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I Love You

zero limits 6 :I Love You

You cannot be denied anything that is perfect, 
whole,complete, and right for you when you are 
your Self first. Being your Self first you 
automatically experience perfection in the way of 
Divine Thoughts,Words, Deeds, and Actions.
Allowing your toxic thoughts to be first, you 
automatically experience imperfection in the way 
of disease,confusion, resentment, depression, 
judgment, and poverty.
—Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

I absorbed Dr. Hew Len’s message as best I could, 
but there was so much more I wanted and needed 
to learn. I’ve always been good at being a sponge 
and “getting” the ideas by just allowing myself to 
be open to them.As I sat in this first event, I 
began to feel that my sole job in life is to say “I 
love you” to anything that came my way, whether 
I saw it as good or bad.The more I could dissolve 
the limiting programs I saw or felt, the more I 
could achieve the state of zero limits and bring 
peace to the planet through me.

Mark had a little more trouble grasping the 
message of the seminar. He kept wanting to put it 
into a logical framework. It was becoming clear 
to me that the mind doesn’t have any idea what is
going on, so trying to find a logical explanation 
was in itself a recipe for failure.

Dr. Hew Len repeatedly stressed that there are 15 
bits available to the conscious mind but 15 
million bits happening in any one moment. We 
don’t have a chance of understanding all the 
elements at play in our lives.We must let go.We 
must trust.

I admit that much of this was sounding insane. At 
one point in the event a gentleman said he saw a 
portal open in a wall and dead people float through it.

“Do you know why you are seeing that?” Dr. Hew 
Len asked.

“Because we had talked about spirits earlier,” 
someone said.

“Exactly,” Dr. Hew Len acknowledged. “You 
attracted them by talking about them.You don’t 
want to look into other worlds.You have enough 
to do to stay in this moment in this world.”

I didn’t see any spooks. I didn’t know what to 
make of those who did. I liked the movie 
The Sixth Sense, but as a movie. I didn’t want 
spirits showing up and talking to me.

Apparently this is normal for Dr. Hew Len, 
however. He told the story of working at the 
mental hospital and hearing toilets flush at 
midnight—all by themselves.

“The place was filled with spirits,” he said. “Many 
patients died in the ward in previous years but 
didn’t know they were dead.They were still there.”

Still there using the bathroom?

Apparently so.

But if that weren’t odd enough, Dr. Hew Len went 
on to explain that if you ever talk to someone and 
notice their eyes are almost all white with a cloudy 
film around the edges, then they are possessed.

“Don’t even try to talk to them,” he advised. 
“Instead, just clean yourself and hope your 
clearing will remove the darkness taking them over.”

I’m a pretty open-minded guy, but this talk of 
spirits and possessed souls and ghosts who use the 
toilet at night was a bit much for even me. Still, I 
hung in there. I wanted to know the ultimate 
secrets to healing so I could help myself and 
others to wealth, health, and happiness. I just 
never expected I’d have to walk through the 
invisible world and enter the twilight zone to get 

At another point in the event we were lying on the 
floor doing exercises to open the energy in our 
bodies. Dr. Hew Len called me to him.

“When I look at this person, I see all the starvation 
in Sri Lanka,” he told me.

I looked at her but only saw a woman stretching 
on a carpet.

“We have so much to clean,” Dr. Hew Len said.

Despite my confusion, I did my best to practice 
what I understood.The easiest thing to do was 
simply say “I love you” all the time. So I did.
When I went to the bathroom one evening, I felt 
the beginning of a urinary tract infection. I said 
“I love you” to the Divine while sensing the 
infection. I soon forgot about it and by morning
it was gone.

I continued to say “I love you” mentally, 
repeatedly, no matter what was happening, good, 
bad, or different. I was trying to do my best to 
anything in the moment, whether I was aware of 
it or not. Let me give you a quick example of how
this works:

One day someone sent me an e-mail that upset 
me. In the past I would handle it by working on 
my emotional hot buttons or by trying to reason 
with the person who sent the nasty message.This 
time I decided to try Dr. Hew Len’s method.

