the beginning of this year. Her legs are still a bit weak but she IS walking with all four flat on the ground

There are no words to thank you enough for your invaluable information. She was not eligible for surgery because of a collapsing trachea, and would have eventually been unable to walk at all. I would also like to thank 'Ron' who gave additional information regarding the chlorophyll and omega 3, both of which I will introduce into her diet. She has always eaten raw beef/veggies and some fruit and I will continue with that diet.

I will certainly direct my friends to your site and will also share with the vets in my area. I was thinking an ad in our local paper would be a good idea too. My husband and I have some aches and pains and after seeing what it did for Tiki - we're on board too!

My heartfelt thanks to you again. I know my 8 1/2 yr. old Pom now has a chance to live a longer and healthier life - a huge relief for us!

God Bless you and all the others who made this product known.

Gay & Dave B.C. Canada (^_^)

Date: Feb. 11, 2009
From: Mae Kamin
Subject: water, salt and pets...
To: watercure2@comcast.net 

Mae Kamin wrote:

I have had animals almost my entire life. Mostly dogs but then when my daughter was small she brought home an adorable kitten and we could not say no. Since then cats, as well as dogs, have taken up a very special place in my home, wherever that was across the country.

Your children grow up and leave home, but sometimes your pets stay even longer than your children. That was the case with sweet little Sassie cat and adorable Oscar dog. They were there after the nest was empty of children and the noise and activity and commotion that comes with them.

These sweet little animals wiggle their way into your heart and you are never the same. Sometimes it is difficult to discern the pets from the kids, they hold such a special place in your heart.

When Oscar was 13 he became sick. He lost his energy and developed arthritis in his hips and could barely walk. I had to carry him out to the yard and hold up his rear end so he could go to the bathroom. He could no longer jump on the couch and snuggle with me unless I picked him up and put him there. Sassie, our cat, was 18 and developed a liver problem as well as arthritis and had to be carried around and picked up and put in her litter box. The vet put them both on medications and said if Sassie wasn’t showing some signs of improvement in two days, I should consider putting her down. She gave Oscar a couple of weeks.

It was then that I heard about the water cure. I was skeptical because it seemed that if a vet couldn’t get the animals better, what chance did putting salt in their water and food have? I decided to try it and was overwhelmed by the results. In two days Sassie was walking on her own, coming into the kitchen. The third day she started eating on her own and in one week was coming upstairs again by herself.

Oscar had similar results. In four days he was standing on his own and in six days he was able to go down the steps to the yard to go to the bathroom without me holding him up. In one week, as with Sassie, he was jumping up on the couch by himself.

Both animals improved greatly to the point where I would say they were normal animals, living a life with quality. They both lived over another year in pretty good health. Sassie was 19 ½ when she passed away and Oscar was 14 ½. The water cure gave me another year to love and enjoy the pets who had touched my heart so deeply and brought me so much joy.

Sea salt cures pet arthritis & more... Major health & financial news letter does front page story on curing pets w/sea salt. 
Read the incredible story of how two Pa. doctors (Weissberger, left and Marcelletti, below) and Pete the dog triggered the discovery of how high mineral, no additive, unprocessed sea salt produces amazing results with pet cancer and, to the best of our knowledge, quickly cures pet arthritis and has produced some amazing results with asthma, diabetes and lupus. If your pet hasn't been cured of arthritis in 7 days, please email us and we'll try to help you. There's never a charge.
I don't know of one animal whose arthritis hasn't been cured after using sea salt.  Bob Butts 1-27-07.
Read The Good News About Jesse, the 8 year old lab (below) who had success using sea salt to cure its arthritis.
Listen to our June 08 radio ad (WILK Scranton, Wilkes-Barre. Pa). on curing pet health problems with sea salt. Prove it to yourself and tell your friends.
Major health & financial news letter does front page story on curing pets w/sea salt. NOTE: Error in this article. Sea Salt does not cure 100% of pet cancer. Maybe 50% - 60%. We need more feedback.


The following is a free solution to pet arthritis but will ruin the profit made on arthritic pets. Once you know this is true, you will understand that no matter how much money is raised to find solutions to high profit problems, they all get worse and more profitable.

Once you know this is true, please do all you can to get this information out to all the pet owners and pet magazines you can. On the other hand if you tried it without success, please contact me, Bob Butts at watercure2@comcast.net and let me know. I will get back to you and do all I can to help.

Because there are no incentives to eliminate any high profit problems in health or anything else, our pets aren't being given salt to cure their arthritis which is nothing more than a salt deficiency in pets and a water and salt deficiency in people. Arthritic pets can be easily cured in most cases within a few days using nothing but unprocessed sea salt. I have no knowledge of one single pet not being cured after unprocessed, no-additive sea salt was sprinkled on its food and added to its water. Despite my running countless radio & newspaper ads telling how easily pets are being cured, even a testimonial from a local police officer, not one single vet in northeastern Pa. will say anything publicly although one from Forty Fort, Pa. is telling his clients. They tell me they don't want to say anything as the vets will be angry with them. If pet food companies were responsible, they'd see that this salt was put in their pet foods. Any farmer knows what would happen to the health of his/her farm animals if they didn't have salt licks, but our pets are treated like people and put on salt restricted diets. There's lots of money in keeping people and animals unhealthy.

