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Eating with the Divine

zero limits 7 :Eating with the Divine

The Updated Ho’oponopono, a process of repentance, for-
giveness, and transmutations, is a petition to Love to void
and replace toxic energies with its self. Love accomplishes
this by flowing through the mind, beginning with the
spiritual mind, the superconscious. It then continues its
flow through the intellectual mind, the conscious mind,
freeing it of thinking energies. Finally, it moves into the
emotional mind, the subconscious, voiding thoughts of
toxic emotions and filling them with its self.
—Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

Over 70 people came to the private dinner with Dr. Hew Len and
me. I had no idea there would be so much interest in this un-
usual teacher.They flew to Austin from Alaska, New York, and other
spots. Some drove from Oklahoma. I never could figure out why
they all came. Some were curious. Some were fans of my books, such
as The Attractor Factor, and wanted to take the next steps with me.

I still didn’t know what to say. I still didn’t know where to be-
gin. Dr. Hew Len seemed comfortable going with the flow. He ate
dinner at one table and everyone hung on his every word.The fol-
lowing experience is from my friend Cindy Cashman (who, by the
way, plans to be the first person married in outer space; see www

It was Saturday, February 25, 2006. I went to downtown Austin to
listen to Dr. Hew Len speak. I sat next to him at dinner. His message is
to be 100 percent responsible. I got to witness some powerful energy
shifts.A lady at our table kept blaming a man for not calling the hospital
when she had an asthma attack. Dr. Hew Len paused and said:

“I am only interested in you and I heard that you need to drink
more water and that will help your asthma.”

Her energy shifted right away from that of blame to gratitude. I was so
excited to witness this because I noticed how I was silently judging her by
saying to myself,“She is into blame,” and I find myself wanting to walk
away from people who are into blame.What Dr. Hew Len did was take
the negative energy and totally transform it into a loving, positive energy.

Next, I pulled out my bottled water. Pointing to the hotel water, I
said to Dr. Hew Len,

“Their water is not very good!”

And Dr. Hew Len said to me,“Do you realize what you just did?”

When he said this, I realized right away that I had just sent
negative vibes to the water.Wow! Again, I was thankful for becoming
aware of what I was doing.

He was telling me how he clears himself all the time, meaning that
when this lady was blaming the man, Dr. Hew Len asked himself,

“What’s going on in me that this came up in her? How can I be
100 percent responsible?”

He sends his energy up to the Divine and says:

“Thank you—I love you—I’m sorry.” He heard the Divine say,

“Tell her to drink more water.”

He also told me,“I know how to clear so she gets what she needs
and I get what I need.”

He talks to God and God talks to them.When I’m clear I will see
everyone as God sees them.

I asked Dr. Hew Len if I could make an appointment to see him,
and he said no because the Divine told him that I already had an inner

That was a beautiful confirmation for me to hear.

Overall, the message I learned tonight was:

1. Witnessing how Dr. Hew Len transformed the lady’s energy
from complaining to that of gratitude.

2. Getting to see how I judged the lady and the water.

3. Understanding the system he uses to clear himself and how
powerful that is for all of us to use.

4. To remember to say “Thank you” and “I love you” more

I began the dinner by spontaneously explaining how I learned of
the mystery therapist who healed an entire ward of mentally ill pa-
tients. I had everyone’s attention. I invited people to ask questions as
Dr. Hew Len and I held a public discourse, much like Socrates and
Plato might have done, only I felt more like Play-Doh than Plato.

Dr. Hew Len began by saying,“People ask questions like,‘Well,
what about beliefs? What about emotions? What about that sort of
stuff?’ I don’t deal with those things. I don’t deal with ‘how come’
kind of crap. But you are going to ask me that, so I have to deal with
it! But it’s like if I reach over and I touch something and it burns me
quickly, immediately I lift my hand up. So, when something comes
up, even before it comes up, I’ve already taken my hand off.

“It’s like before I walked into this room—this room is sacred—
before I walked in I made sure that I talked to the room. I asked the
room its name, because it has a name.Then I said to the room,‘Is it
okay for me to come into the room?’The room said,‘Okay, you can
come in.’ But let’s say the room said,‘No.You’re kind of—excuse the
language—crappy.’ So then I would get to look at myself and do
what I need to do, so that when I come in, I come in as you hear that
old phrase about physicians, ‘Heal thyself!’ So, I want to make sure
that I want to come in healed, problem free, at least for a moment.”