I kept silently saying “I’m sorry” and “I love you.”
 I didn’t say it to anyone in particular. I was simply
evoking the spirit of love to heal within me what 
was creating or attracting the outer circumstance.

Within an hour I got another e-mail from the same
person. He apologized for his previous message.

Keep in mind I didn’t take any outward action to 
get that apology. I didn’t even write him back.Yet 
by saying “I love you,” I somehow healed within 
me the limiting hidden program that we were both 
participating in.

Doing this process doesn’t always mean instant 
results.The idea isn’t to achieve results, but to 
achieve peace.When you do that, you often get 
the results you wanted in the first place.

For example, one day one of my employees 
disappeared on me. He was supposed to get some 
work done on an important project with an urgent.
Not only did he not finish, but he seemed to 
vanish from the planet.

I didn’t take this very well. Though by then I knew 
Dr. Hew Len’s method, I found it hard to say “I 
love you” when all I wanted to say was “I want 
to kill you.” Whenever I thought of my employee, 
I felt rage.

Still, I kept saying “I love you” and “Please forgive
me” and “I’m sorry.” I wasn’t saying it to anyone. 
I was saying it to say it. I certainly didn’t feel love. 
In truth, it took me three days of doing this process
before I got anywhere near a point of peace within 

And that’s when my employee surfaced.

He was in prison. He called to ask for help. I gave 
it, and I continued to practice “I love you” as I 
dealt with him.While I didn’t see instant results, 
my finding inner peace was enough of a result to
me happy. And somehow, at that point, my 
employee felt it, too.That’s when he asked a 
jailer to use the phone, and he called me. Once I 
had him on the phone, I was able to get the 
answers I needed to complete my urgent project.

When I attended that first ho’oponopono workshop 
run by Dr. Hew Len, he praised my book, The 
Attractor Factor. He told me that as I clean myself, 
my book’s vibration will raise and everyone will
feel it when they read it. In short, as I improved, 
my readers would improve.

“What about the books that are already sold and 
out there?” I asked. My book had been a best 
seller and gone through numerous editions, and 
was coming out in paperback. I worried about all
the people who already had copies of my book.

“Those books aren’t out there,” he explained, 
once again blowing my mind with his mystic 
wisdom.“They are still in you.”

In short, there is no “out there.”

It would take a whole book to explain this 
advanced technique with the depth it deserves—
which is why I am writing this one with Dr. Hew 
Len’s consent. Suffice it to say that whenever you 
want to improve anything in your life, from 
finances to relationships, there’s only one place 
to look: inside yourself.

Not everyone at the event grasped what Dr. Hew 
Len was talking about. Near the end of the final 
day, they started bombarding him with questions,
all from the logical side of the mind, such as:

“How can my cleaning affect another person?”

“Where is free will in all of this?”

“Why are so many terrorists attacking us?”

Dr. Hew Len was quiet. He seemed to look right 
at me, and I sat in the back of the room. He
looked frustrated. Considering that his entire 
message was about there being no “out there,” 
that it’s all inside you, he probably felt that 
everyone’s lack of understanding reflected his 
own lack of understanding. He looked like he was 
going to sigh. I can only imagine that he was 
saying within himself, “I’m sorry. I love you.”

I noticed that many people at the event had
Hawaiian names, yet didn’t look Hawaiian. Mark
and I asked them about it.We were told that if you
felt the urge, Dr. Hew Len could give you a new
name.The idea was to identify with a new self on 
the way to having no self and merging with 
Divinity at zero.

I knew the power of a new name. Back in 1979 I 
became Swami Anand Manjushri. It was a name 
given to me by my teacher at the time, Bhagwan 
Shree Rajneesh. At that time in my life, when I 
was still struggling with my past, contending 
with poverty, and searching for meaning, the 
name helped me start fresh. I used the name for 
seven years. It was natural to wonder if Dr. Hew 
Len would or could give me a new name.