Even an SPCA president was told by medical people on her board of directors she'd be fired if she didn't stop telling people about how her arthritic dog was cured of arthritis in a few days after getting the salt. She and I went on the Barry Farber Radio Show and she told her story over 103 stations across the nation.

Check the testimonials below and see for yourself.

Isn't it something how medical research puts millions of animals to death in the process of trying to find cures for our worst diseases, and now we see sea salt curing pets of many of these same problems, yet these same researchers haven't the slightest interest? I don't even know of one vet who will say anything to his/her clients about how easy salt can cure pet arthritis 100% of the time. But that is no different when it comes to the water cure curing countless people of allegedly incurable diseases and not one researcher will even talk to us, even though our success rate is near 100% with some simple problems like asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, depression, most pain and arthritis to name a few. Then again what financial incentive is there for anyone to endorse a solution to a high profit problem? Would you???? That's why we haven't cured one major health or other high profit problem in the last fifty years that I'm aware of. Dr. Dean Burk, an original founder of the National Cancer Institute said, "The more people making a living off cancer (that applies to any high profit problem) the more impossible it is to get rid of it."
Bob Butts

The cats are fine. They no longer beg for stuff we eat that's salty and they've stopped trying to drink out of the toilet. They don't try to lick me either. I'm still giving then double salt in their water. I can't believe how much water they drink! They go through a liter and a half every other day! One cat weighs about 7lbs. and the other about twice that and they're drinking 16.5oz of salty water every day! They must have read the book.

A lot of pets lives could be saved if people knew that the reason a pet licks us is to get the salt from our skin. they are salt deficient.
"Jim Clary" jocii1@msn.com

I sent the following e-mail to a Florida M.D. who wanted to know how salt could cure many pet's health problems.
In the past week I started talking to some farmers about how lack of salt affected them. I was told that first of all, all the food they feed their animals has salt & various minerals in it. Plus they are given salt licks to make sure they get enough. One farmer told me that without his cows would dehydrate. Another told me that if his salt licks run out his cows behavior lets him know. Meanwhile, while the farmers are feeding their cows salt, vets are telling some pet owners not to give them any salt. Drug companies have taken over the animals now as many of the same drugs given to people are now being given to animals. I think you'd find it very interesting if you talked to farmers about how they keep their cows healthy & compare that with what vets do. As far a I'm concerned this a mess caused by our insatiable money addiction which makes it impossible to for animals and people to to be protected from each other, health care and anything else where pain and suffering is highly profitable.

My e-mail triggered the following story from this doctor as he recalled his own experiences as a ten year old boy in charge of salt licks at a dairy farm.
Date: 1-14-07
Subject: Healthy Cows and Horses
From: Florida M.D.
To:Bob Butts
Hello Bob,

I was raised right across the street from a pasture that was part of a 50 to 60 head dairy farm. The farmer, Mr. Stevenson, was a very nice man, and always had some part time work for me whenever I wanted it. Besides raising dairy cows, he also raised and raced a few champion Standard Bread Horses, and he used the perimeter of this front pasture as a track for the horses to pull him around on a Sulky. I really liked Mr. Stevenson, as he was very soft spoken, never yelled or cursed, and he LOVED his animals, and treated and spoke to them as if they were people. He knew every animal by name, and knew their every mood and feeling. About 45 years ago, when I first started working for him weekends and after school, he had a better stereo for his cow's, then either he or my family did in our house! He said the cow's liked music, so they were going to have the best music possible, as well as anything and everything else. One of my favorite jobs was to deliver the salt licks, as I got to drive the tractor. For a 10 year old on top of a huge John Deere tractor, that was the best, as I was sitting on top of the world. As this was a very large farm, (he grew every drop of food for all of his animals,) I had a lot of salt licks to take care of, as he wanted one to be convenient to all of his cows, no matter where they were on the property. As nice and as kind as he was however, there was one thing that he would not tolerate, and that was an empty salt lick. No warnings, no excuses, and no second chances, I new the rules, and that was that! I will never forget those salt licks, or they responsibility I learned maintaining them. Some were pink, some were blue, and some were purple, but they all were heavy, and there sure was a lot of them. One thing I don't remember however, was seeing a vet at his farm. As I was only a part-timer, I suppose one could have shown up when I wasn't there, but I don't ever remember a sick cow either, in all of years I was there. Coincidence? I'll let you be the judge. For a long time, I thought salt was only for cows, until one day an unscrupulous hunter drove up, wanting to buy a salt lick. One of the only times I ever saw Mr. Stevenson mad, was when he chased that guy off his property. He said it was awful to take an animals basic instinct and craving for survival (salt), and use it against him in the form of a bait. I then learned that all wild animals have a natural craving for salt. How can nature be so smart, and yet man be so greedy as to knowingly deprive them of it, just to reap the profits from the diseases that follow? If that is not evil, then I don't know what is?