I interrupted him to set the stage for everyone. I wanted every-
one to know who Dr. Hew Len was and why we were there.What
we were doing was spontaneous and free-form. I advised everyone to
relax and stay open.With Dr. Hew Len, you never know what will
be said or done.

He asked everyone why someone would get breast cancer. No
one could answer. Neither could he. He pointed out that there are
millions of bits of information floating around at any moment but
we aren’t aware of more than maybe 20 bits at any one time. It was a
recurring theme with him. But it was the essence of his message:We
don’t have a clue.

“Science has no certainty of what’s going on in our life,” he ex-
plained.“Even mathematics is unclear because of zero. In the end of
Charles Seife’s book, Zero:The Biography of a Dangerous Idea, the au-
thor concludes, ‘All the scientists know is that cosmos was spawned
from nothing and will return to nothing from whence it came.The
Universe begins and ends with zero.’ ”

Dr. Hew Len went on to say, “So, I have taken the Universe of
my mind back to zero. No data on it.You hear different kinds of ways
of putting it: void, emptiness, purity. I don’t care what you call it. My
mind is back to zero now. No matter what is coming up, even when
I am not even aware of it, the process I am going to talk about is con-
stant incessant zeroing, so that I can be at zero.”

I could see most people were riveted by Dr. Hew Len, but
some were, like me, still in the dark. But Dr. Hew Len kept going,
saying,“What happens is that only when your mind is at zero can
creation take place, and it’s called ‘inspire.’ In Hawaiian this ‘inspire’
is called Ha.

“So, if you’ve ever been to Hawaii, the word Ha means ‘inspira-
tion.’Wai is ‘water,’ and I is ‘the Divine.’ Hawaii is ‘the breath and the
water of the Divine.’ This is what the word Hawaii is. The word
Hawaii itself is a cleansing process, so when I am anywhere and I
check—I say, for example, before I go into the room,‘What is it that
I need to clear that I don’t know? I have no idea what’s going on, so
what is it?’ So, if I apply a cleaning process that is called ‘Hawaii,’ it
will get data that I am not even aware of and take me back to zero.

“Only at zero . . . and something that you need to realize is the
mind can only serve two masters one at a time. Either it will serve whatever is going in your mind or it will serve inspiration.This other
stuff is called memory.”

This was getting even more fascinating. From there, Dr. Hew
Len went even deeper.

“Divine Intelligence is where all of this inspiration comes from,
and it’s in you!! It’s not out there anywhere.You don’t have to go over
there.You don’t have to go over there! You don’t have to seek any-
body out. It’s already in you! The next level here is called the super-
conscious.That’s simple enough. Hawaiians call this the Aumakua.Au
means ‘across all time and space,’ and makua means ‘holy spirit or a
god,’ which means that there is a part of you that is timeless and
there’s a part of you that has no bounds.That part of you knows ex-
actly what is going on.

“Then you have the conscious mind; Hawaiians call it Uhane.
Then, you have the subconscious; the Hawaiians call it Unihipili.

“So, one of the most important things to be aware is to question,
‘Who am I?’ So, what we are saying—what I am sharing with you—
is that your identity consists of these elements of mind. Now, it is im-
portant for you to know that this mind is empty! So, this mind is zero.
So, who are you? You are a Divine being—that’s zero. So, why would
you want to be zero?

“When you are zero, everything is available! Everything! So, now,
that means that you are created in the image of the Divine. I’m going
to be clear about this because I hear certain things, but I want you to
be cleared by the Divine.

“So, you are created in the image of the Divine.That means you
were created void on one side of the coin and infinite.As soon as you
are willing to let go of trash and be empty, then immediately what
happens is inspiration fills your being and now you are home free.
You don’t even have to know that you are home free, because most
of the time you won’t know. ‘Where is it? Where is it? I’ve been
clean! Come on, tell me where it is? I’ll work more.’ Most of the
time you won’t know!

“When the intellect gets hooked into being stuck, oh, it gets
more stuck. It’s what the Hawaiians call—excuse my language—Kukai
Pa’a. Does anybody know what Kukai Pa’a means? It means intellec-
tual constipation.”

One person asked, “But if you have a challenge with another
person, are you saying it’s me, not the other person, who needs to be

“If you have a challenge with somebody, then it’s not with that
person!” Dr. Hew Len declared. “It’s that memory that’s coming up
that you are reacting to.That’s what you have a challenge with. It is not
with the other person.