When I asked him about it, he said he checks in 
with Divinity.When he feels inspired, he says 
what he gets.A month or so after that first 
he wrote me:


I saw a cloud come up in my mind the other day. It
began a transformation of its self, churning slowly
into soft, soft yellow. It then stretched its self out 
like a child upon waking into invisibility. From the
invisibility the name Ao akua, “Godly,” surfaced.
I received this quotation as part of an e-mail 
message today:

“O Lord that lends me life, lend me a heart 
replete with thankfulness.”

I wish you Peace beyond all understanding.

Peace of I,

I loved the name Ao Akua, but I had no idea how
to pronounce it. So I wrote and asked for help. 
Here’s what he wrote back:


A is the sound for the letter a in father.

O is the sound for the letter in Oh.

K is the sound as in kitchen.

U is the sound as in blue.

Peace of I,


I was able to figure it out and enjoyed my new 
name. I never used it in public, but I did when 
to Dr. Hew Len. Later, when I began my blog 
online at, I would sign off 
using “Ao Akua.” Very few people questioned it. 
I loved it, though, because it felt like I was asking 
Divinity to clean my blog by using a phrase that
meant, to me, the parting of the clouds to see God.

While the weekend training installed “I love you”
in my head, at least temporarily, I wanted more. 
I wrote and asked Dr. Hew Len if he would come 
to Texas and talk about ho’oponopono to a small 
group of friends. This was my plan to have more 
of him to myself. He would fly to Texas for a 
small talk, and stay with me.While he was with,
I’d pick his brains about what he knows, 
including how he healed that entire ward of 
mentally ill criminals. Dr. Hew Len agreed and 
wrote the following to me:


Thank you for taking the time to call me. You 
didn’t have to and you did. I am grateful.

I would like to propose to you an interview 
“format” for the informal visit in Austin in
Perhaps the backdrop for the interview could 
be a kind of survey of problem solving 
approaches that you covered in your book, 
Adventures Within: Confessions of an 
InnerWorld Journalist. I see you being 
more than the interviewer and me
more than the interviewee in this arrangement.

Clarity is so important in conveying information,
be it in whatever art form it takes. For example, 
there is much fuzziness as to what a problem is, 
less its cause. How does one solve a problem
when one might be unclear about it? Where is 
the problem to be found to be processed? In the
Mind? What’s that? Or in the Body (where most 
put their bets)? Or both? Perhaps it’s not in any
of these venues.

There’s even the question of who or what does the 
problem solving. As you mentioned in your book, 
it is difficult to keep judgment at bay even as one 
attempts to problem solve using such methods as  
the Option or Forum. Are judgments or beliefs 
the real problem? Let the real problem stand up 
all to see.

The informal interview would not be about good or 
bad, right or wrong methods or concepts. It would
be a way of teasing out recurrent unclarity. You 
and I would provide a tremendous service if we 
cleared the waters only one iota.

Of course, each moment carries its own peculiar 
rhythms and tides. In the end, as Brutus says 
(paraphrasing) in Shakespeare’s play Julius 
Caesar, “We will have to wait till the end of the 
day to see how it all turns out.” And so will we.

Tell me your thoughts about the proposed 
interview arrangement. I am not married to it as 
Brutus to the end.



I quickly announced a private dinner with Dr. Hew 
Len and myself. I thought five or six people might 
show up. Instead, almost 100 people showed. 
And 75 people paid for a nice dinner to reserve 
their spot at the table.

Dr. Hew Len surprised me by asking for a list of 
everyone who would attend the event. He wanted 
to clean on them. I wasn’t sure what that meant, 
but I sent him the list. He wrote back, saying:

Thank you for the list, Ao Akua.

It’s only about cleansing, the chance to get clear 
of stuff and to be clear with God.