Subject: "The watercure saved my cat and my dog."
From: Michelle
Date: 11-02-06
To: Bob Butts

Sure, you can post my Email to you, but can you just use my name instead of Email address please. I'm not sure exactly how long it was when I noticed a change, I will estimate a month. My Cat is like a kitten again, except for the days when her age gets the best of her and our Dog is running around playing, still with a minor limp every now and then, but at least she's using her leg. I started them both the same time. I've mailed some of the salt for the animals to a friend in Mass, and we've given some of the salt to friends whose animals are having joint difficulties.

My dog was suffering with a major hip problem for probably a year before I heard about watercure, and my cat was running in and out of the litterbox probably every 30 seconds and there was just a drop of urine tainted with blood. I took her to the Vet for an overnight visit and they found nothing. I was afraid for her and was willing to try anything, she was going through that off and on for probably 6 months. They've been drinking salt water for 2 years now and they're doing great - butr I'd say I noticed a slight change about an estimated month or two! Our Dog's limp is gone and my cat is urinating normally. Oh yes, I'm telling everyone I know!

Thank You

Date: 5-11-06
Subject: Parvo
From: Barbara mydesiree@hotmail.com
Dear Mr. Butts,
I am writing to you today to give many many thanks to you for giving my precious dog the gift of life. My long haired miniature daschund didn't eat for 10 days and was diagnosed with Parvo. She lost 3.5 pounds and was given about 2 days to live. She couldn't eat or walk and her temperature was below normal. She was vomiting every half hour which I know would be painful for one that hadn't eaten for days and was bleeding badly while attempting to use the bathroom. I had decided to bring her home for her last hours instead of choosing to have her put to sleep. I took a day off of work and sat out in my yard on a beautiful day holding this beautiful, yet lifeless, 7 pound, 9 month old dog in my hands. My brother-in-law had called me once he had heard of this family joy having such troubles. He then suggested that I give her some of the salt walter that him and his wife speak so highly of. My mother then came to my home and brought me a gallon of mixed salt water. I had a syringe and gave her about a fourth of a cup every hour in small doses every 10 minutes, along with about 1 tablespoon of pedialite every 2 hours, and her vomiting ended and her bleeding ended immediately. I did this for 11 hours, starting at about 8am. That evening I had put her on the floor to see how weak she still was because she seemed to be wiggling more than usual. She slowly walked down the hall and actually jumped onto the bed and laid down. That was the first sign of actual strength she had shown for a couple of days. I believe in my heart that it was the sea salt that healed my dog. She was extremely tired the next day, sleeping the entire day, but I could tell just by looking at her body that she was healed. Her stomach was no longer sunk in and she was laying so peacefully. Then the next day, she was playing with her toys again.
So, please, if you know anyone that has a dog with this deadly disease called PARVO, please advise them to heal them with this miracle.

Thank you again,


Subject: Thought you would just like to know...
From: David Jaseck
Date: 8-2-06
To: Bob Butts
Our yellow lab, Jesse, chased a rabbit out of our yard tonight for the first time in a long while. We have been giving her 1/4 tsp of celtic sea salt in her 2 daily feedings and her limp and soreness in her legs appear to be gone. While she has never been high energy, she has a jaunt in her gait that she has not had for along time. We had her into the vet for her yearly physical and I made it a point to tell them about the water/salt cure. They appear to have an interest and did write the info down. I gave them the www.watercure2.com website address. Bob...I must tell you, I do not have many heros in my life, but you are one of them for your unselfish work. I truly appreciate your effort to help man and beast. I do believe that the reason the medical profession does not acknowledge this simple and natural cure, is that it would be an admission of the wrong works they have been doing and fear the consequences of their mistakes, not to mention, the error in their training. Please keep up your good works and know that you have a soldier in your army to help when I can....
Dave Jaseck
Livonia, Michigan
Subject: Pet Update
From: David Jaseck djaseck@twmi.rr.com
Date: 8-12-06
To: Bob Butts
Hi Bob...well Jesse (our 8 year Lab) is now running up the stairs and down as well. She has shown continual improvement in her movements since we started her water cure of 1/4 tsp Celtic sea salt twice a day in her feeding and a pinch of salt in her water. Dramatic improvement to the point that no one would suspect she was troubled with arthritis just a short while ago. Thank you again Bob. You are making a difference on this planet with your efforts and generosity.
Dave Jaseck
Livonia, Michigan
Subject: Spreading the Word
From: David Jaseck djaseck@twmi.rr.com
Date: 8-16-06
To: Bob Butts
Hi Bob...if you will recall, we have had a successful arthritis cure using sea salt with our yellow lab, Jesse. Promised you I would spread the word. Being a photographer and being a fairly well known photoshop computer retoucher on a international website called dpreview, retouching forum, (If you do a google search of my name Dave Jaseck, you see some contributions of some stuff I have written and created for photo manipulation). I posted the following comment on the forum. It has several replies, but I am sure many viewings from around the country or elsewhere. Anyway, I thought you might be interested. Here is the link:

Again, thanks for your efforts and will continue to spread the good news.
Dave Jaseck
Livonia, Michigan


This ad appeared in the Citizen's Voice 3/24/04.

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