“Now, I’ve worked with people who hated their husband or
hated their wife.A woman one time said,‘I am thinking about going
to New York. I’ll have a better chance.’Then I heard the Divinity say,
‘Well, wherever she goes, that’s what goes with her!’ ”

Dr. Hew Len then explained that when someone contacts him
for a therapy session, he looks at himself, not the person who called.

“For example, recently I got a call from the daughter of a woman
who is 92. She said, ‘My mother has had these severe hip pains for
several weeks.’While she was talking to me, I was asking this question
of the Divinity: ‘What is going on in me that I have caused that
woman’s pain?’ And then I asked, ‘How can I rectify that problem
within me?’The answers to these questions came, and I did whatever
I was told.

“Maybe a week later the woman called me and said,‘My mother
is feeling better now!’ This doesn’t mean the problem won’t recur,
because there are often multiple causes for what appears to be the
same problem. But I keep working on me, not her.”

Another person asked about the war overseas. He wanted to
know if he was responsible for it. More exactly, he wanted to know
what Dr. Hew Len was doing about it.

“Oh, I consider myself responsible!” Dr. Hew Len declared in no
uncertain terms.“I do the cleaning every day, but I can’t say I am going to do the cleaning and I want that taken care of. Only God
knows what can happen. But, I’m doing my part, which is to do the
cleaning, like clear out hospitals.We don’t have a psychiatric hospital
unit for people who kill people in Hawaii anymore. It’s not there! I
have done my part the best I could. Maybe if I had cleaned even
more, there would be even better results. I am human and I do the
best that I can.”

I could see that Dr. Hew Len was getting tired and sensed he
wanted to end the evening. It had been a remarkable time for all.

But it didn’t stop that evening.

The next morning after our evening lecture and dinner, several peo-
ple had breakfast together, including me, Dr. Hew Len, Elizabeth
McCall (author of The Tao of Horses), and a few others.Whenever I’m
around Dr. Hew Len, I begin to get quiet inside. I might be feeling
the zero state. I might not.Who knows?

But at one point I had the sudden inspiration to hold a weekend
event and call it something like “The Manifestation Weekend.” I
don’t know where the idea came from. At least I didn’t at the time.
Now I know it was an inspiration from Divinity. But over breakfast,
it felt like a good idea I didn’t want.

I was busy with projects, travels, promotions, fitness contests, and
more. I didn’t need another to-do item on my plate. I tried to resist
the idea. I decided to wait and see if it would just go away.

It didn’t. It was still in my head three days later. Dr. Hew Len
told me that if an idea is still there after several cleanings, act on it. So
I wrote what became my most poorly written e-mail of my entire
life and sent it to my database of contacts. To my amazement, one
person called and registered for the event three minutes after I sent
out the e-mail. She must have been sitting there in front of her com-
puter, almost waiting to hear from me.

The rest of the sign-ups were just as easy. I wanted only 25 people
for the event. It was my own self-imposed limitation, simply because Ifelt I could speak to 25 easier than I could to 2,500. Besides, I had never done this seminar before. In fact, I had no idea how to do it.

I told Dr. Hew Len about the inspiration and my concerns.

“My only advice is to not plan,” he said.

“But I always plan,” I explained. “I write out my talks, create
power points, and have handouts. I feel better when I know where
I’m going in my talks.”

“You’ll feel better once you trust the Divine to take care of you,”
he countered.“We’ll clean on this.”

By that I knew he meant that because the issue came into his ex-
perience, it meant it was something he needed to clear, too. Again,
everything is shared. Your experience is my experience, and vice
versa, once we are aware of it.

I did my best to not plan the event. I gave in to my fears at one point
and created a manual to hand out to everyone. But I didn’t use it and
never looked at it.And no one cared about it.

I began the event by saying, “I have no idea what to do at this

Everyone laughed.

“No, really,” I said.“I have no idea what to say.”

They all laughed again.

I then proceeded to tell everyone about Dr. Hew Len, ho’o-
ponopono, and how the statement “You create your own reality”
means more than they might have thought.

“When someone is in your life that you don’t like,” I explained,
“you created that. If you create your own reality, then you created
them, too.”

The weekend was wonderful. Even today, when I look at the
group picture of everyone from that event, I feel the l love we all
But this was only the beginning for me.

I still had much to learn.

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