Then, soul, live thou upon thy servant’s loss
And let that pine to aggravate thy store;
Buy terms Divine in selling hours of dross;
Within be fed, without be rich no more:
So shalt thou feed on Death, that feeds on men,
And Death once dead, there’s no more dying then.

Peace be with you,


When Dr. Hew Len arrived in Austin and I picked 
him up, he immediately started asking me 
questions about my life.

“The book you wrote about your life (referring to 
Adventures Within) shows you did a wide variety
of things to find peace,” he began.“Which one 
really works?”

I thought about it and said they all had value but 
maybe the Option Process was the most useful 
and reliable. I explained it’s a way to question 
beliefs to find out what is real.

“When you question beliefs, what are you left with?”

“What are you left with?” I repeated.

“You’re left with a clarity about choice.”

“Where’s that clarity coming from?” he asked.

I wasn’t sure what he was getting at.

“Why can a person be wealthy and still be an 
ass?” he suddenly asked me.

I was taken by surprise with the question. I wanted 
to explain that wealth and “ass” aren’t exclusive. 
There’s nothing written that says only angels are 
wealthy. Maybe the obnoxious person is clear 
about money, so he can be wealthy and still be a 
cuss. But I couldn’t find the words in the moment.

“I have no idea,” I confessed.“I don’t think you 
have to change your personality to be wealthy.
You just have to have beliefs that accept wealth.”

“Where do those beliefs come from?” he asked.

Having been in his training, I knew enough to 
answer,“They are programs people pick up from.”

He again changed the subject by saying I am truly 
a hypnotic writer. He was beginning to entertain 
the idea of a book by me about ho’oponopono.

“Are you ready for me to write the book now?” I asked.

“Let’s see how the weekend goes,” he said.

“Speaking of that, how are we doing this dinner?” 
I asked. I’ve always wanted to control the situation 
to be sure I do well and people get what they want.

“I never plan,” he said.“I trust Divinity.”

“But are you going to speak first, or me, or what? 
And do you have an introduction you want me 
to read for you?”

“We’ll see,” he said. “Don’t plan.”

This made me uncomfortable. I like to know 
what’s expected of me. Dr. Hew Len was pushing
me into the darkness. Or maybe to the light. I 
wasn’t sure at that time. He went on to say 
something more wise than I knew at the time:

“What we humans are unaware of in our moment-
to-moment existence is a constant, incessant 
resistance to life,” he began. “This resistance 
keeps us in a constant, incessant state of 
displacement from our Self I-Dentity and from 
Freedom, Inspiration, and above all else the 
Divine Creator itself. Simply put, we are 
displaced people wandering aimlessly in the 
desert of our minds. We are unable to heed
the precept of Jesus Christ,‘Resist not.’We are 
not aware of another precept,‘Peace begins with me.’

“Resistance keeps us in a constant state of anxiety 
and spiritual, mental, physical, financial, and 
material impoverishment,” he added.
“Unlike Shakespeare, we are unaware that we are
in a constant state of resistance instead of flow. 
For each bit of consciousness we experience at
least one million bits unconsciously. And the one 
bit is useless for our salvation.”

This was going to be one fascinating evening.

He asked to see the room where we would be 
holding the dinner. It was a huge ballroom on the
top floor of a downtown Austin,Texas, hotel.The 
manager was polite and let us into the room. Dr. 
Hew Len asked if we could be alone in it. She 
agreed and left.

“What do you notice?” he asked me.

I looked around and said,“The carpet needs to be cleaned.”

“What impressions do you get?” he asked. 
“There’s no right or wrong.What you get may not
be what I get.”

I allowed myself to relax and focus on the 
moment. Suddenly I sensed a lot of traffic, a 
weariness, a darkness. I wasn’t sure what it was
or what it meant, but I voiced it to Dr. Hew Len.

“The room is tired,” he said.“People come in and 
out and never love it. It needs acknowledgment.”

I thought that was a little strange.A room is like a
person? It has feelings?

Well, whatever.

“This room says its name is Sheila.”

“Sheila? That’s the room’s name?”

“Sheila wants to know we appreciate her.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that.

“We need to ask permission to have our event 
here,” he said.“So I’m asking Sheila if it is okay with her.”

“What is she saying?” I asked, feeling a little 
foolish asking the question.

“She says it is okay.”

“Well, that’s good,” I replied, remembering that 
my deposit on the room was nonrefundable.

He went on to explain, “I was in an auditorium 
once getting ready to do a lecture, and I was 
talking to the chairs. I asked,‘Is there anybody
I’ve missed? Does anyone have a problem that 
I need to take care of?’ One of the chairs said,
‘You know, there was a guy sitting on me today 
during a previous seminar who had financial 
problems, and now I just feel dead!’ So I cleaned 
with that problem, and I could just see the chair 
straightening up. Then I heard, ‘Okay! I’m ready 
to handle the next guy!’ ”

He’s talking to chairs now?

Somehow I left my mind open to hear more about 
this unusual process of his. He went on to explain:

“What I actually try to do is teach the room. I say 
to the room and everything in it, ‘Do you want to 
learn how to do Ho’oponopono? After all, I’m 
going to leave soon.Wouldn’t it be nice if you
could do this work for yourselves?’ Some say yes,
some say no, and some say,‘I’m too tired!’ ”

I remembered that many ancient cultures 
regarded everything as alive. In the book Clearing
Jim PathFinder Ewing explains that places often 
have stuck energies. It shouldn’t be too crazy to 
imagine rooms and chairs having feelings. It 
certainly a mind-expanding thought. If physics 
is right, that there is nothing but energy making 
up what we perceive to be solid, then talking to
rooms and chairs just might be a way to 
rearrange that energy in some new, cleaner form.

But chairs and rooms talking back?

I wasn’t quite ready for that at that time.

Dr. Hew Len looked out the window at the 
downtown skyline.The huge buildings, the state 
capitol, the horizon looked beautiful to me.

But not to Dr. Hew Len.

“I see headstones,” he said.“The city is full of the dead.”

I looked out the window. I didn’t see graves. Or 
death. I saw a city. Again, I was learning that Dr. 
Hew Len used both sides of his brain in each 
moment, so he could see structures as metaphors
and speak them as he saw them. Not me, though.
I was just asleep in my shoes, with my eyes open.

We stayed in the hotel room for maybe 30 
minutes. As far as I could tell, Dr. Hew Len 
walked around cleaning the room, asking for
forgiveness, loving Sheila, and cleaning, 
cleaning, cleaning.

At one point he made a phone call. He told the 
person on the other end where he was, 
described it, and invited her impressions. He 
seemed to get confirmation about his own 
impressions. After he hung up, we sat at a 
table and talked.

“My friend says this room will let us do our dinner
here as long as we love it,” he told me.

“How do we love it?”

“Just say ‘I love you’ to it,” he answered.

It seemed silly. Say “I love you” to a room? But I 
did my best. I had previously learned that you 
don’t have to actually feel “I love you” for it to 
work; you just had to say it. So say it I did.After 
you say it a few times, you begin to actually feel it.

After a few minutes of silence, Dr. Hew Len spoke 
more words of wisdom:

“What we individually hold, memories or 
inspirations, have an immediate and absolute 
impact on everything from humanity to the
mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms,” 
he said.“When a memory is converted to zero 
by Divinity in one subconscious mind, it is 
converted to zero in all subconscious minds
—in all of them!”

He paused before continuing:

“So, what happens in your soul moment to 
moment, Joseph, happens in all souls at the 
moment. How wonderful to realize this. 
More wonderful, however, is appreciating 
that you can appeal to the Divine Creator 
to cancel these memories in your 
subconscious mind to zero and to replace
them in your soul and the souls of all
with Divinity’s thoughts, words, deeds, 
and actions.”

How do you reply to that?

All I could think was,“I love you.”

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